The complete Conversion Rate Optimization course

Master every step of the CRO process, get more A/B test winners and become a Conversion Rate Optimization expert
The complete Conversion Rate Optimization course
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Ruben de Boer


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Last updated 10/2022



The complete Conversion Rate Optimization course

What you’ll learn

Conduct proper optimization research based on data, users, science and own expertise
Set up, track and analyze successful A/B tests to realize continuous optimization
Get a deeper (psychological) understanding of your website visitors
Generate valuable insights and prioritize them to increase the percentage of A/B tests winners
Ability to analyze websites and find conversion killers
Obtain reliable data from A/B tests for trustworthy and valid analyses
Draw the right learnings from A/B tests
Keep increasing your conversion rates by mastering the CRO process

The complete Conversion Rate Optimization course


Eagerness to master CRO and increase conversion rates
You need a website or a landing page
You need access to Google Analytics
No coding or statistical knowledge required
No prior knowledge is needed


****** Last update September 2022 including GA4, Airtable, and personalization.******Bestselling CRO course on Udemy in the category: Conversion Rate OptimizationIncrease your conversion rates by mastering Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)! This course is a complete blueprint for every step of the Conversion Rate Optimization process. It is based on many books, courses, and my 10+ years of experience in this fantastic line of work. By taking this course, you will…Become a Conversion Rate Optimization expertIncrease conversion rates of your websiteIncrease the number of A/B test winnersGet a better (psychological) understanding of your visitors’ behavior.During the course, you will learn how to conduct proper Conversion Rate Optimization research, analyze websites and create hypotheses. You will also learn how to set up A/B tests (the right way), track and analyze test results, continuously improve the conversion rates of your website and much much more.A few reviews“I’ve followed quite some courses on Udemy, and find that sometimes even a course that has a high rating, can still be shitty. This wasn’t the case here! Man, I really love this course from Ruben. The title says it all, it’s a complete course to conversion optimization.” Tim”Ruben teaches the beginning of the CRO until advanced techniques to apply the strategy in your company as you finish the course! I learned a lot and I’m very thankful for the opportunity 😉 ” Giovanni“I cannot believe how much valuable information is in this course. If you are starting with CRO or want to systemize the way you are doing optimization, this course won’t let you down. I recommend it..” Virgilijus“Thank you mr. Boer. I learned a lot with the course and I think you are a great teacher. Cheers from Brazil.” Lucas“Being a CRO Specialist myself and having taken CRO courses, and followed top CRO gurus and such – I have to admit that Ruben’s course is nothing less than AMAZING. He has structured the course extremely well from A-Z and he provides us with resources that are incredibly valuable. Pure awesomeness!” UtsavThe complete Conversion Rate Optimization course setupIn the first part of the Conversion Rate Optimization course, you’ll learn how to conduct proper optimization research. This includes data analysis, user interviews, psychology, and many more methods of research. You can follow along in a real Google Analytics account.Next, you’ll learn how to combine your research findings to set you up for successful A/B testing. You’ll also learn how to craft hypotheses and a unique prioritization framework so you are certain to test the right things first.Next, you’ll learn how to set up A/B tests, including tips and tricks to gather reliable data and solid performance of your tests.And lastly, you’ll analyze the A/B tests, draw learnings that can help the whole company, and come up with new A/B tests based on your insights.This course will focus on what you need to know in a very practical and engaging manner. With the practical examples, exercises, and free tools, you will build your own test plan, setting you up for continuous success.Become a Conversion Rate Optimization expert and start increasing your conversion rates todayIf you sign up today you will have lifetime access to the course, including all future updates. You´ll also get a 30 day no question asked, money-back guarantee.If you have any questions during or after this course, please feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to help you out. You can use the Q&A feature inside the course or send me a private message. I will answer all of your questions as soon as possible.Ready to increase your conversion rates? Sign up for this bestselling course today! 🙂


Section 1: Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization

Lecture 1 Course goals and benefits

Lecture 2 Captions, playback rate and update

Lecture 3 What is Conversion Rate Optimization & A/B testing?

Lecture 4 Hierarchy of evidence

Lecture 5 Introduction to the case

Lecture 6 Course material

Section 2: Conversion Rate Optimization data research

Lecture 7 Conversion Rate Optimization research

Lecture 8 Know your company goals and KPIs

Lecture 9 Web analytics for Conversion Rate Optimization

Lecture 10 Introduction to GA4

Lecture 11 Make sure everyting is tracked

Lecture 12 General data in GA4

Lecture 13 GA4 Explore

Lecture 14 Funnel analysis in GA4

Lecture 15 Path exploration in GA4

Lecture 16 Segmentation in GA4

Lecture 17 Web interaction analysis

Lecture 18 Page speed and mobile friendliness

Lecture 19 Document findings

Lecture 20 Data research wrap up

Section 3: Conversion Rate Optimization user research & science

Lecture 21 Introduction to user research & science

Lecture 22 Polls, surveys & feedback tool

Lecture 23 Recordings

Lecture 24 Usability test

Lecture 25 Web accessibility

Lecture 26 Customer service and user feedback

Lecture 27 Other forms of user research

Lecture 28 Science

Lecture 29 User research & science wrap up

Section 4: Expert review, psychology basics & competitor analysis

Lecture 30 Expert review, psychology basics & competitor analysis

Lecture 31 Clarity

Lecture 32 Relevancy

Lecture 33 Friction

Lecture 34 Focus

Lecture 35 Motivation and psychology

Lecture 36 Reciprocity

Lecture 37 Commitment & consistency

Lecture 38 Social proof

Lecture 39 Authority

Lecture 40 Liking

Lecture 41 Scarcity

Lecture 42 Landing page and product page best practices

Lecture 43 Checkout best practices

Lecture 44 Copy writing best practices

Lecture 45 Competitor analyses

Lecture 46 Expert review & competitor analysis wrap up

Section 5: Combine insights, prioritization, and hypotheses

Lecture 47 Combine insights, prioritization, and hypotheses

Lecture 48 Behavioral hypotheses

Lecture 49 Combine insights

Lecture 50 PIE, ICE and PXL

Lecture 51 An evidence-based framework

Lecture 52 Test hypotheses

Lecture 53 Combine insights, prioritization and hypotheses wrap up

Section 6: Pre-test analysis

Lecture 54 Pre-test analysis

Lecture 55 Type I and type II error

Lecture 56 Minimal detectable effect terms

Lecture 57 Minimal detectable effect calculation

Lecture 58 Minimal detectable effect Sheet

Lecture 59 Regular expressions

Lecture 60 Binomial and non-binomial KPIs

Lecture 61 Conversion Rate Optimization for low traffic websites

Lecture 62 Pre-test analysis wrap up

Section 7: Setting up an A/B test

Lecture 63 Setting up an A/B test

Lecture 64 Setup & AA test

Lecture 65 Design

Lecture 66 Setting up the A/B test in a testing tool

Lecture 67 Data tracking for A/B tests

Lecture 68 Adding extra events

Lecture 69 Heatmaps and polls for A/B tests

Lecture 70 Element in view

Lecture 71 Page targetting

Lecture 72 Quality assurance using a query parameter

Lecture 73 Quality assurance using a cookie and IP address

Lecture 74 Audience targetting

Lecture 75 Multiple tests at the same time

Lecture 76 Other forms of testing

Lecture 77 Client-side vs server-side

Lecture 78 Test documentation

Lecture 79 Setting up an AB test wrap up

Section 8: A/B test live

Lecture 80 Setting the A/B test live

Lecture 81 Keeping track of the A/B test

Lecture 82 Sample Ratio Mismatch

Lecture 83 Automation

Lecture 84 Automated keeping track of the A/B test

Lecture 85 When to start analyzing the A/B test

Lecture 86 A/B test live wrap up

Section 9: Analyze the A/B test

Lecture 87 Analyze the A/B test

Lecture 88 Frequentist vs Bayesian statistic

Lecture 89 Analyzing A/B test results – data

Lecture 90 Analyzing A/B test results – calculations

Lecture 91 Segmenting A/B test results

Lecture 92 A/B test funnel analysis

Lecture 93 Extra tracking and heatmap analysis

Lecture 94 Users vs. sessions

Lecture 95 Non-binomial analysis

Lecture 96 Draw learnings from the A/B test

Lecture 97 Reporting on A/B test results

Lecture 98 Example report

Lecture 99 Automation

Lecture 100 Automated analysis and reporting

Lecture 101 Finalize the A/B test and documentation

Lecture 102 Analyze the A/B test wrap up

Section 10: Personalization

Lecture 103 What is personalization

Lecture 104 Getting started with personalization

Lecture 105 The personalization process

Lecture 106 Rule-based personalization

Lecture 107 Machine learning

Lecture 108 Examples of personalization

Lecture 109 Personalization wrap up

Section 11: How to be successful in Conversion Rate Optimization

Lecture 110 The success formula

Lecture 111 Increase your frequency

Lecture 112 Increase your chance

Lecture 113 Overcoming the confirmation bias

Lecture 114 Get people on board

Lecture 115 Test idea generation

Lecture 116 The Conversion Rate Optimization team

Lecture 117 How to become even more successful at CRO wrap up

Section 12: Google Universal Analytics

Lecture 118 Universal analytics

Lecture 119 Make sure everything is measured correctly

Lecture 120 General data in Google Analytics

Lecture 121 Funnel analysis with Google Analytics goals

Lecture 122 Segmentation in UA

Lecture 123 Funnel analysis with segments in UA

Lecture 124 Google Analytics events

Lecture 125 Test duration and sample size with UA

Lecture 126 UA tracking for A/B tests

Lecture 127 Analyzing the A/B test with UA

Lecture 128 Segmenting the A/B test results

Section 13: Final words

Lecture 129 Keep learning

Lecture 130 The ethical side of Conversion Rate Optimization

Lecture 131 Thank you

Beginner and intermediate Conversion Specialists who want to become an expert in this field,Online marketers and growth hackers who want to learn Conversion optimization,Entrepreneurs and e-commerce managers who want to keep increasing the conversion rate of their websites and beat the competition,Wed designers and web developers who want to increase their knowledge on CRO

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 45m | 5.75 GB
Created by: Ruben de Boer

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