The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course

Learn everything about Cryptocurrency: From the Blockchain and Bitcoin to Cryptocurrency investing techniques!
The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course
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The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course

What you’ll learn

Understand the Blockchain
Be able to buy Cryptocurrencies, Transfer them and Secure them on different Wallets
Buy any Coin / Altcoin on Different Exchanges
Do Technical Analysis to identify entry points
Do Fundamental Analysis to select the best coins to Invest in
Do proper Asset Allocation to create the best Crypto Portfolio for you
Do advanced Portfolio Management Techniques like portfolio re-balancing + much more
Use dozens of Resources and Tools to increase your Reward to Risk ratio

The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Course


No knowledge required in Cryptocurrencies or Investing
Computer, Internet Connection and an Open Mind


In this Complete Cryptocurrency Course, you will learn everything you need to start Investing.We’ll start by teaching you about the Cryptocurrency Fundamentals like:-The Blockchain-Ledgers-Hash Functions-Public/Private Key Digital Signatures-The role of MiningWe’ll then cover Different Cryptocurrencies to understand exactly how they work. Some of the Cryptocurrencies covered are:-Bitcoin-Ethereum-Ripple (XRP)-Litecoin-Bitcoin Cash-EOSYou will also learn (and see, through Live Examples) how to Buy, Transfer and use Wallets to Secure your Cryptocurrencies! We’ll learn about:-Cold Storage-Hot Storage-Electrum Bitcoin Client-Creating Paper Wallets-Using online Wallets (like Multi-Asset Client (like Exodus)-Hardware WalletsWe’ll also go over Different Exchanges so you know how to trade your Cryptocurrencies. We’ll look at:-Gateway Exchanges-Centralized Exchanges-Orders, Time of Sales, Order Books (Level2)-Buying Cryptocurrency with Fiat-Using Binance Exchange-Using Bittrex ExchangeThe best part about this course, though, is that it’s not only about Cryptocurrencies, but also about Investing! So, you will also learn Technical Analysis. Some of the topics covered here are:-Candlesticks, Charts-Tradingview-Trendlines-Channels-Supports and Resistances-Chart Patterns-Tops, Bottoms, Triangles-Volume-LiquidityFollowing that, you will learn about Fundamental Analysis and how to do proper research to find the best coins to invest in!The course doesn’t finish here; we follow this up by learning Portfolio Management Techniques (both for Passive Investing and Active Investing). We cover things from Optimal Asset Allocation to Portfolio Re-balancing and Much More.This is the most Practical Course out there: We Buy, Transfer, Secure, and Build A Portfolio with Real Money, so you know exactly how to do it! You also get the BEST Resources and Tools that we have found as well as a FREE Custom Excel Sheet to help you Invest in the best way possible.See you Inside the Course 🙂


Section 1: Welcome to Crypto Investing. Here is what you will learn

Lecture 1 Why Invest in Cryptos

Section 2: How Cryptocurrencies Work: The Blockchain

Lecture 2 What we’ll be learning in this section

Lecture 3 Important Changes to be aware of

Lecture 4 What are Cryptocurrencies

Lecture 5 Hash Function

Lecture 6 The Ledger

Lecture 7 Public keys, secret keys & digital signature

Lecture 8 The Blockchain Pt-1

Lecture 9 Mining

Lecture 10 The Blockchain Pt-2

Section 3: Different Cryptoccurencies

Lecture 11 Why so many cryptocurrencies?

Lecture 12 Bitcoin

Lecture 13 Ethereum

Lecture 14 Ripple (XRP)

Lecture 15 Litecoin

Lecture 16 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Lecture 17 EOS

Section 4: How to store your cryptocurrencies?

Lecture 18 Warning: Beware of Scammers

Lecture 19 What we’ll learn in this section

Lecture 20 Cold storage vs Hot storage

Lecture 21 Creating a Bitcoin paper wallet

Lecture 22 Creating a Bitcoin paper wallet – Update

Lecture 23 Using a Bitcoin client (Electrum)

Lecture 24 Using an online wallet (

Lecture 25 Using a Multi-Asset client (Exodus)

Lecture 26 Hardware wallets

Section 5: Buying and Transfering Cryptos + Exchanges

Lecture 27 What we’ll learn in this section

Lecture 28 Gateway exchanges and regular exchanges

Lecture 29 Orders, Order Books (Level 2), Time Of Sales

Lecture 30 Buying Cryptos with FIAT (Coinbase & Quadrigacx)

Lecture 31 Buying Cryptos with FIAT – Update Lecture (What happened to QuadrigaCX)

Lecture 32 Transferring Coins from Wallets and Exchanges

Lecture 33 Buying Altcoins on Binance + Walkthrough

Lecture 34 Buying Altcoins on Bittrex + Walkthrough

Section 6: Technical Analysis / Charting Primer

Lecture 35 What we’ll learn in this section

Lecture 36 Valuation methods: Fundamental vs Technical analysis

Lecture 37 Candlesticks, Charts & Tradingview

Lecture 38 Trendlines, Channels, Supports and Resistances

Lecture 39 Chart Patterns: Tops, Bottoms & Triangles

Lecture 40 Volume

Lecture 41 Liquidity

Lecture 42 The use of Technical Analysis in Investing

Section 7: Fundamental Analysis

Lecture 43 What we’ll learn in this section

Lecture 44 Fundamental Analysis Framework

Lecture 45 Ressources

Lecture 46 Important Changes to be aware of

Lecture 47 Fundamental Analysis Case Study

Lecture 48 Honorable mentions

Section 8: Passive vs Active Investing

Lecture 49 What we’ll learn in this section

Lecture 50 From an investor’s perspective

Lecture 51 Risk and how much money to invest

Lecture 52 Passive Investing and Historical Performances

Lecture 53 Active Investing and Historical Performances

Lecture 54 What type of investment strategy is best for you?

Section 9: Passive Investing

Lecture 55 What we’ll learn in this section

Lecture 56 Optimal Asset Allocation / Building a Portfolio

Lecture 57 Coin Selection

Lecture 58 Position sizing: How much of each coin to buy?

Lecture 59 Example of Creating a Portfolio and Purchasing coins

Lecture 60 Using our FREE Excel sheet to Calculate Quantities to Buy

Lecture 61 Cheking for Entry Points

Section 10: Active Investing and portfolio rebalancing

Lecture 62 What we’ll learn in this section

Lecture 63 Portfolio Rebalancing Theory and Example

Lecture 64 LIVE Portfolio Rebalancing using our Excel Sheet

Lecture 65 Time vs Threshold rebalancing

Lecture 66 Rebalancing Risks

Lecture 67 Impact of a stable Asset on Portfolio

Lecture 68 Alternating Coins

Lecture 69 Changing asset allocation

Lecture 70 Tool to help with trade execution #1

Lecture 71 Tool to help with trade execution #2

Lecture 72 Thank you

Section 11: Bonus Lecture

Lecture 73 Bonus Lecture

Anyone who wants to understand how Cryptocurrencies work,Anyone who want to be able to Buy and Invest in Cryptocurrencies,Anyone who want to use advanced portfolio management techniques to Increase their Returns while Reducing their Risk,Anyone who wants to be able to analyze different Cryptos in order to invest in different coins / altcoins

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 12h 20m | 1.42 GB
Created by: Mohsen Hassan

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