The Complete ECourse Speaking for Confident in English

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The Complete ECourse Speaking for Confident in English
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The Complete ECourse Speaking for Confident in English

What you’ll learn

Making a plus in work
Increase confidence in speaking
Improve the ability to speak English fluently
Active and efficient in speaking English to support career
Expanding communication networks in business and other business fields

The Complete ECourse Speaking for Confident in English


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Online English courses are the right choice for beginners who want to learn English flexibly and easily accessible from anywhere. In this course, students will receive basic English teaching covering vocabulary, grammar, and speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.The main advantage of online English courses is the flexibility of time that can be adapted to a busy schedule. Students can choose the time that suits their work schedule or daily activities. In addition, online courses also allow students to learn from anywhere, both at home and in other places that have internet access.The online English course is also equipped with various features that can assist students in learning English, such as interactive learning materials, practice questions, and word pronunciation. In the online English course for beginners, students will learn basic vocabulary and grammar, as well as speaking and listening skills to develop their ability to communicate in English. Students will also be given training in reading and writing in English.In terms of cost, online English courses are often more affordable than traditional classroom-based courses. This is because there are no overhead costs such as rent or utilities, and materials can be sent digitally, saving on printing and shipping costs.Overall, online English courses are suitable for beginners who want to learn English in a flexible and accessible way. This course is equipped with various features and materials to help students learn English easily and effectively.


Section 1: Speaking Confidently

Lecture 1 Greeting

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Daily Routine

Lecture 4 Adverb of Frequency

Lecture 5 How Many Times

Lecture 6 Yes No Questions (Part 1)

Lecture 7 Yes No Questions (Part 2)

Lecture 8 5W1H Questions

Lecture 9 How Questions

Lecture 10 How Much and How Many

Lecture 11 Job

Lecture 12 Bad and Good Habit

Lecture 13 Family

Lecture 14 Describing People

Lecture 15 Personality

Lecture 16 Like and Dislike

Lecture 17 Which Do You Prefer

Lecture 18 Ability & Disability

Lecture 19 Giving and Asking Opinion

Lecture 20 Agreement and Disagreement

Lecture 21 Weather

Lecture 22 Feeling

Lecture 23 Preposition of Place

Lecture 24 There Are and There Is

Lecture 25 Conclusion

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