The Complete Figma 2023 MasterClass With 20 UX Projects

Learn Figma From Scracth To Advanced Level With 20+ UI/UX & Web Design Real time Projects Design Android & iOS mobile ap
The Complete Figma 2023 MasterClass With 20 UX Projects
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The Complete Figma 2023 MasterClass With 20 UX Projects

What you’ll learn

You Will Learn How to Design UI & UX Mockups
You will Learn How to do Prototyping in Figma
You Will Learn how to create Web & Application interfaces From scratch
You Will Learn How to Create Dash Boards in Figma

The Complete Figma 2023 MasterClass With 20 UX Projects


You Need Internet Connection
You Need Laptop or PC


User interface design(UI) and user experience design(UX) is a very crucial parts of determining the final output of software, applications, or process. User interface design and user experience design(UI/UX) has lots of benefits since they have a greater impact on influencing how users might use or uninstall an app or the retention rate of an app or software and the like. Welcome to this course Figma mega course  we will be learning to design Interfaces using Figma as the primary design tool.  You will be learning advanced prototyping and interactive animations  Figma makes it fun and easier to get your designs up to speed with positive outcomes especially when you use a creative approach to doing what you love doing best. In this course , you’ll learn to use shapes(components) and tools to create stunning user interfaces. Some fundamental design principles would be taught and demonstrated in the course. The main Purpose of this Course is to make  advanced user in making ui and ux mockups  and to learning to build or design a  user interface& Web Design . The course is for anybody who would like to get started with User interface design. This course is in  taught by certified UI/UX instructor Venkatesh Chennu Expert in Figma


Section 1: Introduction To Figma

Lecture 1 1.Creating Account in Figma

Lecture 2 2.Learning Basic Tools In Figma

Lecture 3 3.Installing Plugins in Figma

Lecture 4 4.Learning about Masks in Figma

Lecture 5 5.Learning About Variants & Components

Lecture 6 6.Discussing About Pages and assets in Figma

Lecture 7 7.Understanding Autolayout

Lecture 8 9.Sharing Files in Figma

Section 2: Creating First UI Mockup in Figma

Lecture 9 1.Planning For First UI mockup

Lecture 10 2.Finishing First UI Design page

Lecture 11 3.Designing Second page

Lecture 12 4.Designing Second page

Section 3: Creating Food UI design App with Prototyping

Lecture 13 1.Creating Wireframe For Food Application Final

Lecture 14 2.Designing First UI page for Food Application

Lecture 15 3. Finishing First UI page for Food App

Lecture 16 4.Starting ProtoTyping in Figma

Lecture 17 5. Finishing First Ui prototyping Final

Section 4: Creating a E -Commerece Web site in Figma

Lecture 18 1. Designing Web UI Page Elements

Lecture 19 2.Finishing Our First UI Web Page

Lecture 20 3. Finalsing Our First Web page

Lecture 21 4.Prototyping For Our First page

Lecture 22 5 . Giving Functionality for Forward & Backward buttons

Lecture 23 6.Designing Headphones page

Lecture 24 7.Prototyping for headphones page

Lecture 25 8.Prototyping Buynow Page

Lecture 26 9. Desigining & Prototyping Add to Cart Page

Lecture 27 10. Finishing Prototyping for Add To Cart Page

Lecture 28 11. Connecting Speakers Page

Lecture 29 12. Working on Payment Pages for Speakers

Lecture 30 13. Working on Add To Cart page

Lecture 31 14. Working on Earphones Web Page

Lecture 32 15.Working on Earphones payment page

Lecture 33 16. Finalising Our WebSite

Section 5: Creating a Dashboard Design in Figma

Lecture 34 1.Designing Dashboard Ui Page

Lecture 35 2. Adding Some Additional Details in Dashboard

Lecture 36 3. Designing Statistics

Lecture 37 4.Drawing Graphs For Dashboard

Lecture 38 5.Finalsing DashBoard Design

Lecture 39 6.Prototyping Dashboard

Lecture 40 7.Protyping DropDown Menu For Dashboard

Lecture 41 8. Finishing Dashboard

Section 6: Creating Full Length Educational Website in Figma

Lecture 42 1.Designing First Web Page

Lecture 43 2.Finishing Our First Web Page

Lecture 44 3.Designing Footer Part for First Web Page

Lecture 45 4.Designing Rollovers For Buttons

Lecture 46 5.Designing Instructors Page

Lecture 47 6.Designing Pricing page

Lecture 48 7.Designing Sign up Page

Lecture 49 8.Creating RollOvers For Pricing Page

Lecture 50 9.Prototyping Web pages

Lecture 51 10.Designing Payment Page

Lecture 52 11. Creating Radial Buttons in Figma

Lecture 53 12.Creating Dropdown menu for Main page

Lecture 54 13.Rectifing Issues in Mainpage

Lecture 55 14.Adujsting Other Web pages Correctly

Lecture 56 15.Preparing pages in Programes Dropdow menu and Prototyping

Lecture 57 16. Finalzing Our WebSite

Section 7: Creating Music Player App In Figma

Lecture 58 1.Designing First UI Page

Lecture 59 2. Designing Background For UI Page

Lecture 60 3.Designing Rollover Button in First page

Lecture 61 4.Designing Second UI page

Lecture 62 5.Creating a Home Rollover for SecondPage

Lecture 63 6.Designing Play Button

Lecture 64 7.Designing Third page

Lecture 65 8. Making Play Music Animation

Lecture 66 9.Adjusting Third Page

Lecture 67 10.Animating Timer in Music app

Lecture 68 11. Designing and Animating Play & Pause Buttons

Lecture 69 12. Prototyping Play & Pause Buttons

Lecture 70 13. Creatinng A button in main page

Lecture 71 14. Designing My account Page

Lecture 72 15.Creating Search Bar Animation

Lecture 73 16.Finalising Our App

Section 8: Creating a Product Website UI & Interactive Animations

Lecture 74 1.Creating Web page

Lecture 75 2. Creating Roll Over For First Webpage

Lecture 76 3. Recctifing Issue for Rollover in webpage

Lecture 77 4. Creating Forward & backward buttons

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Udemy | English | 12h 30m | 5.19 GB
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