The Complete Focus Mastery Course Brain Concentration

Dramatically Increase Your Concentration and Focus – Brain Training – Memory – Personal Productivity
The Complete Focus Mastery Course Brain Concentration
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TJ Walker


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The Complete Focus Mastery Course Brain Concentration

What you’ll learn

Focus mastery
Personal productivity
Brain Training
Attention control
Time management
Mind habits
Power Focus
How to Use SelfieSpeak Programming (SSP) to command focus on what you want
How to build Lifelong Habits for enhanced learning and creating
How to deal with the #1 Focus Destroyer – Your cell phone
Controlling social media distractions
Controlling Internet news distractions
Controlling streaming Internet entertainment distractions
How to grab your own attention
Creating systems to ensure daily productive habits
Best Practices for Reducing Stress
Mindful Stress Management
Boost Resilience with Mindfulness
Achieve Better Work/Life Balance
Managing Burnout

The Complete Focus Mastery Course Brain Concentration


Willingness to learn new ideas
Discipline to try new techniques
A smart phone or computer
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Focus Mastery The Complete Focus Mastery Course – Brain Concentration – Dramatically Increase Your Concentration and Focus – Brain Training – Memory – Personal ProductivityDo you feel distracted in this always-on, hyper-connected digital world? Do you feel besieged by Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, family, colleagues, clients, customers and bosses shouting for your attention every second of the day?You can grab back your own attention!You can gain mastery of your focus!We live in a world where every tech billionaire is begging you (through your cell phone and screens) to multitask to make them richer. But this splintering of our focus is destroying our quality of life at a professional and personal level. Now is the time to fight back. You can take back control over your mind, your attention and your focus, every second of the day.TJ Walker is one of the most prolific personal development authors and instructors in the world (with more than a quarter of a million students on Udemy alone). Walker is the creator of SelfieSpeak Programming (SSP), a technique for you to use your own voice and your own cell phone to capture the focus of your own brain throughout your day.The SSP system is unlike any focus mastery, time management, personal productivity tool you have ever encountered. It is simple, easy to use, and requires a little discipline. It is effective on the highly motivated as well as the highly lazy alike!If you are looking for a course that goes beyond just giving you the same old advice with amusing anecdotes, you have come to the right place. TJ Walker’s focus mastery course is truly different and offers ground-breaking techniques to change your life.Here is what Udemy students say about this course:”I feel so inspired and motivated by just following the videos for 15-20 minutes a day. It encourages me to have a daily routine, daily habits and not lose even a minute of the day. Focus, focus and focus only on one thing. You are great TJ” Vusala Shirinova”Outstanding course. We all not what to do, but sometimes we need someone who is able to open our eyes :)” Michael KirchbergerEnroll right now in this unique focus mastery course and change your life forever.This course also teaches students about the following subjects: Best Practices for Reducing Stress, Mindful Stress Management, Boost Resilience with Mindfulness, Achieve Better Work/Life Balance, and Managing BurnoutThis Focus Mastery course is ideal for anyone searching for more info on the following: focus – productivity – concentration – goal setting for a successful life – focus mastery – reduce distractions. Plus, this course will be a great addition to anyone trying to build out their knowledge in the following areas: personal productivity – deep work – time management.


Section 1: You Can Gain Complete Mastery of Your Focus

Lecture 1 The Complete Focus Mastery Course – Brain Concentration Promo Video

Lecture 2 Quick Win! the 5 Minute Phone Solution Each Day

Lecture 3 Throw Away the Concept of MultiTasking to Increase Your Focus 100x

Lecture 4 It Has Never Been Easier AND Harder to Focus on What Is Important

Lecture 5 The Secret of the Stars – Daily Meditation

Lecture 6 Mastery Your Daily Focus By Planning Each Day In Advance

Lecture 7 This Is How You Will Get the Most Out of This Course

Lecture 8 Deep Focus Creates Deep Mastery and Then Higher Success

Lecture 9 The Less You Do, the More You Succeed

Section 2: Become the Master of Your Own Daily Habits

Lecture 10 Focus Mastery Starts with Mastering Strong Daily habits

Lecture 11 Life Is the Sum of your Daily habits

Lecture 12 Breakthroughs Come From Daily Mundane Work

Lecture 13 The SelfieSpeak Audio Solution

Lecture 14 Creating Your own Audios Is Always Better

Lecture 15 Your Daily Habits SelfieSpeak Audio

Section 3: You Can Gain Focus On What Content Goes Into Your Brain

Lecture 16 Consume Content On Purpose, Don’t Let Content Consume You

Lecture 17 The Source of Your Pollution

Lecture 18 A News Junkie is still a Junkie

Lecture 19 Your Perfect Media Diet

Lecture 20 Best Email Practices

Lecture 21 Cell Phone Hygiene

Lecture 22 Block, Tackle, Turn Off

Lecture 23 Schedule Your Cell Phone Time for maximum Productivity and Happiness

Lecture 24 SelfieSpeak Audio to Gain Control of Your Cell Phone

Section 4: Focus Only On STUFF That Really Matters

Lecture 25 Don’t Let THINGS Consume Your Life

Lecture 26 The Overabundance of Stuff is Crowing Out Thought

Lecture 27 Kondo Is One Important Piece of the Puzzle

Lecture 28 Easiest solution Don’t buy junk in the First Place

Lecture 29 Exceptions to the No clutter rule – Probably Not You

Lecture 30 Throw Stuff Away To Clear Your thoughts

Lecture 31 Get Ready for Your Selfie speak audio

Lecture 32 You Control Your Possessions

Section 5: More Focus At Meal Times Will Give You More Focus Everywhere Else

Lecture 33 Mastering Focus On What Goes In Your Mouth

Lecture 34 The Third Big Overabundance

Lecture 35 It Is OK to Be Hungry Occasionally

Lecture 36 Everything You Need to know About Eating

Lecture 37 Don_t Worry about How You Look to Others But How Your Body Feels to You

Lecture 38 Most of Us Have to fight the Battle of the Bulge

Lecture 39 Stop looking for the magic Bullet, Pill or Potion

Lecture 40 There are No Obese 95 year olds

Lecture 41 Gimmicks Don_t Work in the Long Run

Lecture 42 It’s hard to Create or Transform If You Are Stuffing Your Face all Day Long

Lecture 43 There is No Sugar-Coating it, Everything Is covered with Sugar These Days

Lecture 44 You Need a Way to Eat in the Real World

Lecture 45 Yes Fad Diets Will Work In the Short-term

Lecture 46 Eating with Mindfulness Is the Answer

Lecture 47 Water Is the Go-To Beverage

Lecture 48 Eat Until Full and Stuffed, Or Satisfied

Lecture 49 Get Ready for Your Own SelfieSpeak Audio for Your Own Food Consumption

Lecture 50 Eat to Live SelfieSpeak Audio

Section 6: It’s Easier to Focus on Higher Level Goals When You are At High Health Levels

Lecture 51 Pain-Free Focus Mastery

Lecture 52 Pain Free Creation

Lecture 53 Proactive Eating Habits

Lecture 54 Recharging the Batteries for Maximum Performance

Lecture 55 There Is Always Time for Exercise

Lecture 56 Ready to Smile at Your Premier

Lecture 57 Don’t Drown in the Sea of Bad Health Advice

Lecture 58 Prepare for Your Health SelfieSpeak Programming

Lecture 59 Your SelfieSpeak Health Programming

Section 7: Great Focus Will Lead to Greater Creativity

Lecture 60 Focus Mastery Will Lead You To Becoming a Creator

Lecture 61 Identifying Your Creative Dreams

Lecture 62 Don’t Be a Positive Thinker All the Time

Lecture 63 Don’t Just Follow Your Passion

Lecture 64 This is Creativity

Lecture 65 If You Learn to Type, You Can Learn to Create

Lecture 66 Developing the Creative Outlook

Lecture 67 Turning Thoughts Into Creations

Lecture 68 Your Creations Are a Net Positive to the World

Lecture 69 You Can Be Creative or Conventional In Every Single Field

Lecture 70 Who Are Your Top 5 Creators of All Time

Lecture 71 Creativity Is An Outlook That Will Cover Every Inch of Your Life

Section 8: The Magic of Solitude

Lecture 72 Solitude Will Let You Focus On What Is Truly Important

Lecture 73 The Magic of Solitude

Lecture 74 The Magic of Constant, Focused Thought

Lecture 75 Turn On Solitude with the OFF Button

Lecture 76 Meditation Is Popular for a Reason

Lecture 77 It Is Difficult to Do Nothing

Lecture 78 Walk Your Way to Success

Lecture 79 Solitude Used to Be Easy, Now it is Hard

Lecture 80 Get Ready to Create Your Solitude habits

Lecture 81 Your SelfieSpeak Solitude Programming

Section 9: Time for Deep-Work

Lecture 82 Entering Your Deep-Work Flow State

Lecture 83 Daily Deep Work Is Essential for Creative Success

Lecture 84 Program Yourself to do Deep Work Daily

Lecture 85 Deep Work SelfieSpeak Programming

Section 10: Focus to the End

Lecture 86 Focus Means Finishing and Shipping

Lecture 87 Ship Your Creation Now

Section 11: Your Are Ready to Live a Focused Life!

Lecture 88 For True Mastery, Focus on Constant Improvement

Lecture 89 Conclusion – Congratulations on Learning How to Master Your Focus

Section 12: Extra Course for You On Personal Productivity

Lecture 90 Here Is Your Entire Extra Course on Personal Productivity

Lecture 91 2 The #1 Secret of the Wildly Productive

Lecture 92 The Real Truth About Time Management

Lecture 93 The-Top-10-Tips-To-Help-Your-Personal-Productivity

Lecture 94 Sleep-Your-Way-to-Productivity-Success

Lecture 95 Produce-Just-One-Thing-Each-Day

Lecture 96 Big-News-You-Need-Less-News

Lecture 97 Streamline-Your-Cell-Phone-for-Massive-Productivity-Gains

Lecture 98 Read-Books-Even-Free-Books

Lecture 99 Fun-Is-the-Ultimate-Productivity-Motivator

Lecture 100 Celebrate-the-Easy-Wins

Lecture 101 Giving-Your-Brain-Space-to-Breathe

Lecture 102 Daily-Entertainment-Must-Come-with-Limits

Lecture 103 The-Grandest-Delusion-of-All-Multitasking

Section 13: Fundamentals on Personal Productivity

Lecture 104 Productivity Tips for taking this Course

Lecture 105 Always Look for the Fast-Forward Button In Life

Lecture 106 Surprisingly, Not all Procrastination Is Bad

Lecture 107 Personalizing Productivity Tips Just for You

Lecture 108 Why You Will Never Say “I Didn’t Have Time for That”

Lecture 109 Simplify Your Way to Personal Productivity Success

Lecture 110 You Already Are Productive, When You Want to Be

Lecture 111 You Will Become Your Own Personal Productivity Guru

Lecture 112 Forget High Tech and Low Tech, You Must Be Now Tech

Lecture 113 Here Is the ONE Thing That Is Consistent Among Wildly Productive People

Lecture 114 Why 100% Personal Productivity Is Not Your Real Goal

Lecture 115 Avoiding This Secret Un-Productivity Trap

Lecture 116 You Can’t be Productive Unless You Know Exactly What You Want to Produce

Lecture 117 Infinite Opportunities To Be Productive Or…

Lecture 118 Simple, Obvious, Non-Profound Tip That Many People Never Follow

Lecture 119 Not enough To Be Good At Something, You Need To Have A…

Lecture 120 Coming Up With Your Own Vision Of the Productive Life

Lecture 121 Increase Your Productivity By Doing Less

Lecture 122 The More Fun You Have, The More Productive You Can Be

Lecture 123 Always Look for a Fun Way To Do Boring Tasks

Lecture 124 Why You Should Never Try To Manage Every Second Of Your Day

Section 14: Create The Highly Productive Daily Habits Used By Highly Productive People

Lecture 125 Produce This One Thing Every Day

Lecture 126 Here is How To Schedule Your Daily Productivity Output

Lecture 127 The Most Important Part of Your Day – The Digital Detox

Lecture 128 Highly Productive People Think of Themselves as Highly Productive People

Lecture 129 Limiting This Dangerous Productivity Destroyer – The TV

Lecture 130 The 30 Minute a Day Solution

Lecture 131 Productive People are Never ‘Busy’

Lecture 132 Building Your NOT ‘To Do’ List

Lecture 133 Time Is Always More Valuable Than Stuff or Saving Money

Lecture 134 Don’t Cut Lines, But NEVER Wait in Lines

Lecture 135 Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity

Lecture 136 Make Sure This Is Absolutely the Simplest Way of Doing Something

Lecture 137 Don’t Add Complicated, Time-Consuming Steps Just Because Everybody Else Does

Lecture 138 Improving Your Daily Standard Operating Procedures

Lecture 139 Figuring Out What Is the Most Productive Time of Day for You

Lecture 140 Asking ‘Why’ A Lot Will Lead You to Greater Productivity

Lecture 141 Build On Strengths, Don’t Focus on Most Weaknesses

Lecture 142 The Most Productive Social Media Platform for You Is…

Lecture 143 Not All Productivity Is the Same

Lecture 144 YOU Can’t Be Your Only Source of Inspiration

Lecture 145 Decrease Your Work Hours to Increase Your Productivity

Lecture 146 Stand Up! Take a Break!

Lecture 147 The Most Productive Way You Can Get What You Want Is to Ask

Lecture 148 The Highly Productive Don’t Rely on Memory

Lecture 149 Make It Easier for Other People to Be More Productive

Lecture 150 Say ‘NO’ Daily

Lecture 151 Avoid Lines Like the Plague

Lecture 152 It Never Hurts To Be Reminded, Automatically

Lecture 153 Scheduled Learning Is a Daily Habit of the Highly Productive

Lecture 154 Why Honesty Really Is the Best Policy

Lecture 155 More Reasons to Say No

Lecture 156 Higher Productivity the Mundane Way

Section 15: Having a Broader And Deeper Perspective On Your Personal Productivity

Lecture 157 The Personal Productivity Bigger Picture

Lecture 158 Productivity Motivation is Overrated. Daily Productivity Habits Are Underrated

Lecture 159 Everyone Has Habits. The Key Is the Right Habits

Lecture 160 Your Brand Is Not Your Logo, It is What You Produce on a Regular Basis

Lecture 161 Nothing Bad Has Ever Happened By Showing Up on Time

Lecture 162 Do This To Be on Time

Lecture 163 Managing Your Procrastination Demons

Lecture 164 The Highest Price of All: Switching Costs

Lecture 165 This Is How You Find Your Grove

Lecture 166 The Lazy Man’s and Lazy Woman’s Guide to Productivity

Lecture 167 Why You Don’t Need a Bolt of Lightening

Section 16: Create The Ideal Productivity Environment

Lecture 168 Creating a Productive Surrounding

Lecture 169 Making Your Desk Make You More Productive

Lecture 170 Yes, Home Offices Can Be Wildly Productive, If You Do This…

Lecture 171 Quiet Please! Genius Working Here

Lecture 172 Turns Out, Your Mother Was Right About Keeping Tidy

Lecture 173 Take a Break Already!

Lecture 174 Drawing Your Way to Productivity Success

Section 17: Constant Personal Productivity Improvement

Lecture 175 Productivity Tips Come From Everywhere

Lecture 176 Eliminate the Clutter of Daily Activity

Lecture 177 Complexity Can Add Value, But Make Sure You Have Proof

Lecture 178 Measure 2 or Even 3 Times In Advance

Lecture 179 It’s OK To Start with Baby Steps

Section 18: Make Meetings Work for You

Lecture 180 Meetings Can Add to Your Productive, But Only When Done the Right Way

Lecture 181 Meetings Can Be Run Efficiently

Lecture 182 Productive Entertainment Consumption

Lecture 183 First Choice, The Virtual Meeting

Lecture 184 Send a Surrogate

Lecture 185 No Agenda, No Meeting

Lecture 186 Your Meeting Needs To Run This Way

Lecture 187 A Standing Ovation for Your Next Productive Meeting

Lecture 188 The Amazon Way to Run Great Meetings

Section 19: Setting Goals that Mean Something

Lecture 189 Meaningful Goals for You

Lecture 190 Resolve to Never Make Resolutions. Instead, Make Goals with Specific Actions

Lecture 191 Plan, But At Some Point You Must Start

Lecture 192 Fail Faster and Better

Section 20: Cell Phones and Other Technologies That Can Help and Hurt Your Productivity

Lecture 193 The Best and Worst Productivity Tool Ever

Lecture 194 Delete News Apps from Your Phone

Lecture 195 Automation Is Here, So Use It Wisely

Section 21: The Philosophy Of Highly Productive People

Lecture 196 Here Is How You Can Have the Same Perspective As Highly Productive People

Lecture 197 You Determine Your Own Productivity Fate

Lecture 198 Productive People Have a Growth Mindset

Lecture 199 Optimism and Productivity Go Hand in Hand

Lecture 200 This is the Golden Age for Personal Productivity

Lecture 201 The Gatekeepers Can No Longer Stop Your Productivity

Lecture 202 A Golden Age for the Productive and the Lazy

Lecture 203 Personal Productivity Is Very Different Today Versus Most of Human History

Lecture 204 Learn from the Past, but Don’t Be Shackled By It

Lecture 205 Don’t Let Negative News Sap Your Productivity

Section 22: Increasing Your Productive Listening Skills

Lecture 206 Productive People Listen Carefully

Lecture 207 Quick Wins – The Cell Phone Secret to Good Listening Skills

Lecture 208 Stacking the Listening Environment in Your Favor

Lecture 209 The Telephone Listening Trap Will Never Catch You Again

Lecture 210 Setting Just One Agenda Item: Listening

Lecture 211 It Is Incredibly Easy to See How Well You Are Listening – Test

Lecture 212 It’s Even Easier to Listen When You Do This…

Lecture 213 Technology Will Eat Your Brain Unless You Do This

Lecture 214 Using Your Most Effective Body Language Tool

Lecture 215 The Best Listening Body Language From the Neck Down

Lecture 216 Reading the Speaker’s Body

Lecture 217 Connecting At the Emotional Level with Your Colleague To Hear All

Lecture 218 Mastering the Art Of NOT Interrupting

Lecture 219 Asking for Clarification Is A Great Form Of Listening

Lecture 220 Engaging In Conversation At Just the Right Time

Lecture 221 Strong Listening Creates Strong Reactions From You

Lecture 222 Honing Your Sense of Timing and Judgment to Make You a Great Listener

Lecture 223 Using The Magic of Pen and Paper Tools To Your Advantage

Lecture 224 Summarizing the Conversation Is Great for You and Your Colleague

Lecture 225 The One-Page Email Memo Summary Aces the Listening Skills Test – Every Time!

Lecture 226 Conclusion – Your New Reputation As a Great Listener!

Section 23: Productive Use of Body Language

Lecture 227 Productive People Communicate Effectively With Their Body Language

Lecture 228 Quick Wins – You Will Look Your Best on FaceTime, Skype, Facebook Live

Lecture 229 Never Let These Two Classic Body Language Blunders Slow You Down

Lecture 230 The Ultimate Tricky Body Language – Touching

Lecture 231 Big Picture – Make Everyone You Work With Feel Comfortable Working With You

Lecture 232 Your Nerves Will Never Show Again in the Workplace

Lecture 233 You’ll Never Fall for These Body Language Myths Again

Lecture 234 Here Is Exactly What to Do With Your Hands

Lecture 235 The Composed, Confident Video Star

Lecture 236 Never Spotlight Your Blunders and Mistakes Again

Lecture 237 You are Now Ready for Prime Time TV

Lecture 238 The Number 1 Tip for Curing Body Language Problems Is…

Lecture 239 The Real Way to Improve Your Body Language Confidence

Lecture 240 Great Body Language for Your Presentations

Lecture 241 PowerPoint Will Never Turn You Into a Robotic Bore Again

Lecture 242 Confident Briefing to Colleagues and Others

Lecture 243 Keynote Speeches Will Showcase Your Calm and Confidence

Lecture 244 Use a TelePrompTer Like a Network News Anchor

Lecture 245 Networking Like a Pro, Not a Wall Flower

Lecture 246 Handshakes, Greetings and Hellos with Poise

Lecture 247 Your Body Language Partner – The Friendly Spotter

Lecture 248 Making Sure Your Clothes Are Communicating Your Positive Story

Section 24: Using Video Effectively to Improve Your Personal Productivity

Lecture 249 Talking Head Video Can Allow Your Ideas to Produce for You 24/7

Lecture 250 The Video Advantage In All Your Proposals – Quick Win!

Lecture 251 Hype Versus Reality – Why Most People Never Create Simple Video

Lecture 252 Mastering the Human Side Of Looking and Sounding Your Best on Video

Lecture 253 How This course Will Improve Your Business

Lecture 254 Your Proposals will Stand Head and Shoulders Above Your Competitors

Lecture 255 Your Clients Will Find You Their Most Responsive Partner Ever

Lecture 256 Your Website Can Be Video-Centric

Lecture 257 Now You Can Answer Frequently Asked Questions Just Once!

Lecture 258 Talk Your Customers Through Your Whole Business Process

Lecture 259 Have an Even Greater Presence on YouTube

Lecture 260 Speak Your Thought Leadership

Lecture 261 Your Exciting Video Newsletters Will Outshine Text Newsletters

Lecture 262 Your Client Video Testimonials Will Prove Your Credibility Beyond a Doubt

Lecture 263 Facebook Live Will Never Scare You Again

Lecture 264 Project Your Best Face on Skype and Zoom

Lecture 265 Deliver Keynote Speeches Without Ever Leaving Home

Lecture 266 Supercharge Your Public Relations Efforts With Video

Lecture 267 The Crisis Communications Secret Weapon

Lecture 268 Drastically Reduce Your Time Training Employees and Others

Lecture 269 Anything You Can Type You Can Now Speak on Video

Section 25: Productive People Don’t Fixate on Degrees. They Fixate on Lifelong Learning

Lecture 270 You Never Graduate, and That’s OK

Lecture 271 The Greatest Source of Productivity Today. Your Brain

Lecture 272 Learning New Stuff Always Helps You Learn More New Stuff

Lecture 273 The Primacy of Books

Lecture 274 More Praise for Books

Lecture 275 Building Your Digital Library

Lecture 276 Determining Your Best Learning Style

Lecture 277 Honing Judgement Skills In the Highly Productive

Section 26: Improving Telephone Communication Skills

Lecture 278 Enhancing Your Productivity With Effective Telephone skills

Lecture 279 Quick Wins! Do THIS To Look and Sound Great on Skype Phone Calls

Lecture 280 Never Confuse Personal Phone Use with Business Telephone Use Again

Lecture 281 Why Your Phone is the Best Secret Business App Ever

Lecture 282 Planning Your Successful Phone Environment

Lecture 283 Final Preparation for Your Successful Phone Meetings

Lecture 284 Making Sure Your Phone Passes Your Friend Test

Lecture 285 Planning for Winning Conference Calls

Lecture 286 Look Prime Time Ready for Your Video Calls

Lecture 287 Placing Phone Calls Like the Consummate Professional

Lecture 288 Always Knowing the Best Time to Call Clients and Prospects

Lecture 289 Now You will Never Wake Up a Client in the Middle of the Night

Lecture 290 Answering the Phone so Everybody Knows You are Ready for Business

Lecture 291 No Such Thing As Answering The Phone Too Quickly These Days

Lecture 292 Your Clients Will Never Think You are Screaming At Them Again

Lecture 293 Knowing How to Sound Your Very Best – Every Time

Lecture 294 The Right Way to Put Someone On Hold

Lecture 295 Making Sure They Only Hear the Magic of Your Voice

Lecture 296 Being a Professional to Every Generation, Regardless of Your Own Preferences

Lecture 297 Voicemail That Soothes, Not Angers

Lecture 298 Best Voicemail Messages for Success

Lecture 299 Take 1, Take 2, Take 3 Until You Get It Right

Lecture 300 Never Be Busy for Clients and Bosses Again

Lecture 301 Making Your Phone Disappear At the Perfect Moments

Lecture 302 Tit for Tat and Text for Text

Lecture 303 Better Than the Best Hollywood Goodbyes

Section 27: Expanding Your Personal Productivity Mindset

Lecture 304 You Don’t Need And Office Anywhere to Be Productive

Lecture 305 Increasing Your Idea Exposure

Lecture 306 Learning Begets Learning

Lecture 307 Free Books Galore on Google

Lecture 308 Sorry, But Reading Is the Most Productive Use of Learning Time

Lecture 309 More Content Than Ever Means You Need to Be More Selective Than Ever

Lecture 310 The Productive Person’s Relationship to Fear

Lecture 311 Producing For a Higher Purpose

Lecture 312 Celebrate Your Productivity Victories in Life

Lecture 313 Continual Improvement Cycles Are Key

Lecture 314 Yes, You Can Be Lazy

Lecture 315 Productive People Don’t Manage the World or Time. They Just Manage Themselves

Lecture 316 Using a To-Do List the Right Way

Lecture 317 Are You Making Progress With Cutting Back on Multi-Tasking?

Lecture 318 Know Your Personal Bandwidth

Lecture 319 Wear a Watch

Lecture 320 The Pros and Cons of To-To Lists

Section 28: Email Best Practices

Lecture 321 Email Isn’t Going Away

Lecture 322 Never Look At An Email More Than Once

Lecture 323 Don’t Let Email Consume Your Day

Lecture 324 Once a Day, Your Email Box Needs to Be Empty

Lecture 325 Limit How Often You Check Your Email

Lecture 326 Shorter Is Better

Lecture 327 Use Your Subject Line to Maximum Advantage

Lecture 328 Create Categories and Folders for Your Email

Lecture 329 Make Your Email Address Top Secret Or At Least Semi-Secret

Lecture 330 Don’t Respond to Email Unless Absolutely Necessary

Lecture 331 Productive People Still Use Old, Boring Email Newsletters Because They Work

Lecture 332 What You Need to Know About Texting to Enhance Productivity

Section 29: Social Media

Lecture 333 This Is How Productive People Use Social Media

Section 30: Aiming for High Productivity, Avoiding Productivity Pitfalls

Lecture 334 Always Keep An Eye on the Long Term

Lecture 335 More Reflections on Technology

Lecture 336 Apps to Help You Avoid Distractions

Lecture 337 Productive People Are Not Late Adopters to Useful Technology

Lecture 338 The Productive Commute

Lecture 339 Productive People Don’t Shop the Way Most People Shop

Lecture 340 Learn to Promote Without Becoming a Shameless Self-Promoter

Lecture 341 Having Fun Isn’t Necessarily Wasting Time

Lecture 342 Highly Productive People Don’t Let Emotions Destroy Their Life

Lecture 343 Productive People don’t talk About Hours Worked, They Talk About Results

Lecture 344 Working Overtime Is Not an Extra Benefit

Lecture 345 Get Rich Quick Is Never the Goal

Lecture 346 End Your Work Day On Time

Lecture 347 If It Is All Hard Work, You Are Doing Something Wrong

Lecture 348 Successful, Productive People Quit Stuff All the Time

Lecture 349 Be Aggressive About Doing What You Like and Avoiding the Rest

Lecture 350 Self-Regulation is Key to High Productivity

Lecture 351 Sometimes, Any Decision Will Do

Lecture 352 Stress Can Work In Your Favor

Lecture 353 Yes, You Do Have Time for Hobbies

Lecture 354 Getting Good Value

Section 31: Highly Productive People Make Their Health a High Priority

Lecture 355 There is No Productivity 6 Feet Under

Lecture 356 Your Body Is Worth More than a Car

Lecture 357 Drinking Your Way to Health

Lecture 358 There’s No Magic Food, But there Is Un-Magic Food

Lecture 359 Productive People Don’t Find Time To Exercise. They Just Exercise

Lecture 360 Find an Exercise Program that Works Just for You

Lecture 361 Sleep Is Not a Luxury

Lecture 362 Teeth Aren’t Just for Smiles

Lecture 363 Productive People Don’t DO Diets

Section 32: Productive People Master Their Finances

Lecture 364 Control Your Financial Destiny

Lecture 365 This Is Boring, But Productive People Pay Their Bills On Time

Lecture 366 Nobody Cares About Your Finances As Much As You Do

Section 33: Productivity Tips That Might Not Be Practical for You (Please don’t be offended)

Lecture 367 Get Ready!

Lecture 368 You Can End Your Commute

Lecture 369 Don’t Let Other People Tell You What To do With Your Life

Section 34: Other Tips for Productivity

Lecture 370 Visualize Your Productivity Successes

Lecture 371 Don’t Follow Productivity Gurus, Including Me!

Lecture 372 Productive People Like to Socialize With Other Productive People

Lecture 373 Beware Productivity Gimmicks

Lecture 374 Productive People Project and Have Confidence, Real Confidence

Lecture 375 Highly Productive People Have Stuff, But Stuff Doesn’t Control Them

Lecture 376 Highly Productive People Have High Standards, But Are Not Perfectionists

Section 35: The Ultimate Personal Productivity Tool – Being a Great Presenter and Speaker

Lecture 377 Be More Productive Every Time You Speak

Lecture 378 Quick Wins! How to Impress Your Audience Within the First Two Seconds

Lecture 379 Make YOUR Next Presentation Your Best Ever

Lecture 380 Making Your Life a Series of Winning Presentations

Lecture 381 Here Is What You Want to Accomplish With Your Presentation Skills

Lecture 382 Why I Am the Most Unpopular Presentation Skills Trainer

Lecture 383 How To Exploit Your Presentation Skills Instructor

Lecture 384 The REAL Reason Most Presentations Fail

Lecture 385 You Have Some Interesting Fellow Students Here

Lecture 386 Master the Most Important Body Part in Body Language

Lecture 387 Influence Your Audience By Starting Right Here

Lecture 388 This Is How You Will Motivate Your Audience

Lecture 389 This ONE Thing Is the Difference Between Great Speakers and Everyone Else

Lecture 390 Your Picture Will Be Worth 10,000 Words

Lecture 391 Never Forget What To Say Again!

Lecture 392 The Perfect Start for Your Presentation

Lecture 393 This Won’t Hurt A Bit, I Promise!

Lecture 394 The REAL Secret to Practicing Presentation Skills on Video That Nobody Gets

Lecture 395 Presentation Skills Are NOT Soft Skills! They Are Hard Skills That Can Be Tested

Lecture 396 The Most Important Thing I will Ever Ask You to Do In This Course

Lecture 397 Pardon Me, But Are You Sure…?

Lecture 398 Testing Your Presentation Skills from Every Direction

Section 36: Most Common Questions People Ask About Making More Productive Presentations

Lecture 399 What Do I Do With My Hands While Giving a Presentation?

Lecture 400 What do You Do If You Are Nervous Before Giving a Presentation?

Lecture 401 What is the #1 Blunder Most People Make In their Presentation Skills?

Lecture 402 What Is the #1 Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Presentation?

Lecture 403 How Can You Remember What To Say During a Presentation?

Lecture 404 Who Is the Best Speaker In The World?

Lecture 405 What If You Are Asked a Question and You Don’t Know the Answer?

Lecture 406 What Should Happen After the Presentation?

Lecture 407 Is It a Good Idea to Memorize a Presentation?

Lecture 408 What Is the Best Way to Write a Presentation?

Lecture 409 What Do You Do If You are Losing the Audience?

Lecture 410 What Do You Do If You Hate Your Voice?

Lecture 411 Is It OK to Use Alcohol, Beta Blockers or Marijuana to Calm Yourself?

Lecture 412 What Do You Do If You Mess Up In The Middle of a Presentation?

Lecture 413 Should You Tell ‘Em What You’re Gonna Tell ‘Em?

Lecture 414 Is It OK To Wear Glasses During a Presentation?

Lecture 415 Should You Warn Your Audience That You are Going to Be Boring?

Lecture 416 Should I Use PowerPoint?

Lecture 417 How Long Should I Rehearse My Presentation?

Lecture 418 Should I Read My Presentation?

Lecture 419 How Long Should a Presentation Be?

Lecture 420 How Many Bullet Points Should Be On a PowerPoint Slide?

Lecture 421 Is It OK To Use Builds In a PowerPoint?

Lecture 422 Should You Look At One Friendly Face While Giving a Presentation?

Lecture 423 What is Everything You Need to Know about PowerPoint In One Minute?

Lecture 424 What is a ‘Magic Phrase’ for Presenters?

Lecture 425 What Do I Do If My Presenting Times Is Cut Back At The Last Minute?

Lecture 426 What Is the Best Way To Start a Presentation?

Lecture 427 How Do You Present With True Confidence?

Lecture 428 How Do You Present In Front Of a Large Audience?

Lecture 429 How Can You Sound Conversational While Giving a Presentation?

Lecture 430 How Can You Smile During a Presentation?

Lecture 431 How do You Recover from a Memory Lapse When Giving a Presentation?

Lecture 432 How Do You Manage Time When Giving a Presentation?

Lecture 433 How Can You Make Prepared Remarks as Interesting as the Q and A Session?

Lecture 434 Is It a Good Idea to Use Animation and Special Effects?

Lecture 435 Aren’t Presentation Skills Something You Are Either Born With Or Not?

Lecture 436 Am I Better Off Just Winging It?

Lecture 437 How Do You Deal With Audience Members Who are Texting During Your Presentation?

Lecture 438 What Do You Do If You Have a Technical Malfunction During Your Presentation?

Lecture 439 What Is The Best Way to Close a Presentation?

Lecture 440 How do You Avoid Making a Bad Impression During a Presentation?

Lecture 441 How Should You Be Introduced Before Making a Presentation?

Lecture 442 How Many Slides Should You Have In a PowerPoint Presentation?

Lecture 443 How Do You Get Your Audience to Focus on You?

Lecture 444 How Do I Pick a Topic for a Presentation?

Lecture 445 How Do I Know What Messages Will Be Interesting To My Audience?

Lecture 446 Can I Make Up Stories for My Presentations?

Lecture 447 What Is the Best Way to Tell A Story In My Presentation?

Lecture 448 How Do You Consistently Improve as a Presenter?

Lecture 449 How Can You Test Your Presentation?

Section 37: Productive People Hone Their Soft Skills as Well as Technical/Academic skills

Lecture 450 The Soft Tech Savvy Way to Always Be Essential

Lecture 451 “Not My Job” and I am Happy to do it

Lecture 452 You Can Become a Master Communicator!

Lecture 453 A Part of Strong Communication Is Asking for Feedback the Right Way

Lecture 454 Higher EQ Beats Higher IQ

Lecture 455 Becoming a Leader without the Title or Position

Lecture 456 Build Your Winning Team

Lecture 457 Make Every One of Your Seconds Count

Lecture 458 Unleash Your Inner Anthony Robbins

Lecture 459 Avoid Being “Uncool”

Lecture 460 Clothes Can Still Make Or Break Your Career

Lecture 461 Be the Most Interesting Person in the Room

Section 38: Highly Productive People Are Often Freelancers for at Least Part of Their Career

Lecture 462 Start a Main Hustle or a Side Hustle Today

Lecture 463 Rule Number 1 of The Successful Freelancer Club, Never Talk About…

Lecture 464 You Now Truly Know What Freelancing Is

Lecture 465 The Golden Age of Freelancing is NOW

Lecture 466 You Never Know When a Self-Promotional Opportunity Might Pop Up

Lecture 467 Crashing the Barriers to Entry

Lecture 468 The Pros and Cons of Freelancing

Lecture 469 For Better or Worse, Everyone Now Has a Global Reputation

Lecture 470 In the Future, We Will All Be Freelancers and For More Than 15 Minutes

Lecture 471 The Freelance Lifestyle Of Your Dreams

Lecture 472 You WANT People to Tell You That You Are Too Expensive

Lecture 473 Your ONE BIG Revenue Driver

Lecture 474 The Best Time to Start a Freelance Business

Lecture 475 Yes You CAN Have Full Benefits

Lecture 476 The Exact Right Time to Quit Your Day Job

Lecture 477 The Psychological Profile Of the Successful Freelancer

Lecture 478 You Can Conquer Your Neighborhood, Your City, Your Country or the World

Lecture 479 You Are NOT a Home-Based Business You Are A Customer-Based Business

Lecture 480 Why Should You Listen to TJ Walker Talk About a Freelance Career

Lecture 481 Finding Your Ideal Niche In the Freelance World

Lecture 482 Finding the Best Markets

Lecture 483 Positioning Your World class Expertise

Lecture 484 Saving Your Clients Time and Pain Will Bring You Prosperity

Lecture 485 Unlocking Secrets of Your Niche By Talking to Your Competitors

Lecture 486 Unless You Are Growing Corn You Must Avoid Being a Commodity

Lecture 487 Being Number 1 Isn’t Just a Sporting Chant

Lecture 488 Finding the Right Evergreen Niche

Lecture 489 Avoiding the Discount Bin

Lecture 490 Finding What Is Truly Distinctive About You

Lecture 491 Meeting the Low-End Market With Inexpensive Products, But Not Your Time

Lecture 492 Make Sure You Are Happy To Talk About Your Niche

Lecture 493 Specialize Specialize Specialize

Lecture 494 Selling Service or Selling Products or Selling Both

Lecture 495 Passing the Friends and Family Test

Lecture 496 Quickly Becoming a True Expert

Lecture 497 Creating a Cycle of Constant Improvement

Lecture 498 Get to Know Your Role Model

Lecture 499 Follow Your Friendly and Unfriendly Competitors

Lecture 500 Master of Opposition Research

Lecture 501 The Constant Creative Difference

Lecture 502 Getting Paid The Nuts and Bolts Of Your Freelance Business

Lecture 503 The Nastiest Word In the World Discount

Lecture 504 Getting It In Writing If You Really Want to Get Paid

Lecture 505 The Price is Right

Lecture 506 Make It Really Easy For Your Clients to Pay You

Lecture 507 Give Yourself a Pay Raise Every Single Year

Lecture 508 Training and Firing Your Clients

Lecture 509 Avoid Being Seen as a Flake

Lecture 510 Your Marketing and Branding Doesn’t Stop Once the Customer Has Hired You

Lecture 511 Why a Business Card Isn’t Just for Old Fogeys

Lecture 512 Being Professional And Avoiding the Flake Label

Lecture 513 Here Is How You Look the Part

Lecture 514 Saving What Your Clients Value More Than Even Money Their Time

Lecture 515 Communicate the Way Your Customers Want to Communicate Not How You Like to

Lecture 516 Creating a Workflow for Yourself and Your Clients

Section 39: Highly Productive People Master the Art of Telling Their Own Stories

Lecture 517 This DEVICE Is the Single Biggest Difference Between Great Speakers and Awful

Lecture 518 Become a MASTER Storyteller

Lecture 519 How to Use Stories When Giving TECHNICAL Presentations

Lecture 520 Your Turn to Craft and DELIVER Your Story

Lecture 521 Packaging Insights for Your Audience Using Stories

Lecture 522 Improving Your Story Telling

Section 40: Time for TJ to Practice What He Preaches Re Comes to Storytelling Productivity

Lecture 523 A Masterclass in Storytelling

Lecture 524 My Worst Presentation Ever!

Lecture 525 I Was The Skunk At the Party

Lecture 526 My Very First Presentation

Lecture 527 Presenting the WRONG Way to the Media

Lecture 528 Clintonian Eye Contact

Lecture 529 My Zombie Client

Lecture 530 Teaching Clients NOT to Act

Lecture 531 Surrounded by Machine Guns!

Lecture 532 The Crying Beauty Pageant Winner

Lecture 533 You Never Have to Lurk In the Shadows Again

Lecture 534 The Fluttering Bird Flying to Nowhere

Lecture 535 ‘I Can’t do This’ Becomes ‘I Can Do This’

Lecture 536 My First Time on TV as ‘The Fonz’

Lecture 537 Speaking To a Small Audience of 5,000 People

Lecture 538 The Show Must Go On

Lecture 539 Pre-YouTube Days Driving to One TV Station At a Time

Lecture 540 You Will Never Guess One Early Role Model

Lecture 541 Fearlessness Is Often the Best PR Tool

Lecture 542 Update – You Should Get on the TikTok App Now

Lecture 543 King for a Day

Lecture 544 TJ And the Cat Lady

Lecture 545 Why Did You Wear That Ugly Tie?

Lecture 546 Less Is More

Lecture 547 The Missing Link

Lecture 548 A Nobel Experience

Lecture 549 The Fetal Position

Lecture 550 On My Hands And Knees Begging!

Lecture 551 Here Is How You Can Get your Certificate of Completion for this Course

Section 41: Course Update

Lecture 552 Update to The Complete Focus Mastery Course – Brain Concentration

Section 42: Bonus Library

Lecture 553 One Last Chance to Make This Course Better for Your Permanent Learning Library

Lecture 554 Books to Help You Increase Your Personal Productivity in Communication

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