The complete guide to sound design and tuning using Smaart

From basics setup to 5000 audience shows, practical guide to system sound design and audio engineering using Smaart ®
The complete guide to sound design and tuning using Smaart
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The complete guide to sound design and tuning using Smaart

What you’ll learn

complete sound system calibration alignment and tuning
sound system tuning
Sound system tech
System sound design

The complete guide to sound design and tuning using Smaart


have basic understanding of sound system


Smaart ® is a product owned by Rational Acoustics Thank you for having an interest in sound design, audio engineering and understanding of my workflow and take on system calibrationin this course we go over from the basic setup and uses of Smaart ® Di2  to making any live show sound better and any audio sound system preform correctlyMy take on this subject is easy straight forward and pure result oriented that means that we will spend as little as possible on mathematical equations or the physics theories of the big bang…and jump right into working on real scenariosseeing how to really work with Smaart® in the daily manner in a professional and practical way Sofirst we will go over some general principles, then we dive in to the softwareand by the end of this course you will be able to work as a system tech engineer for any size showhaving deep understanding of the work flow and work faster and more efficient than ever before!You will learnsystem sound designspeaker alignmentlive sound system techAudio engineering hope your excited to start! *This course is not an official course from Rational AcousticsSmaart® is a registered trademark of Rational Acoustics. The author of this content is not affiliated with or endorsed by Rational Acoustics


Section 1: Before we start

Lecture 1 Small welcome and introduction to sound design

Section 2: Step one

Lecture 2 Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of sound design and system tuning

Section 3: Smaart Basics

Lecture 3 Chapter 2 -Smaart® basics

Section 4: Understanding Smaart ®

Lecture 4 Chapter 3 – Understanding Smaart®

Section 5: Our first gig

Lecture 5 chapter 4 – our first gig – live sound design in practice

Section 6: More boxes

Lecture 6 Chapter 5 – More boxes – – live sound design in practice

Section 7: Arena Example – Arena sound system tuning

Lecture 7 The Arena part 1

Section 8: Arena example continue

Lecture 8 The Arena part 2

Section 9: Arena example continue 3

Lecture 9 The Arena part 3

Section 10: Arena example continue 4

Lecture 10 The Arena part 4

Section 11: Final words

Lecture 11 Final words

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Udemy | English | 1h 34m | 2.17 GB
Created by: Ofer Dvir

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