The Complete iOS 16 iOS 15 Developer Course and SwiftUI

Learn iOS development with Swift and Xcode. Build apps, games (Instagram, Foursquare etc) + also discover SwiftUI!
The Complete iOS 16 iOS 15 Developer Course and SwiftUI
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The Complete iOS 16 iOS 15 Developer Course and SwiftUI

What you’ll learn

iOS 16 / iOS 15 Development with Swift 5
Build and iPhone/iPad app and put them to the App Store
Master Swift 5 programming skills
Essential design skills

The Complete iOS 16 iOS 15 Developer Course and SwiftUI


MacBook and Internet
You don’t need any other prior experience or knowledge


Welcome to the Complete iOS 16 / iOS 15 Developer Course!— Updated to iOS 16 in Sept 2022! Four brand new sections have been added to focus on: SwiftUI + Alamofire + MVVM, Dependency Injection, Application Testing and Interchangable Network Services, while other sections were also updated! —If you are searching for the right course to learn about iOS Development from scratch, you’ve just found it!This course will take you from a complete beginner to confident practitioner, as we focus on practical iOS development without neglecting the theory!We are going to write real life example apps, games and clones… plus so much more! You will learn and practice all details of Swift 5 and iOS development during these projects and challenges, and I’ll also introduce you to Swift UI in a later dedicated section! We will work with Xcode 13.With this course you also get FREE…One year web hosting from Eco Webhosting (*limited to one year per student, not per course*)300$ worth of visuals to use in your app designCCA Certification participation pass for Swift Level 1 & Swift Level 2!When you finish this course you are going to be able to understand how you can write any iOS app you want. Building on the foundations of Rob Percival’s iOS courses, but goes much, much further!Taught by Atil Samancioglu (who teaches more than 310,000 students on Udemy on Mobile Programming & Cyber Security) in partnership with Rob Percival’s Codestars (over 2 million students have taken Codestars courses!!) – this course builds on the foundations of Rob’s previous iOS courses, but add much, much more! You can see some of the example topics that we are going to cover throughout the course:Swift 5 Beginner & Intermediate & Advanced techniquesLayoutPush NotificationsParseFirebaseCocoapodsOneSignalMapsCore DataJSON & APIBack4App ServersSocial Media DevelopmentMachine LearningAugmented RealityGames with Sprite KitSwiftUI Crash CourseDesign Essentials with Adobe XDWidgetsAppStorageAsync & AwaitVIPER PatternMVVM PatternContentThis course is ideal for students looking forward to learn iOS 14 & Swift 5 in a comprehensive way. You do not have to have any prior experience in order to take this course. We are going to start from scratch and make our way to the top. You will be able to write & design a real app and upload it to the AppStore at the end of this course.In related sections we are going to work on projects such as “Art Book”, “Catch the Kenny”, “Currency Converter”, “Travel Book”, “Foursquare Clone”, “Instagram Clone”, “Snapchat Clone”, “Angry Bird Clone”, “Image Recognition App” and so much more! We are going to cover both Firebase and Parse with their latest and most updated versions! This course is completely up to date, you won’t see any outdated technology, outdated lectures.All course projects & source codes will be shared with you via GitHub. All your questions will be replied within 24 hours!Happy Coding!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 How to Get All Free Stuff

Lecture 3 Do this now for later! CCA Access Code

Section 2: XCode Overview & Getting Started

Lecture 4 XCode Overview & Getting Started Introduction

Lecture 5 MacBook Setup

Lecture 6 Creating First Project

Lecture 7 Overview

Lecture 8 Simulator

Lecture 9 User Interface

Lecture 10 Connecting Views

Lecture 11 Changing Image with Code

Lecture 12 Downloading Projects

Lecture 13 GitHub Link For First App

Section 3: Swift 5 Deep Dive

Lecture 14 Swift 5 Deep Dive Intro

Lecture 15 Options for Writing

Lecture 16 Variables and Constants

Lecture 17 Variable Types

Lecture 18 Predefining Types

Lecture 19 Arrays

Lecture 20 Set

Lecture 21 Dictionaries

Lecture 22 While Loop

Lecture 23 For Loop

Lecture 24 If Controls

Lecture 25 Functions

Lecture 26 Optionals

Lecture 27 Playgrounds GitHub Link

Lecture 28 Worst Calculator Assignment

Lecture 29 Calculator Design

Lecture 30 Calculator Codes

Lecture 31 Safety and Scope

Lecture 32 Calculator GitHub Link

Section 4: Layout

Lecture 33 Layout Introduction

Lecture 34 Layout Overview

Lecture 35 Adding Constraints

Lecture 36 Constraints Detailed

Lecture 37 Suggested Constraints

Lecture 38 Project Layout GitHub Link

Lecture 39 Programmatic Views

Lecture 40 Mathematical Operations

Lecture 41 Creating Buttons

Lecture 42 Objects With Code GitHub Link

Lecture 43 What is SwiftUI?

Section 5: Advanced iOS Features: Permanent Storage, Segue, Alert Message, Timers, Gestures

Lecture 44 Advanced iOS Features Intro

Lecture 45 Permanent Storage

Lecture 46 Taking Birthday Note

Lecture 47 Deleting Data

Lecture 48 Birthday Note Taker GitHub Link

Lecture 49 Second Screen

Lecture 50 Segue

Lecture 51 Information Transfer

Lecture 52 ViewController Lifecycle

Lecture 53 Segue App GitHub Link

Lecture 54 Alert Message

Lecture 55 User Sign Up Form

Lecture 56 Alert Project GitHub Link

Lecture 57 Gesture Recognizers

Lecture 58 Gesture Recognizer App GitHub Link

Lecture 59 Timers

Lecture 60 Timer Project GitHub Link

Section 6: First Game: Catch the Kenny!

Lecture 61 Catch the Kenny Intro

Lecture 62 Kenny Assignment

Lecture 63 Design of The Game

Lecture 64 Increasing Score

Lecture 65 Counting Down

Lecture 66 Kenny Animating

Lecture 67 Replay Function

Lecture 68 Saving Highscores

Lecture 69 Catch the Kenny GitHub Link

Section 7: TableView: Landmark Book

Lecture 70 Landmark Book Intro

Lecture 71 What is Landmark Book?

Lecture 72 What is TableView?

Lecture 73 Landmarks

Lecture 74 Connecting with TableView

Lecture 75 Passing Data

Lecture 76 Deleting Data

Lecture 77 Landmark Book GitHub Link

Lecture 78 About Any Future Updates

Section 8: Intermediate Swift: OOP

Lecture 79 Intermediate Swift Intro

Lecture 80 What is OOP?

Lecture 81 Initializer

Lecture 82 Enum

Lecture 83 Inheritance

Lecture 84 Access Levels

Lecture 85 MusicianClass GitHub Link

Lecture 86 Simpson Book Design

Lecture 87 TableView Setup

Lecture 88 Creating Model

Lecture 89 Simpson TableView

Lecture 90 Details

Lecture 91 Simpson Book GitHub Link

Lecture 92 CCA Swift Level 1 Certification

Section 9: Core Data: Art Book

Lecture 93 Core Data Introduction

Lecture 94 What is Artbook?

Lecture 95 What is Core Data?

Lecture 96 User Interface

Lecture 97 Hiding Keyboard

Lecture 98 Picking Image

Lecture 99 Storing Information

Lecture 100 Retrieving Information

Lecture 101 Notification Center

Lecture 102 Passing Data

Lecture 103 Predicates

Lecture 104 Delete Functionality

Lecture 105 Improvements

Lecture 106 Artbook GitHub Link

Section 10: Maps: Travel Book

Lecture 107 Maps Introduction

Lecture 108 What is Travel Book?

Lecture 109 Map Kit

Lecture 110 User Location

Lecture 111 Pins On Map

Lecture 112 User Input

Lecture 113 Saving Places

Lecture 114 User Interface

Lecture 115 Fetching Data

Lecture 116 Passing Info

Lecture 117 Showing Selected Pin

Lecture 118 Disabling Updates

Lecture 119 Customizing Pins

Lecture 120 Navigation

Lecture 121 Travel Book GitHub Link

Section 11: iOS Special Features

Lecture 122 iOS Special Features Intro

Lecture 123 Dark Mode

Lecture 124 Dark Mode Advanced

Lecture 125 Dark Mode App GitHub Link

Lecture 126 Custom Keyboard

Lecture 127 Hodor Keyboard GitHub Link

Lecture 128 Sticker Pack

Lecture 129 Sticker Pack GitHub Link

Lecture 130 Face Recognition

Lecture 131 Face Recognition GitHub Link

Lecture 132 What is Git?

Lecture 133 GitHub

Section 12: API & JSON: Currency Converter

Lecture 134 API & JSON Introduction

Lecture 135 What is API?

Lecture 136 What is JSON?

Lecture 137 User Interface

Lecture 138 Creating URL

Lecture 139 Getting Data

Lecture 140 Process Data

Lecture 141 Currency Converter GitHub Link

Section 13: Firebase: Instagram Clone

Lecture 142 Firebase Introduction

Lecture 143 What is Instagram Clone?

Lecture 144 What is Firebase?

Lecture 145 Cocoapods

Lecture 146 User Interface

Lecture 147 Settings VC

Lecture 148 Creating Users

Lecture 149 Sign In

Lecture 150 Upload VC Assignment

Lecture 151 Upload Operations

Lecture 152 Storage Operations

Lecture 153 Firestore Structure

Lecture 154 Saving Date

Lecture 155 Creating Feed Cell

Lecture 156 Retrieving Data

Lecture 157 Downloading Images

Lecture 158 Document IDs

Lecture 159 Liking Posts

Lecture 160 Firebase Security

Lecture 161 Instagram Clone GitHub Link

Section 14: Push Notifications

Lecture 162 Push Notifications Intro

Lecture 163 Enabling Push Services

Lecture 164 One Signal Integration

Lecture 165 Manual Notification

Lecture 166 Notifications with XCode

Lecture 167 Player ID

Lecture 168 Firebase Checks

Lecture 169 Sending Push Notifications

Lecture 170 Instagram Clone with Push Notifications GitHub Link

Section 15: Parse: Foursquare Clone

Lecture 171 Parse Introduction

Lecture 172 What is Foursquare Clone?

Lecture 173 What is Parse?

Lecture 174 Integrating Parse

Lecture 175 Server Connection

Lecture 176 Writing to Database

Lecture 177 Retrieving Data

Lecture 178 Signing Users Up

Lecture 179 Signing Users In

Lecture 180 Places VC

Lecture 181 Remember Logins

Lecture 182 Adding Place VC

Lecture 183 Map VC Interface

Lecture 184 Details VC

Lecture 185 Choosing Image

Lecture 186 Singleton Class

Lecture 187 Getting User Location

Lecture 188 Choosing Location

Lecture 189 Saving Places

Lecture 190 Retrieving Data

Lecture 191 Transferring Data

Lecture 192 Displaying Details

Lecture 193 Map Details

Lecture 194 Adding Navigation

Lecture 195 Finishing the App

Lecture 196 Foursquare GitHub Link

Section 16: Sprite Kit: Angry Birds Clone

Lecture 197 Sprite Kit Introduction

Lecture 198 What is Angry Bird Clone?

Lecture 199 What is Sprite Kit?

Lecture 200 Finding Game Art

Lecture 201 Game Scene Overview

Lecture 202 Game Scene Design

Lecture 203 Creating Sprites with Code

Lecture 204 Physics Body

Lecture 205 Bringing In Boxes

Lecture 206 Making the Bird Fly

Lecture 207 Moving the Bird

Lecture 208 Throwing Bird in the Air

Lecture 209 Resetting Game

Lecture 210 Detecting Collisions

Lecture 211 Increasing Score

Lecture 212 Angry Bird Clone GitHub Link

Section 17: Advanced Swift

Lecture 213 Advanced Swift Intro

Lecture 214 Struct

Lecture 215 Creating Struct

Lecture 216 Reference vs Value Types

Lecture 217 Mutating Functions

Lecture 218 Tuple

Lecture 219 Guard Let

Lecture 220 Switch Case

Lecture 221 Breakpoints

Lecture 222 Advanced Swift GitHub Link

Lecture 223 CCA Swift Level 2 Certification

Section 18: Crash Course on SwiftUI

Lecture 224 Crash Course on SwiftUI

Lecture 225 What is SwiftUI?

Lecture 226 Stacks

Lecture 227 SwiftUI Hidden Power

Lecture 228 Lists

Lecture 229 State

Lecture 230 Binding

Lecture 231 First SwiftUI Project GitHub Link

Lecture 232 What is Favorite Book?

Lecture 233 Creating Models

Lecture 234 List with Sections

Lecture 235 Navigation

Lecture 236 Showing Details

Lecture 237 Favorite Book GitHub Link

Section 19: Firebase Mastery: Snapchat Clone

Lecture 238 Firebase Mastery Introduction

Lecture 239 What is Snapchat Clone?

Lecture 240 Firebase Integration

Lecture 241 User Interface

Lecture 242 Creating Users

Lecture 243 Logout

Lecture 244 Choosing Photo

Lecture 245 User Singleton

Lecture 246 Upload Functionality

Lecture 247 Advanced Firestore

Lecture 248 Feed VC

Lecture 249 Retrieving Data

Lecture 250 Snap VC

Lecture 251 Image Slide Show

Lecture 252 Improvements

Lecture 253 Snapchat Clone GitHub Link

Section 20: MVVM: Crypto Crazy Application

Lecture 254 Crypto Crazy Introduction

Lecture 255 What is MVVM?

Lecture 256 Necessary Links

Lecture 257 User Interface

Lecture 258 Model

Lecture 259 Service

Lecture 260 ViewModel

Lecture 261 View

Lecture 262 Extension

Lecture 263 Background Colors

Lecture 264 GitHub Link

Section 21: Machine Learning: MLKit

Lecture 265 Machine Learning Intro

Lecture 266 What is Machine Learning?

Lecture 267 User Interface

Lecture 268 Creating Functions

Lecture 269 Creating Request

Lecture 270 Creating Handler

Lecture 271 Image Recognition GitHub Link

Section 22: Augmented Reality

Lecture 272 Augmented Reality Intro

Lecture 273 What is Augmented Reality?

Lecture 274 Moving Views

Lecture 275 FirstARKit Project GitHub Link

Lecture 276 Creating Cubes

Lecture 277 Creating Sphere

Lecture 278 Solar System App

Lecture 279 Solar System App GitHub Link

Section 23: Widget Kit

Lecture 280 What is WidgetKit?

Lecture 281 Creating Model

Lecture 282 Circular Image

Lecture 283 Hero View

Lecture 284 AppStorage

Lecture 285 Wİdget Theory

Lecture 286 Wİdget Settings

Lecture 287 Widgets Are Here

Lecture 288 Widget Hero GitHub Link

Section 24: Threading & Async & Await

Lecture 289 Threading Project

Lecture 290 Wrong Way to Download Images

Lecture 291 Dispatch Queue

Lecture 292 Threading GitHub Link

Lecture 293 Async Image

Lecture 294 Async Image GitHub Link

Lecture 295 Crypto Crazy SwiftUI

Lecture 296 Service

Lecture 297 Observable Object

Lecture 298 View

Lecture 299 Async Await

Lecture 300 Continuation

Lecture 301 Actors

Lecture 302 Crypto Crazy SwiftUI GitHub Link

Section 25: How to Make Money From Your App?

Lecture 303 How to Make Money Introduction

Lecture 304 Different Ways to Make Money

Lecture 305 AdMob Settings

Lecture 306 Loading Ads

Lecture 307 Displaying Ads

Lecture 308 App Tracking Transparency

Lecture 309 AdMob Project GitHub Link

Section 26: Uploading Your App to AppStore

Lecture 310 Uploading Your App Introduction

Lecture 311 Before App Store

Lecture 312 Certificates

Lecture 313 App Store Connect

Lecture 314 Uploading App

Section 27: How to Make a Website for Your App

Lecture 315 Marketing Website Introduction

Lecture 316 Setup Your Website

Lecture 317 Installing Apps Theme

Lecture 318 Introduction to How to Make a Website

Section 28: Introduction to Design

Lecture 319 Select Your Tool

Lecture 320 Adobe XD Overview

Lecture 321 Rectangle

Lecture 322 Ellipse and Triangle

Lecture 323 Line and Pen

Lecture 324 Artboard and Text

Lecture 325 Operations

Lecture 326 Masking

Lecture 327 Export

Section 29: Design Practice

Lecture 328 Home Icon

Lecture 329 Search and Play Icons

Lecture 330 Profile and Comment Icons

Lecture 331 Faces

Lecture 332 Other Plugins

Lecture 333 UIKit Usage

Lecture 334 Creating App Icons

Lecture 335 Free Resources

Section 30: VIPER & Protocol

Lecture 336 VIPER Pattern

Lecture 337 Creating the Components

Lecture 338 Interactor

Lecture 339 View Functions

Lecture 340 Router

Lecture 341 Finishing Up

Lecture 342 VIPER GitHub Link

Section 31: SwiftUI + Alamofire + MVVM

Lecture 343 Jokes App Intro

Lecture 344 Jokes App Data Links

Lecture 345 Creating Structs Automatically

Lecture 346 ViewModel

Lecture 347 Alamofire Integration

Lecture 348 Displaying Data

Lecture 349 Finishing the View

Lecture 350 Jokes App GitHub Link

Lecture 351 Navigation Stack

Lecture 352 Navigation Path

Lecture 353 SwiftUI Navigation Stack GitHub Link

Lecture 354 SwiftUI Photo Picker

Lecture 355 SwiftUI PhotosPicker GitHub Link

Lecture 356 SwiftUI Shape

Lecture 357 Using Shape

Lecture 358 SwiftUI Animation

Lecture 359 SwiftUI Custom Circular GitHub Link

Section 32: Dependency Injection

Lecture 360 What is Dependency Injection?

Lecture 361 Creating the Architecture

Lecture 362 Swinject

Lecture 363 Dependency Injection GitHub Link

Section 33: iOS Application Testing

Lecture 364 Why Do We Test?

Lecture 365 Unit Tests

Lecture 366 To Do List Application

Lecture 367 Add Button Test

Lecture 368 Deletion Test

Lecture 369 Testing GitHub Link

Section 34: Interchangable Network Service

Lecture 370 What is Interchangable Network Service?

Lecture 371 Users Data Links

Lecture 372 Webservice

Lecture 373 Displaying Data

Lecture 374 Local Service

Lecture 375 Local Web Change

Lecture 376 Network Service GitHub Link

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