The Complete Microservices EventDriven Architecture

Master Modern Software Architecture. Design Highly Scalable Systems using Microservices & Event-Driven Architecture
The Complete Microservices EventDriven Architecture
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Michael Pogrebinsky | Software Architecture, System Design, Java Expert


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The Complete Microservices EventDriven Architecture

What you’ll learn

Design and Architect Modern Systems using Microservices & Event-Driven Architecture
Migrate Legacy Monolithic Architecture to Microservices Architecture
Developer, Test, Deploy & Troubleshoot Microservices in Production
Apply Industry-Proven Best Practices & Design Patterns for Modern Software Architecture

The Complete Microservices EventDriven Architecture


1-2 Years of Software Development Experience
Desire to Learn Modern Software Architecture


Do you want to learn the two most popular and modern software architecture styles?Are you looking to grow your career to the role of a Technical Lead or Software Architect?You came to the right place!Taught by an Ex-Google Software Engineer and a Software Architect with real, hands-on experience with Large Scale Systems and Microservices, this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date course on Microservices and Event-Driven Architecture.   The combination of Microservices Architecture and Event-Driven Architecture is the biggest contributor to the success of top-tech companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, eBay, and many others.This course will teach you all the core principles, design patterns, and industry-proven best practices to apply Microservices and Event-Driven Architecture to your system.Throughout the course, you will learn to:Migrate a Legacy Monolithic Application to Microservices ArchitectureDesign scalable, reliable, and loosely-coupled MicroservicesTest and Deploy Microservices to production using Cloud Computing, Serverless, and Container Technologies like Kubernetes.In addition, this course includes many:Real-world examples.Detailed software architecture diagrams.Links to external resources and technologies.Quizzes to help you test your knowledgeA downloadable workbook to take notes and review the materialBy the end of the course, you’ll be able to:Help your organization save costs and increase efficiency by using Microservices and Event-Driven ArchitectureFollow industry-proven design principles for architecting scalable and reliable Microservices Apply your knowledge to System Design InterviewsThis course is for you If:You are an experienced software engineer and want to take your career toward the role of a Technical Lead or Software ArchitectYou want to help your company cut costs, increase scalability, and improve its software architecture by migrating to microservices.You are preparing for a System Design Interview at top tech companies that run large-scale systems.So what are you waiting for? :)Let’s get started!FAQ- “My company doesn’t use Microservices. Should I still take this course?”Yes! Microservices Architecture and Event-Driven Architecture are core skills for any senior software engineer and software architect. Once your company is ready to migrate to Microservices Architecture, you will play a vital role in this transition. Your knowledge and skills will help your company migrate successfully, avoiding all the common pitfalls and anti-patterns. This will help your company save a lot of money, which will ultimately help grow your career.- “There are many other courses on Microservices Architecture. How is this course different?”Unfortunately, many courses on Microservices follow (and sometimes even copy) widely available articles and often outdated purely theoretical books without necessarily having the real-world experience to distill what is important and correct. In this course, I bring you years of my personal experience working on large-scale systems at companies like Google and Maginte (formally Rubicon Project), as well as the most up-to-date lessons of thousands of industry leaders and software architects, sharing knowledge in the most prestigious software architecture conferences. This course will bring you real-world knowledge that you can confidently apply in practice within your company. – “Does this course involve any coding?”No. This is a Software Architecture course primarily focused on Microservices Architecture. It is not a programming course. The skills you learn in this course are applicable to any programming language, cloud vendor, or technology stack. One of the main advantages of this approach is while technologies get outdated very fast, the knowledge you get from this course will last you for many years and will be equally applicable to any company you work for.- “Does the course have any prerequisite?”The only prerequisite is a few years of software development experience. Taking the Software Architecture & Design of Modern Large Scale Systems or having some software architecture experience is recommended but not required. This course will teach you everything you need about Microservices Architecture and Event-Driven Architecture.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Microservices and Event-Driven Architecture

Lecture 2 Microservices Architecture- Benefits and Challenges

Lecture 3 Download the Course Workbook

Section 2: Migration to Microservices Architecture

Lecture 4 Microservices Boundaries – Core Principles

Lecture 5 Decomposition of a Monolithic Application to Microservices

Lecture 6 Migration to Microservices – Steps, Tips and Patterns

Section 3: Microservices – Principles and Best Practices

Lecture 7 Databases in Microservices Architecture

Lecture 8 The DRY Principle In Microservices and Shared Libraries

Lecture 9 Structured Autonomy for Development Teams

Lecture 10 Micro-frontends Architecture Pattern

Lecture 11 API Management for Microservices Architecture

Section 4: Event-Driven Architecture

Lecture 12 Introduction to Event-Driven Architecture

Lecture 13 Use Cases and Patterns of Event-Driven Architecture

Lecture 14 Message Delivery Semantics in Event-Driven Architecture

Lecture 15 Message Broker Technologies – Delivery Guarantees

Section 5: Event-Driven Microservices – Design Patterns

Lecture 16 Saga Pattern

Lecture 17 CQRS Pattern

Lecture 18 Event Sourcing Pattern

Section 6: Testing Microservices and Event-Driven Architecture

Lecture 19 Testing Pyramid for Microservices – Introduction and Challenges

Lecture 20 Contract Tests and Production Testing

Lecture 21 Contract Tests Solutions

Section 7: Observability in Microservices Architecture

Lecture 22 Introduction to the Three Pillars of Observability in Microservices

Lecture 23 Distributed Logging

Lecture 24 Metrics

Lecture 25 Distributed Tracing

Lecture 26 Distributed Tracing Solutions

Section 8: Deployment of Microservices and Event-Driven Architecture in Production

Lecture 27 Microservices Deployment – Cloud Virtual Machine, Dedicated Hosts and Instances

Lecture 28 Cloud Virtual Machine, Dedicated Hosts and Instances – Solutions

Lecture 29 Serverless Deployment for Microservices using Function as a Service

Lecture 30 Serverless Deployment for Microservices using Function as a Service – Solutions

Lecture 31 Containers for Microservices in Dev, Testing and Production

Lecture 32 Container Orchestration and Kubernetes for Microservices Architecture

Section 9: Bonus Section

Lecture 33 Bonus Lecture – Let’s Keep Learning

Anyone interested in modern Software Architecture,Software Developers who want to grow their career to a Tech Lead or Software Architect role,Software Engineers preparing for System Design Interviews at top tech companies

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Udemy | English | 5h 15m | 1.72 GB
Created by: Michael Pogrebinsky | Software Architecture, System Design, Java Expert

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