The Complete Mobile Ethical Hacking Course

Learn how hackers attack phones, mobile applications and mobile devices with latest technology and protect yourself!
The Complete Mobile Ethical Hacking Course
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The Complete Mobile Ethical Hacking Course

What you’ll learn

Mobile Cyber Security for Mobile Applications & Devices
Mobile Applications and Games Penetration Tests
Mobile Device Penetration Tests
Android & iOS Fundamentals
Java & Swift Fundamentals
Ethical Hacking Fundamentals
Reverse Engineering
Mobile Application Development Fundamentals

The Complete Mobile Ethical Hacking Course


Computer with minimum 4GB RAM


Welcome to Mobile Ethical Hacking From Scratch online training!We are going to start from scratch in this course and aim to learn all the details related to Ethical Hacking for Mobile Applications & Mobile Devices. Without any need of prior knowledge you will understand how hackers attack mobile applications & devices and protect yourself against these attacks. You will build your own hacking lab on your computer so that you can practice all the things that we are going to learn in this course.Every student who wants to build their own server for API Pentesting section will be given free 25$ – 100$ credits from Digital Ocean.This course is given by Atil Samancioglu who has more than 250.000 students on Udemy. Atil teaches Cyber Security & Mobile Application Development and he is also Mobile Application Development Instructor in one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. You can see some of the topics that we are going to cover through the course:Backdoor for Mobile DevicesReverse EngineeringGame HackingApp ManipulationNetwork MonitoringLinux FundamentalsFirebase Hacking & Firebase SecurityRoot & JailBreak OperationsDalvik BytecodeCycriptJadxApktoolCTF PracticesAndroid Mobile Application FundamentalsiOS Mobile Application FundamentalsJava FundamentalsSwift FundamentalsAPI PentestingContentThis course is ideal for students who are willing to learn mobile device and mobile application penetration testing and ethical hacking. Whether you are a professional developer or just a beginner it does not matter. We are going to start from scratch and aim to learn all the details. At the end of the course you will be able to understand the vulnerabilities in real world and learn how to fix them.Throughout the course we are not going to focus on pure theory. We are going to practice everything we learn with special apps and challenges specifically created for this course only! We are going to have real time hacking exercise. Important Notice: You should use all the information in this course in legal boundaries. Please refer to your local cyber security laws and make sure you are on the Ethical Hacking side. All students taking this course must commit to this rule.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction and Welcome

Lecture 2 Before We Start

Section 2: Lab Setup

Lecture 3 Introduction to Lab Setup

Lecture 4 What is Virtual Machine?

Lecture 5 Installing Virtualbox for Windows Users

Lecture 6 Installing Virtualbox for MAC Users

Lecture 7 Kali Linux Download

Lecture 8 Kali Linux Download Links

Lecture 9 Kali Linux Installation

Lecture 10 Problem Solving (Windows)

Lecture 11 Solving Kali Installation Problems: Iso Installation

Lecture 12 Problem Solving (MAC)

Lecture 13 Solutions to Common Problems and Links

Lecture 14 Taking Snapshots

Lecture 15 Kali Linux Overview

Lecture 16 Navigation

Lecture 17 Moving Stuff

Lecture 18 Privilege and Permissions

Lecture 19 Linux Folders

Lecture 20 Package Managers

Lecture 21 Nano

Lecture 22 Changing Passwords

Section 3: Mobile Backdoors

Lecture 23 Mobile Backdoors Introduction

Lecture 24 Backdoor Android vs iOS

Lecture 25 What is Payload

Lecture 26 IP Address

Lecture 27 Tunnel Services

Lecture 28 APK Process

Lecture 29 Listening for Connections

Lecture 30 Signing Process

Lecture 31 Hacking Phone

Section 4: Android Studio Fundamentals

Lecture 32 Introduction to Android Studio Fundamentals

Lecture 33 JDK Installation (Windows)

Lecture 34 JDK Installation (MAC)

Lecture 35 Android Studio Installation (Windows)

Lecture 36 Android Studio Installation (MAC)

Lecture 37 SDK Installation

Lecture 38 Creating First Project

Lecture 39 Android Studio Overview

Lecture 40 User Interface

Lecture 41 Connecting Views with Code

Lecture 42 Changing Image

Lecture 43 Opening Title Bar

Section 5: Java Fundamentals

Lecture 44 Introduction to Java Fundamentals

Lecture 45 Java Basics

Lecture 46 Variables

Lecture 47 Data Types Continued

Lecture 48 Variable or Constant

Lecture 49 Arrays

Lecture 50 Array List

Lecture 51 Set

Lecture 52 HashMap

Lecture 53 Conditions

Lecture 54 If Statements

Lecture 55 Switch

Lecture 56 For Loop

Lecture 57 For Loop Continued

Lecture 58 While Loop

Lecture 59 Activity Lifecycle

Lecture 60 Methods

Lecture 61 Scope

Lecture 62 Classes

Lecture 63 Constructor

Lecture 64 Access Levels

Lecture 65 Getter and Setter

Lecture 66 Java Fundamentals GitHub Codes

Lecture 67 Calculator User Interface

Lecture 68 Calculator Constraints

Lecture 69 Connecting Views

Lecture 70 Calculator Codes

Lecture 71 Safe Calculator

Lecture 72 Calculator GitHub Codes

Lecture 73 Android Development in 10 Minutes

Section 6: iOS Development Fundamentals

Lecture 74 Introduction to iOS Development Fundamentals

Lecture 75 Swift on Windows

Lecture 76 MacBook Setup

Lecture 77 Creating First Project

Lecture 78 Xcode Overview

Lecture 79 Simulator

Lecture 80 User Interface

Lecture 81 Connecting Views

Lecture 82 Changing Image with Code

Lecture 83 Downloading Projects

Lecture 84 Options for Writing

Lecture 85 Variables and Constants

Lecture 86 Variable Types

Lecture 87 Predefining Types

Lecture 88 Arrays

Lecture 89 Set

Lecture 90 Dictionaries

Lecture 91 While Loop

Lecture 92 For Loop

Lecture 93 If Controls

Lecture 94 Functions

Lecture 95 Optionals

Lecture 96 Worst Calculator Assignment

Lecture 97 Calculator Design

Lecture 98 Calculator Codes

Lecture 99 Safety and Scope

Lecture 100 What is OOP?

Lecture 101 Initiliazer

Lecture 102 What is Enum?

Lecture 103 What is Inheritance?

Lecture 104 Access Levels

Lecture 105 GitHub Links

Section 7: Rooting & JailBreaking

Lecture 106 Introduction to Rooting & JailBreaking

Lecture 107 What is Rooting & Jail Breaking?

Lecture 108 Jail Break Tools

Lecture 109 Jail Break Process

Lecture 110 iPad SSH

Lecture 111 Android: Installing APKs

Lecture 112 Rooting Android

Section 8: Reverse Engineering: Android

Lecture 113 Android Reverse Engineering Introduction

Lecture 114 Reverse Engineering Tools

Lecture 115 Kali Reverse Engineering Tools

Lecture 116 MAC Reverse Engineering Tools

Lecture 117 Hello World App

Lecture 118 Creating APK

Lecture 119 Dalvik Bytecode

Lecture 120 App Manipulation

Lecture 121 Signing

Lecture 122 Jadx Usage

Lecture 123 ProGuard Usage

Lecture 124 Obfuscated APK Decryption

Lecture 125 Game Hacking Practice

Lecture 126 Word Game Codes

Lecture 127 Reverse Engineering Advanced

Lecture 128 Method Manipulation

Lecture 129 Hacking the Game

Lecture 130 GitHub Links

Section 9: Reverse Engineering: iOS

Lecture 131 iOS Reverse Engineering Introduction

Lecture 132 Jail Break Detection

Lecture 133 Assembly

Lecture 134 Hexademical

Lecture 135 Assembly Hints

Lecture 136 Cycript

Lecture 137 Manipulating App in Runtime

Lecture 138 Swift Challanges

Lecture 139 GitHub Links

Section 10: Cloud Hacking: Firebase Security

Lecture 140 Cloud Security Introduction

Lecture 141 Firebase Security Practice

Lecture 142 What is Firebase?

Lecture 143 Firebase Integration

Lecture 144 Dependency Work

Lecture 145 Preparing Files

Lecture 146 XML Work

Lecture 147 Java Files

Lecture 148 Testing

Lecture 149 How SecureTweet Works

Lecture 150 Reverse Engineering

Lecture 151 Getting Project ID

Lecture 152 Getting Collection Name

Lecture 153 Proxy Operations

Lecture 154 Emulator Proxy

Lecture 155 SSL Certificates

Lecture 156 APK Manipulation

Lecture 157 HTTPS Listening

Lecture 158 Hacking Firestore

Lecture 159 Safe Database Rules

Lecture 160 Firestore Security Rules In Depth

Lecture 161 GitHub Links

Section 11: CTF: Banking App Hacking

Lecture 162 CTF Introduction

Lecture 163 CTF Practice

Lecture 164 Installing Genymotion

Lecture 165 Genymotion Settings

Lecture 166 Server Setup (Windows)

Lecture 167 Server Setup (MAC)

Lecture 168 Running App

Lecture 169 Bypassing Root Detection

Lecture 170 Activity Manipulation

Lecture 171 Simple Admin Flaw

Lecture 172 Admin Vulnerability

Lecture 173 Cryptology Hacking

Lecture 174 Hacking Content Providers

Lecture 175 GitHub Links

Section 12: In-Network Attacks for Mobile Devices

Lecture 176 In-Network Attacks Introduction

Lecture 177 What is MITM?

Lecture 178 USB Wi-Fi Card Options

Lecture 179 Kali Linux Wi-Fi Card List

Lecture 180 Connecting USB Wi-Fi Card

Lecture 181 Solutions to Common Connection Problems

Lecture 182 Bettercap Installation

Lecture 183 ARP Attack

Lecture 184 HTTPS Importance

Lecture 185 Currency Converter GitHub Links

Section 13: API Pentesting

Lecture 186 What is API Security?

Lecture 187 DigitalOcean Free Credit Link

Lecture 188 Creating Server

Lecture 189 Installing API in Server

Lecture 190 Burpsuite Settings

Lecture 191 Postman

Lecture 192 Broken Object Authorization

Lecture 193 Broken Authentication

Lecture 194 Excessive Data Exposure

Lecture 195 One Time Password Bypass

Lecture 196 Broken Function Level Authentication

Lecture 197 Mass Assignment

Lecture 198 Cors

Lecture 199 SQLi

Lecture 200 Improper Asset Management

Lecture 201 Closing

Section 14: Closing

Lecture 202 Further Tools & Reading Materials

Students who want to learn about mobile ethical hacking,Students who want to learn about mobile application penetration testing,Mobile developers who want to learn about safe development,Cyber security specialists looking forward to expand their horizon into mobile world

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 26h 48m | 15.23 GB
Created by: Codestars • over 2 million students worldwide!

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