The Complete No Code Developer Course Build 23 Projects

Learn How To Build A Range Of Products Without Writing Code! Learn How To Use: Webflow, Zapier, Figma, Parabola & More.
The Complete No Code Developer Course Build 23 Projects
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The Complete No Code Developer Course Build 23 Projects

What you’ll learn

How To Scrape Data From Websites – With No Code
How To Work With APIs – With No Code
How To Build Automations – With No Code
How To Create Bots – With No Code
How To Analyze Big Data – With No Code
How To Develop Voice Apps For Amazon’s Alexa – With No Code
How To Build One Page Websites – With No Code
How To Develop Mobile Apps – With No Code
How To Build Membership Websites – With No Code
How To Build 3D Games – With No Code
How To Monetise Your No-Code Skills

The Complete No Code Developer Course Build 23 Projects


Just A Willingness To Learn Through Practical Assignments.


Good job on landing here, on this no-code development course!You can check out the full curriculum below :)I think you’re going to like this course; because in the development space, there is a steep learning curve. Many of us don’t need to waste our time with that.I’m not one to make you sit through theoretical lectures.I’m a no-code developer who is good at helping people to learn by building…So much so, I created this no-code development course.As the creator of this course (and Command Codeless), I’ve built numerous products far more cost-effectively and quicker than it would take someone to ‘code’ them.Now the chances are…You’ve tried software development, but you’re not happy with your progress.To put it simply, you’re not following the path of least resistance!You don’t need to join this course, but if you’re like many others, there’s a strong chance you want to be able to build products without a technical partner.I promise that if you take the time, you’ll walk away from this course understanding how to build websites, mobile apps and software quicker than it would take you to learn how to code. You will grasp many of the programming concepts faster via this no-code course.Instead of theory, you’ll learn practical skills as we work through projects, such as:✔ Scraping Websites✔ Working With APIs✔ Building Voice Apps For Alexa✔ Creating One-Page Websites✔ Developing Mobile AppsAnd, more.This course would have saved me a lot of; confusion, money (I spent $5,000+ on a coding bootcamp – don’t do the same) and wasted hours while on my journey of learning development.Go from zero to building up a portfolio of products, and gain lifetime access to the lectures, and worksheets this course has to offer you.For a small investment, you can re-ignite your passion for building and be sure never to waste your time again. And if you don’t love the course, take advantage of Udemy’s refund policy.It’s time to decide; are going to continue struggling with building products, or are you going to dive in with zero risks, and all to gain by learning a new skill?


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Resources

Lecture 3 Mini Projects (40+)

Lecture 4 Perks

Lecture 5 Roadmap

Section 2: No-Code Fundamentals

Lecture 6 Introduction

Lecture 7 What Is No-Code?

Lecture 8 No-Code Stacks

Section 3: Web Scraping – Simple Scraper

Lecture 9 Introduction

Lecture 10 Project Resources

Lecture 11 Initial Scraper Setup

Lecture 12 Defining Our Data

Lecture 13 Using Our Scraped Data

Section 4: APIs – Parabola

Lecture 14 Introduction

Lecture 15 Project Resources

Lecture 16 Initial Setup

Lecture 17 Filtering Data

Lecture 18 Numerical Formatting

Lecture 19 Exporting Data

Lecture 20 Publishing

Section 5: Automations – Zapier

Lecture 21 Introduction

Lecture 22 Project Resources

Lecture 23 Connecting Google Sheets

Lecture 24 Connecting Twitter

Lecture 25 Publishing

Section 6: Bots – Zapier

Lecture 26 Introduction

Lecture 27 Project Resources

Lecture 28 Connecting Slack (Part One)

Lecture 29 Conditional & Helper Functions

Lecture 30 Connecting Giphy

Lecture 31 Connecting Slack (Part Two)

Lecture 32 Publishing

Section 7: Data Science – Obviously AI

Lecture 33 Introduction

Lecture 34 Project Resources

Lecture 35 Sourcing Our Data

Lecture 36 Uploading Our Data

Lecture 37 Working With Our Data

Section 8: Voice App – Voiceflow

Lecture 38 Introduction

Lecture 39 Project Resources

Lecture 40 Initial Application Setup

Lecture 41 Voice Application Launch

Lecture 42 Querying The User

Lecture 43 Calling Our API For Data

Lecture 44 Returning Data To The User

Lecture 45 Testing Our Voice Application

Lecture 46 Publish Your Voice Application

Lecture 47 Next Steps

Section 9: Figma Crash Course

Lecture 48 Introduction

Lecture 49 Project Resources

Lecture 50 File Setup

Lecture 51 Website Image

Lecture 52 Logo

Lecture 53 Body Copy

Lecture 54 Subscribe Form

Lecture 55 Profile Image

Lecture 56 Proportions

Lecture 57 Final Words

Section 10: One-Page Website – Carrd

Lecture 58 Introduction

Lecture 59 Project Resources

Lecture 60 Adding Our Elements

Lecture 61 Styling Our Website Image

Lecture 62 Styling Our Logo

Lecture 63 Styling Our Body Copy

Lecture 64 Styling Our Subscribe Form

Lecture 65 Styling Our Profile Image

Lecture 66 Connecting MailerLite

Lecture 67 Publishing

Section 11: Mobile App – Glide Apps

Lecture 68 Introduction

Lecture 69 Project Resources

Lecture 70 Populating Our Data

Lecture 71 Initial Mobile App Setup

Lecture 72 Designing The Start Page

Lecture 73 Designing The Items Page

Lecture 74 Other Mobile App Pages

Lecture 75 Styling Our App

Lecture 76 Publishing

Section 12: Membership Website – Webflow

Lecture 77 Introduction

Lecture 78 Project Resources

Lecture 79 Creating Our Members Data

Lecture 80 Initial Webflow Setup

Lecture 81 Homepage Design

Lecture 82 Members Only Page Design

Lecture 83 Making Our Site Mobile Responsive

Lecture 84 Creating The Membership Functionality

Lecture 85 Connecting SendFox

Lecture 86 Publishing

Section 13: 3D Game (Basic) – Buildbox

Lecture 87 Introduction

Lecture 88 Project Resources

Lecture 89 Downloading Buildbox

Lecture 90 Game Framework Setup

Lecture 91 Creating The Game’s Ground

Lecture 92 Creating The Game’s Character

Lecture 93 Creating Physics For The Actor & Ground

Lecture 94 Adding Movement To The Actor

Lecture 95 Adding A New Scene

Lecture 96 Adjusting The Game’s View

Lecture 97 Creating The Game’s Enemy

Lecture 98 Add The Game Over UI

Lecture 99 Designing The Game Over UI

Lecture 100 Adding Movement To Our Actor

Lecture 101 Editing The Enemies Collision Shape

Lecture 102 Adding Points Into The Game

Lecture 103 Publishing

Section 14: Monetising Your Skills

Lecture 104 Introduction

Lecture 105 Types Of No-Code Builders

Lecture 106 Building Your No-Code Career

Lecture 107 How To Do Email Outreach

Section 15: Guest Lectures

Lecture 108 Introduction

Lecture 109 Copywriting

Lecture 110 Online Security

Lecture 111 Escaping Tutorial Hell

Section 16: Congratulations

Lecture 112 Next Steps

Section 17: Bonus Projects

Lecture 113 Introduction

Lecture 114 Web Scraping With Simple Scraper

Lecture 115 Web Crawling With Simple Scraper

Lecture 116 Using A Cryptocurrency API With Parabola

Lecture 117 Create A Stock Tracker With Google Sheets

Lecture 118 Create A COVID Tracking Bot With Zapier

Lecture 119 Web Scraping For Content Insights With Simple Scraper

Lecture 120 Create An SMS Bot In Zapier

Lecture 121 Making Data Predictions With Obviously AI

Lecture 122 Create A Journal In Notion

Lecture 123 Scraping Financial Data With Simple Scraper

Lecture 124 Scraping SERP Data With Simple Scraper

Lecture 125 Automate Your Job Search With Zapier

Hobbyists Who Want To Build Passion Projects By Themselves,Entrepreneurs Who Want To Launch A Start-Up Without A Technical Co-Founder,Freelancers Who Want To Learn An Emerging Skill To Maximise Their Earnings

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 28m | 3.24 GB
Created by: Codestars • over 2 million students worldwide!

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