The Complete Nutanix Private Cloud Solution Bootcamp

In-depth technical training course to build your Nutanix Private Cloud platform architecture.
The Complete Nutanix Private Cloud Solution Bootcamp
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The Complete Nutanix Private Cloud Solution Bootcamp

What you’ll learn

Basics of Webscale principles and core architectural concepts.
Build a Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Build a Nutanix Private Cloud Platform
The Nutanix control plane, a one-click management and interface for datacenter operations.

The Complete Nutanix Private Cloud Solution Bootcamp


Have Some Networking knowledge
No Prior Background with Virtual Machine Technologies Is Required


Go beyond Hyperconverged Infrastructure with Nutanix solutions That deliver a software-defined enterprise cloud that can run any application at any scale.Nutanix leverages “Web-scale” principles throughout the software stack. Web-scale doesn’t mean you need to be as big as Google, Facebook, Amazon, or Microsoft in order to leverage them. Web-scale principles are applicable and beneficial at any scale, whether 3-nodes or thousands of nodes.There are a few key constructs used when talking about “Web-scale” infrastructure:Hyper-convergenceSoftware defined intelligenceDistributed autonomous systemsIncremental and linear scale outIn this course will covers all the Key necessary to Build a Private Cloud platform that support and Web-scale By using Nutanix Private Cloud Solution The AOS.The Acropolis Operating System (AOS) is the core software stack that provides the abstraction layer between the hypervisor (running on-premises or in the cloud) and the workloads running. It provides functionality such as storage services, security, backup and disaster recovery, and much more. This course will cover this functionality, as well as:The architecture of AOS.The Component of AOSThe Nutanix Foundation ( Installation) The User Interface of the Nutanix management (the Prism) The Distributed Storage Fabric configurationCreate and Manage Virtual Machines with Nutanix Hypervisor (AHV)and More …By the end of this course, you’ll learn how to Build and manage  an Hyperconverged platform using Nutanix Private Cloud Software.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Introduction to Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Lecture 2 Introduction To storage Type

Lecture 3 Software Defined Storage (SDS)

Lecture 4 Datacenter Evolution

Lecture 5 Nutanix Datacenter

Lecture 6 Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Lecture 7 Nutanix Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI)

Section 3: Nutanix Architecture and Components

Lecture 8 Basic Architecture Of Nutanix Node

Lecture 9 Nutanix Distributed Storage Fabric

Lecture 10 Nutanix Data Locality

Lecture 11 Nutanix Controller Virtual Machine (CVM)

Lecture 12 Nutanix Cluster Components

Section 4: Nutanix Node, Block and Rack

Lecture 13 Hyperconverged Hardware

Lecture 14 Nutanix Rack

Lecture 15 Nutanix Block

Lecture 16 Nutanix Node

Lecture 17 Nutanix Block Model Numbering

Lecture 18 Nutanix Hardware Platform

Section 5: Nutanix Foundation (Installation)

Lecture 19 Nutanix Foundation Kit

Lecture 20 Real Nutanix Block Example

Lecture 21 Nutanix Block Network Configuration

Lecture 22 Nutanix Community Edition (Download and Installation)

Lecture 23 Download Nutanix Foundation and Hypervisor ISOs

Lecture 24 Nutanix Cluster Foundation Network Setting

Lecture 25 Nutanix VM Foundation Configuration

Lecture 26 Nutanix Installation Configurations

Lecture 27 Nutanix Cluster Configuration

Lecture 28 Connect to Your Nutanix Cluster

Lecture 29 Welcome to Nutanix Installer

Section 6: Nutanix Prism Element

Lecture 30 Test Drive Nutanix Hybrid Multicloud Platform

Lecture 31 User Interface of Prism Element

Section 7: Nutanix Storage

Lecture 32 Introduction to Nutanix Storage

Lecture 33 Nutanix Storage Pool

Lecture 34 Create Storage Container

Lecture 35 Storage Container Setting (Compression, Cache and Erasure coding)

Lecture 36 Creating Your First Virtual Machine (VM)

Lecture 37 Creating Volume Group

Lecture 38 Attach The Volume Group to Virtual Machine

Section 8: Nutanix Data Resiliency

Lecture 39 Important Nutanix Data Resiliency Setting

Lecture 40 Introduction to Data Resiliency and Redundancy

Lecture 41 Redundancy Factor 2 Requirement RF2

Lecture 42 Redundancy Factor 3 Requirement RF3

Lecture 43 How Replication Factor 2/3 Work RF2/3

Lecture 44 Nutanix Data Resiliency 2 (RF2): Read IOs (Software Failure)

Lecture 45 Nutanix Data Resiliency 2 (RF2): Write IOs (Software Failure)

Lecture 46 Nutanix Data Resiliency 2 (RF2): Write IOs (Hardware Failure)

Lecture 47 Nutanix Data Resiliency 3 (RF3): Write IOs (Hardware Failure)

Lecture 48 Fault Domain (Fault Tolerance Level)

Lecture 49 Nutanix Node, Block and Rack Fault Tolerance

Section 9: Nutanix Networking

Lecture 50 Nutanix Physical Network Switches

Lecture 51 Nutanix Recommended Network Designs

Lecture 52 Hypervisor Networking Of Nutanix AHV

Lecture 53 AHV Networking Topology Overview

Lecture 54 Nutanix OVS Uplink Configuration (Link Aggregation)

Lecture 55 Real Nutanix Network Topology Examples

Lecture 56 Create Subnet Network

Lecture 57 Create Virtual Machine with IPAM (Address Management)

Lecture 58 Nutanix AHV Virtual DHCP (AHV IPAM)

Lecture 59 VMs and VLAN Tags

Section 10: Nutanix Virtual Machines

Lecture 60 Creating Virtual Machine Setting

Lecture 61 Adding Disk and NIC to Virtual Machine

Lecture 62 Host Affinity and Custom Script of Virtual Machine

Lecture 63 Clone From ADSF file and Image Service

Lecture 64 Create Image Service Disk and ISO images.

Lecture 65 Connect Windows ISO Image to Virtual Machine

Lecture 66 Install Windows OS on Nutanix Virtual Machine

Lecture 67 Manage VM Guest Tools: NGT

Lecture 68 Nutanix Snapshot

Lecture 69 Migrate Virtual Machine

Lecture 70 Clone Virtual Machine

Lecture 71 VM Summary: Performance, Disks, NIC, Task, I/O Metrics

Lecture 72 Nutanix VMs Overview

Section 11: Conclusion

Lecture 73 More Update Coming Soon

System Administrators,IT Infrastructure Manager,Virtual Environment Administrators

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 46m | 2.46 GB
Created by: Fettah Ben

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