The Complete Python Developer Certification Course

Master Python and pass the PCEP-30-01 and the PCAP-31-02 Exams and become an industry ready python developer!
The Complete Python Developer Certification Course
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The Complete Python Developer Certification Course

What you’ll learn

MASTER the Content Required to Pass the PCEP-30-01 and the PCAP-31-02 Exams
Code Along With Me to PRACTICE and IMPLEMENT Everything You Learn
An In-depth Understanding of Object Oriented Programming
SOLVE 25+ Assignments with In-depth Solution Videos
Gain the Knowledge Required to Solve Any Python Problem
Learn the Python Coding Fundamentals
Go Over the Best Practices Used in the Industry
Apply for Python Developer Jobs with Confidence

The Complete Python Developer Certification Course


Access to a computer with an internet connection and a passion to become a Python developer


LAST UPDATED: November 2022Getting certified as a Python developer is one of the best moves you can make to enter the job market as a developer! Python is ranked as the 2nd most in-demand programming language in the world. It can be applied in web applications, data science, machine learning, self-driving cars, automation, and much more! Python is THE language to know if you’re looking to get into programming, or even revamp your current career. The starting salary for a Python developer is around $75,000. This can quickly double to over $150,000 after 5-6 years of experience.There are tons of Python courses out there. However, most of them expect you to learn through just watching and that is not an effective way to learn! I want my students to get their hands dirty and code along with me, and work on the 20+ assignments that I have spread out through the course. I hold your hand throughout the process and walk you through everything. My “no student left behind” model has worked for thousands of my students across all 15 of the courses that I have published.This course has no prerequisites, and it is perfect for anyone that is looking to land a job as an entry level Python developer. I’ve structured it to be simple and straightforward- I waste no time, and dive right into the code with various assignments along the way. We start off with the fundamental topics such as variables, datatypes, strings, lists, dictionaries and so on. We then expand on these fundamentals to learn more comprehensive topics such as functions, if and else statements, for and while loops and thoroughly master Object Oriented Programming. We finish off the course by covering classes, inheritance, python script files, file IO and more. At the end of each section, there are assignment lectures which give you the chance to practice everything that we have covered. In the assignment video, I give in-depth solutions and explain WHY we solve things a certain way. I don’t want you to just sit back and watch a bunch of videos, I want you to get your hands dirty and practice writing code. Enroll today to master Python. As always, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, but you won’t need it.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Configuring Our Dev Environment and Creating Our First Program

Lecture 2 Basics of Variables

Lecture 3 Dedicated TA Support

Lecture 4 Basic Datatypes in Python

Lecture 5 How to proceed in this course

Lecture 6 Basic Arithmetic in Python

Lecture 7 Indexing and Slicing Strings

Lecture 8 Basic String Methods

Lecture 9 Formatting Strings Using the Format Method

Lecture 10 Strings are Immutable

Lecture 11 Assignments Source Code and Setup

Lecture 12 Section 1 Assignments

Section 2: Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries

Lecture 13 Lists in Python

Lecture 14 Assignment: List Assignment

Lecture 15 Accessing Elements in Nested Lists

Lecture 16 Finding Index Positions in Lists and Counting Duplicates

Lecture 17 Tuples in Python

Lecture 18 Dictionaries in Python

Lecture 19 Comparison Operators

Lecture 20 Section 2 Assignments

Section 3: Functions and Variable Scope

Lecture 21 Introduction to Creating Functions

Lecture 22 *args and **kwargs in Python

Lecture 23 Basics of Variable Scope

Lecture 24 Scope and Nested Functions

Lecture 25 Section 3 Assignments

Section 4: Control Flow

Lecture 26 Control Flow: If & Else Statements

Lecture 27 Control Flow: Elif Statements

Lecture 28 For Loops

Lecture 29 Pass Statement in For Loops

Lecture 30 While Loops

Lecture 31 Looping and Unpacking with Dictionaries and Tuples

Lecture 32 Range, Enumerate, and Zip Functions

Lecture 33 More Handy Functions and the Random Package

Lecture 34 Accepting Input From a User

Lecture 35 Section 4 Assignments: Part 1

Lecture 36 Section 4 Assignments: Part 2

Lecture 37 Section 4 Assignments: Part 3

Lecture 38 Section 4 Assignments: Advanced Assignment

Section 5: Modules, Packages and Object Oriented Programming in Python

Lecture 39 Revisiting the Difference between Methods and Functions

Lecture 40 Classes and Objects

Lecture 41 Classes Attributes vs Object Attributes

Lecture 42 Calling Python Code That is Saved in Another File

Lecture 43 Inheritance and Polymorphism

Lecture 44 Abstract Classes and Methods

Lecture 45 Practical Application of OOP

Lecture 46 Double Under (Dunder) Methods

Lecture 47 Python Script Files

Lecture 48 Python Modules and Using Code from Other Files

Lecture 49 Python Packages

Lecture 50 Understanding the if __name__ == __main__ Syntax

Lecture 51 Section 5 Assignment

Section 6: File IO and Exception Handling in Python

Lecture 52 Exception Handling

Lecture 53 File IO

Lecture 54 File IO with Exception Handling

Lecture 55 OS Module

Lecture 56 Traversing Directories Using the OS Module

Lecture 57 OS Module Continued

Lecture 58 args Command Line Arguments and the re Module

Lecture 59 Section 6 Assignment

Section 7: Exam Preparation

Lecture 60 Free Practice Test

Anyone that wants to ace the PCEP-30-01 and the PCAP-31-02 Exams,Anyone that wants to get tons of practice in writing Python code,Anyone that wants to be a highly paid Python Developer,Anyone that wants to learn how to program in Python

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Udemy | English | 11h 48m | 3.30 GB
Created by: Imtiaz Ahmad

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