The Complete SEMRush Course 2023 Rank 1 on Google now

Learn to Optimize your Website for SEO, Steal the Positions of Your Competitors & Write Better Content using SEMRush
The Complete SEMRush Course 2023 Rank 1 on Google now
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The Complete SEMRush Course 2023 Rank 1 on Google now

What you’ll learn

Master SEMRush interface like a pro
Set up your SEMRush project to track all your SEO efforts
Improve your ranking on Google by yourself thanks to SEMRush
Identify your website’s flaws with SEMRush & Fix them easily
Identify & Copy your competitors’ SEO strategies and results
Create Content with Real SEO Impact
Get good backlinks & Repair those you have lost
Optimize your ranking on Google thanks to a better presence on Social Media

The Complete SEMRush Course 2023 Rank 1 on Google now


No experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know throughout the course.


SEMRush (or Semrush) is the SaaS tool that allows you to manage your online visibility on search engines, to optimize your website and rank Number 1 on Google.Its ease of use and completeness make it an essential tool for anyone who wants to improve the ranking of their website today.In this course, you are going to learn everything you need to start using SEMRush through theory and practical videos.Starting from very basic notions such as, what is SEMRush and SEO and how it works, we will dive into advanced concepts such as, how to do technical optimizations, get more backlinks and improve your traffic thanks to optimization.At the end of this course, you will :Master all the features of SEMRushKnow how to create the right SEO strategy for your website, depending on your objectiveMake better SEO decisions for your website based on dataYou don’t need to be a pro to take this course. I will be by your side throughout your learning process and I made sure that the content is focused on what is the most important, without you ending up getting lost in useless modules or features.We are going to be a great team. See you on the course!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to SEMRush

Lecture 2 Course Objectives

Lecture 3 Who Am I ?

Section 2: Part 1 – Set up your SEMRush Project & Track your SEO efforts

Lecture 4 Introduction to Part 1

Lecture 5 Get your FREE Trial of Semrush

Lecture 6 Create your SEMRush Project

Lecture 7 Position Tracking – Set up your keywords & Follow them

Lecture 8 Site Audit #1 – Learn more about your technical problems

Lecture 9 Site Audit #2 – Read SEMRush analysis & Act

Lecture 10 On Page SEO Checker – Your List of SEO Ideas

Lecture 11 Backlink Audit – Know Your Backlinks & Avoid Penalties

Lecture 12 Link Building Tool – Uncover backlink opportunities in your niche

Lecture 13 Brand Monitoring – What do they say about your brand ?

Section 3: Part 2 – SEMRush Project: Social Media & Complementary Tools

Lecture 14 Social Media Tracker – Compare your social media strategy with your competitors

Lecture 15 Social Media Poster – Post your social media content in advance

Lecture 16 Social Media Analytics – Learn everything about your audience

Lecture 17 Content Analyzer – Improve the quality of your content for SEO

Lecture 18 Organic Traffic Insights – Unlock the real data from your organic traffic

Section 4: Part 3 – Competitive Research in SEMRush

Lecture 19 Introduction to Part 3

Lecture 20 Organic Research – The technical side of your competitor’s strategy

Lecture 21 Keyword Gap – Compare your keyword strategy with the best

Lecture 22 Domain Overview & Traffic Analytics – Reveal the strategy of your competitors

Lecture 23 Backlink Gap – Copy the backlink strategy of your competitors

Section 5: Part 4 – Keyword Research in SEMRush

Lecture 24 Keyword Overview – Understand if a keyword is worth your time

Lecture 25 Keyword Magic Tool & Keyword Manager – Find the right keyword for your context

Lecture 26 Position Tracking

Lecture 27 Organic Traffic Insights

Section 6: Part 5 – Link Building in SEMRush

Lecture 28 Backlink Analytics – Find the right backlink opportunities

Lecture 29 Backlink Audit

Lecture 30 Link Building Tool

Section 7: Part 6 – Content & Local SEO Features in SEMRush

Lecture 31 SEO Content Template – Create content briefs to write the best pages

Lecture 32 Local SEO – Listing Management

Lecture 33 Content Marketing – Find the best ideas for your brand content

Lecture 34 Conclusion

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Udemy | English | 5h 28m | 3.15 GB
Created by: Samy Thuillier

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