The Complete ServiceNow System Administrator Course

Learn how to administer, configure, and customize your ServiceNow instance!
The Complete ServiceNow System Administrator Course
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Mark Miller


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The Complete ServiceNow System Administrator Course

What you’ll learn

Understand how ServiceNow works behind the scenes
Master administration on the ServiceNow platform
Understand the different configurations & customizations
Obtain the knowledge to successfully pass the ServiceNow certified System Administrator exam

The Complete ServiceNow System Administrator Course


An understanding of ITIL principles can help but is not required


Whether you’re brand new to ServiceNow or are looking for a refresher, this course will teach you how to properly administer a ServiceNow instance and prepare you for the ServiceNow Certified System Administrator exam.This course is packed with over 11 hours of content, a workbook, AND a practice exam based on the System Administrator exam. This course covers fundamental and advanced ServiceNow concepts, like lists, forms, table administration, user administration, IT Service Management, events, notifications and so much more! In addition to the lectures, each module also features quizzes and tons of additional resources.After completing this course you should be able to:Create new users, groups, and rolesManage users and accessConfigure and customize lists and formsCreate new applications on the NOW platformLeverage events and notificationsWork with importing data through import setsBuild custom reportsUnderstand when to use UI policies, UI actions, business rules, script includes, and data policiesBonus Material: This course also offers a bonus module on how to build your very own application in ServiceNow!FAQsQ: What version of ServiceNow does this cover?A: This course has been updated for the Paris release and was originally recorded on the Kingston release.Q: Can I follow along with my own instance?A: Yes! I provide instructions on how you can obtain your very own personal developer instanceFeaturesUpdated for the Paris release!QuizzesPractice ExamWorkbook1080p video recordingsTopics CoveredThe user interfaceCustomizations including UI policies, UI actions, business rules, script includes, data policiesClient-side versus server-side customizationsUpdate setsTable administration & relationshipsField types & reference fieldsUsers, groups, & rolesAccess controlsImpersonating usersLDAP & SSOIncident ManagementProblem ManagementChange ManagementConfiguration ManagementService-Level AgreementsService Catalog ManagementKnowledge ManagementService PortalSystem propertiesSystem diagnosticsEvents & notificationsWorkflowsImport setsReportingCustom application development


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Additional Resources

Lecture 3 Obtaining a Personal Developer Instance

Lecture 4 Important: List v3 is no longer supported in New York and later releases

Lecture 5 ServiceNow Resources & FAQs

Section 2: ServiceNow Overview

Lecture 6 Overview

Lecture 7 Environments

Lecture 8 Releases

Lecture 9 User Interface

Lecture 10 Quick Tour

Section 3: Working With Lists & Forms

Lecture 11 Important: does your instance look different?

Lecture 12 Records

Lecture 13 Lists & Forms

Lecture 14 Filters & Search

Lecture 15 Condition Builder & Breadcrumbs

Lecture 16 Context Menus

Lecture 17 Modifying Lists & Forms

Section 4: Customizations

Lecture 18 Client-Side Versus Server-Side

Lecture 19 UI Policies

Lecture 20 UI Actions

Lecture 21 Business Rules

Lecture 22 Client Scripts

Lecture 23 Data Policies

Lecture 24 Script Includes

Lecture 25 Update Sets, Plugins, & Recap

Section 5: Tables & Fields

Lecture 26 Tables

Lecture 27 Fields & Field Types

Lecture 28 Table Structure & Schema Maps

Lecture 29 Table Maintenance & Custom Apps

Section 6: User Administration

Lecture 30 Users & Groups

Lecture 31 New York Changes to Problem ACLs

Lecture 32 Roles & ACLs

Lecture 33 LDAP, SSO, & Impersonation

Section 7: Core Applications

Lecture 34 Incident Management & SLAs

Lecture 35 Problem Management

Lecture 36 Change Management

Lecture 37 Configuration Management

Lecture 38 Service Catalog

Lecture 39 Knowledge Management

Lecture 40 Service Portal

Lecture 41 Connect & Visual Task Boards

Section 8: System Administration

Lecture 42 Basic Configuration & System Properties

Lecture 43 Dashboards & Self-Service

Lecture 44 Mobile, Upgrades, & HI

Lecture 45 Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Lecture 46 Events & Notifications

Lecture 47 Workflows

Lecture 48 Import Sets

Lecture 49 Reporting

Section 9: Building a Custom App

Lecture 50 Overview

Lecture 51 App Structure

Lecture 52 Creating the App

Lecture 53 Finishing the Games Table

Lecture 54 Creating the Reviews Table

Lecture 55 Loading Data

Lecture 56 Administration

Lecture 57 Customizations

Lecture 58 Reporting & Demo

Lecture 59 Final Words

Section 10: Additional Resources

Lecture 60 Workbook

Those who are new to the ServiceNow platform,Anyone interested in becoming a ServiceNow administrator or developer,Those who are looking to pass the ServiceNow certified System Administrator exam

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 1m | 5.95 GB
Created by: Mark Miller

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