The Complete SQL For Absolute Beginners Course

Become a master in SQL by learning how to work with databases and building your own queries from scratch, using MYSQL!
The Complete SQL For Absolute Beginners Course
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The Complete SQL For Absolute Beginners Course

What you’ll learn

Manipulate Data using SQL
How to Create Tables
How to Insert Data into Tables
How to Combine Different Tables
How to Build Tables using a practical Case Study

The Complete SQL For Absolute Beginners Course


Computer with at least 4 GB of RAM
Access to the Internet


So, you’ve decided that you want to learn SQL or you want to get familiar with it, but don’t know where to start? Or are you a data/business analyst or data scientist that wants to power up your data skills by performing queries with Structured Query Language?Then, this course was designed just for you! This course was designed to be your first step into the SQL programming world! We will delve deeper into the concepts of SQL queries, understand the MySQL user interface and play around with several datasets. This course contains lectures around the following groups: Code along lectures where we will go step-by-step in each instruction, compounding our SQL knowledge.Test your knowledge with questions and practical exercises with different levels of difficulty!Analyze real datasets and understand the thought process from question to SQL code solution!This course was designed to be focused on the practical side of coding in SQL – instead of teaching you every possible function out there, we’ll learn all the fundamentals slowly and build our knowledge from scratch. We’ll use a case study to cement every concept we will learn, so that you can have a hands-on learning process, making it easier to apply the concepts in your projects.At the end of the course you should be able to use SQL to build and manipulate tables. Along the way we will also learn the most important SQL statements such as GROUP BY, INSERT INTO or CREATE TABLE.Here are some examples of things you will be able to do after finishing the course:Join different tables using SQL;Create your own tables with the appropriate structure.Use different data types according to their characteristics.Create columns using data available from your existing tables.Use subqueries, building complex instructions.Join thousands of professionals and students in this SQL journey and discover the amazing power of this querying language. This course will be constantly updated based on students feedback.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Materials

Section 2: Installing MySQL and Loading the Sakila DataBase

Lecture 3 Installing MySQL Server and Workbench

Lecture 4 Installing MySQL On Mac

Lecture 5 [Windows] – Starting MYSQL Server from Scratch

Lecture 6 Setting up the Sakila Database

Section 3: Basic Querying

Lecture 7 Basic Select Statements

Lecture 8 Column and Table Aliases

Lecture 9 Table Filtering – Simple Filters

Lecture 10 Table Filtering – Multiple Filters, AND and OR

Lecture 11 Table Filtering – Other Concepts

Lecture 12 Creating New Columns – Same Value for all Rows

Lecture 13 Creating New Columns – Using Functions and Existing Columns

Lecture 14 Creating New Columns – Mathematical Expressions

Lecture 15 Query Clauses – Group By

Lecture 16 Query Clauses – Having

Lecture 17 Query Clauses – Order By

Lecture 18 [Case Study] – Basic Querying

Lecture 19 [Case Study] – Code Along Solutions

Lecture 20 Tutorial on [Coding Exercises]

Section 4: Data Types

Lecture 21 Data Types – Integers

Lecture 22 Data Types – Decimals/Floats

Lecture 23 Data Types – Text and Characters

Lecture 24 Data Types – Dates

Lecture 25 Data Types – Implicit Conversions

Lecture 26 Data Types – Explicit Conversions

Lecture 27 [Case Study] – Data Types

Lecture 28 [Case Study] – Code Along Solutions

Section 5: Creating and Modifying Tables

Lecture 29 Create Database Command

Lecture 30 Creating Tables

Lecture 31 Inserting Data into a Table

Lecture 32 Inserting Multiple Rows and Inserting Into Specific Columns

Lecture 33 Common Pitfalls when Inserting Data

Lecture 34 Deleting Data and Tables

Lecture 35 Alter Table – Changing and Modifying Tables

Lecture 36 [Case Study] – Creating and Modifying Tables

Lecture 37 [Case Study] – Code Along Solutions

Lecture 38 Detail on the Udemy Platform Coding Exercises

Section 6: Combining Tables

Lecture 39 Table Join Example

Lecture 40 Inner Join Explanation

Lecture 41 Left and Right Join Explanation

Lecture 42 Multiple Key Joins – Composite Key Definition

Lecture 43 Multiple Key Joins – Explanation and Syntax

Lecture 44 Union and Union All

Lecture 45 [Case Study] – Combining Tables

Lecture 46 [Case Study] – Code Along Solutions

Section 7: More on Select Statements

Lecture 47 SubQueries Introduction

Lecture 48 More on SubQueries

Lecture 49 Combining Insert Into and Select Statements

Lecture 50 Insert Into and Select with Multiple Columns

Lecture 51 [Case Study] – More on Select Statements

Lecture 52 [Case Study] – Code Along Solutions

Section 8: Updating Information on Tables

Lecture 53 Update -> Set -> Where Sequence

Lecture 54 Updating Tables with Multiple Conditions

Lecture 55 Updating Multiple Columns and Where Clause Warning

Lecture 56 [Case Study] – Updating Information on Tables

Lecture 57 [Case Study] – Code Along Solutions

Section 9: Advanced Filtering

Lecture 58 The NOT Clause

Lecture 59 Filtering – Order of Operations

Lecture 60 Wildcards

Section 10: SQL Transactions, Variables and Procedures

Lecture 61 Section Introduction

Lecture 62 AutoCommit and Commit

Lecture 63 SQL Variables

Lecture 64 SQL Transactions and Rollback

Lecture 65 SQL Procedures – Part 1 and Select Into Variables

Lecture 66 SQL Procedures – Part 2 and Control Flow

Lecture 67 SQL Procedures – Part 3 and Arguments

Section 11: Thank you!

Lecture 68 [BONUS LECTURE] – Other Courses and Resources

Lecture 69 Detailed Feedback

Lecture 70 Course Ending

Data Analysts,Data Scientists,Data Engineers,Full Beginners that want to learn how to work with SQL,Marketing, Finance and Supply Chain Professionals,IT Professionals

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Udemy | English | 8h 22m | 3.91 GB
Created by: Ivo Bernardo

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