The Complete Tableau Bootcamp for Data Visualization

Master Tableau by Building Worksheets and Creating Professional Dashboards. Tableau Version 10 (2019).
The Complete Tableau Bootcamp for Data Visualization
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Jose Portilla


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The Complete Tableau Bootcamp for Data Visualization

What you’ll learn

Learn the Foundational Elements of Data Visualization, and Apply Them Using Tableau
Build Professional Business Dashboards to Effectively Convey Patterns and Trends in Your Data
Learn and Master Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions to Solve Complex Tasks in Data Visualization
Learn and Master the Usage of Basic Calculations to Solve Common Tasks in Data Visualization
Learn and Master Table Calculations to Apply Further Transformations to Your Visualization
Learn to Navigate the Dashboard Workspace, and Customize Your Dashboards to Different Devices
Learn and Master Tableau’s Mapping Functionality to Answer Spatial Questions
Learn to Style and Format Maps with Mapbox, WMS, and Dual Axis capabilities
Learn to Find, and Make of Use of Various Spatial Files in Tableau
Learn and Master the Usage of Context Filters, Dimension Filters, Top N Filters, and Measure Filters.
Use Heat Maps to Find Hot Spots in Overlapping Data
Learn to Add Interactivity to your Plots using Set actions and Parameter Control
Learn about Different Join types to Combine your Data into a Single Rich Data Source
Learn to Use Story Points to Tell Stories With Your Data
Apply Pivots to your Data for Effective Data Processing
Implement Unions to Combine Multiple Data Sources into One
Learn About Theoretical Concepts Such as Data Types and Pre-attentive Processing

The Complete Tableau Bootcamp for Data Visualization


Interest in Data Visualization
Mac or Windows Computer


Welcome to the best online resource for learning about Tableau!This course will teach you everything you need to know to create amazing data visualizations and dashboards with Tableau!Every module of this course is carefully designed to teach you what you need to know to create amazing data visualizations and dashboards with Tableau. We start with the basics and gradually build up your Tableau skill set by leveraging awesome real world data sets to create visualizations for your portfolio of projects. Upon completing this course you will be ready to tackle your own data projects with real world data sets and create Tableau dashboards to show off to your colleagues or even potential employers. Completion of this course also includes a certification you can post to your LinkedIn profile!Inside the course we’ll cover:Installing and setting up Tableau Public on your computerVisual Analytics with TableauTableau Mapping for Geographical DataBasic CalculationsTable CalculationsLevel of Detail (LOD) ExpressionsJoins and UnionsInteractive Worksheets with Set Actions and Parameter ControlSpatial MappingUnderstanding Color Vision DeficiencyBuild Sophisticated Dashboards and Unique, Engaging Stories through the Power of Data Visualizationand much, much more!Not only do you get great technical content, but you will also get access to our Question and Answer Forums, where you and other students can get help on the course material and content.All of this comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can enroll today completely risk free!We’ll see you inside the course!


Section 1: Intro to Data Visualization and Tableau

Lecture 1 Intro to the Course. What’s coming up?

Lecture 2 What is Data Visualization and Why is it Important?

Lecture 3 Tableau Installation

Lecture 4 Getting Started with Tableau

Lecture 5 FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (Note on Linux)

Section 2: Visual Analytics

Lecture 6 Use the Summary, It’s There to Help You!

Lecture 7 Data Types

Lecture 8 Data Types in Tableau

Lecture 9 Note on the dataset

Lecture 10 Aggregation and Granularity

Lecture 11 Accessing the Projects

Lecture 12 Intro to Preattentive Processing

Lecture 13 Length and Position

Lecture 14 Tableau Implementation – Length

Lecture 15 Reference Lines

Lecture 16 Colour as a Preattentive Visual Property

Lecture 17 Tableau Implementation – Colour

Lecture 18 Parameters

Lecture 19 Tooltips

Lecture 20 Data Over Time

Lecture 21 Data Over Time – Tableau Implementation

Lecture 22 Colour for Time Data Analysis

Lecture 23 Filter

Lecture 24 Shape as a Preattentive Property

Lecture 25 Discount – Profit Relationship

Lecture 26 Custom Shapes

Lecture 27 Context Filters

Lecture 28 Size as a Preattentive Visual Property

Lecture 29 Sets I

Lecture 30 Sets II

Lecture 31 Groups vs. Sets

Lecture 32 Shipping Cost Analysis

Lecture 33 Trend Lines

Lecture 34 Tableau Implementation – Trendlines

Lecture 35 Heat Plots

Lecture 36 Section Summary

Section 3: Maps and Location

Lecture 37 Mapping Overview

Lecture 38 Intro to Mapping

Lecture 39 Geographical Roles

Lecture 40 Colour Sequences

Lecture 41 CO2 Emissions Dataset

Lecture 42 Set Actions

Lecture 43 Further Practice

Lecture 44 Joins and Unions

Lecture 45 Joins in Tableau 2020 – (UPDATE)

Lecture 46 Art Galleries

Lecture 47 Spatial Files

Lecture 48 London Borough Dataset – Spatial Files

Lecture 49 Pivot

Lecture 50 Pivoting Tableau 2020 (UPDATE)

Lecture 51 London Borough Dataset – Pivot Implementation

Lecture 52 Intermission: Climate Summaries

Lecture 53 Climate Summaries

Lecture 54 Intermission: Heat Maps

Lecture 55 Heat Maps

Lecture 56 Intermission: Finding Spatial Data (Don’t Skip)

Lecture 57 Finding Spatial Data

Lecture 58 Intermission: Worksheet Setup

Lecture 59 Worksheet Setup – Spanish Regions in New York

Lecture 60 Spanish Regions in New York – Sneak Peek to LODs

Lecture 61 Dual Axis

Lecture 62 Origin – Destination Maps I – Dual Axis

Lecture 63 Unions in Tableau 2020 (UPDATE)

Lecture 64 Intermission – Destination Maps II (Important)

Lecture 65 Origin – Destination Maps II – Unions and Join Calculations

Lecture 66 Origin-Destination Maps III – Paths

Lecture 67 Remaining Maps Lessons

Lecture 68 Number of Records

Section 4: Colour Vision Deficiency

Lecture 69 Colour Vision Deficiency

Lecture 70 Revisiting Our Plots

Section 5: Advanced Calculations

Lecture 71 More Tableau 2020 Updates

Lecture 72 Overview

Lecture 73 Basic Aggregations and Row Level vs. View Level Expressions

Lecture 74 Basic Calculations vs. Table Calculations

Lecture 75 Table Calculations I – FIFA World Cup Dataset

Lecture 76 (Fix for next video)

Lecture 77 Table Calculations II – Ranking Teams

Lecture 78 Worksheet Customization – Lollipop Charts

Lecture 79 Win/Loss History

Lecture 80 Level of Detail Expressions

Lecture 81 Tableau Implementation

Lecture 82 Fixed – Aggregated vs. Replicated Results

Lecture 83 Fixed vs. Include

Lecture 84 Fixed vs. Exclude

Lecture 85 Order of Operations

Lecture 86 Practical LOD – Frequency Analysis

Lecture 87 Practical LOD – Comparison Charts

Lecture 88 Practical LOD – Extra Practice

Lecture 89 Practical LOD – Host Acquisition Rate

Lecture 90 Practical LOD – Answering The Hard Questions

Lecture 91 Practical LOD – Customer Order Frequency

Lecture 92 Practical LOD – Referencing N Dimensions

Lecture 93 Putting It All Together

Section 6: Dashboards and Stories

Lecture 94 More Tableau 2020 Updates

Lecture 95 Intro to Dashboards

Lecture 96 Navigating a Dashboard

Lecture 97 Building the Dashboard – The Dashboard Workspace

Lecture 98 Building the Dashboard – Device Customization

Lecture 99 Building the Dashboard – Final Touches

Lecture 100 Final Touches – Color Blind Friendly Palette

Lecture 101 Dashboard 2 – Getting Familiar

Lecture 102 Dashboard 2 – Worksheet 1

Lecture 103 Dashboard 2 – Full Review on Sets

Lecture 104 Fixed Sets

Lecture 105 Dashboard 2 – Worksheet 2

Lecture 106 Dashboard 2 – Worksheet 3

Lecture 107 Prior Day and YTD Sales

Lecture 108 Formatting

Lecture 109 Dashboard Creation

Lecture 110 Additional Dashboard Theory

Lecture 111 Airbnb Story

Lecture 112 Building Stories

Section 7: Advanced Dashboard 1

Lecture 113 Advanced Sample Dashboard Introduction

Lecture 114 Year Over Year Sales – Dashboard Rundown

Lecture 115 Worksheet 1 – Current Year Sales

Lecture 116 Worksheet 1 – Prior Year Sales

Lecture 117 Worksheet 2 – Sales Over Time

Lecture 118 Dashboard Creation

Section 8: Advanced Dashboard 2

Lecture 119 Jitter Plot – Worksheet 1 Rundown

Lecture 120 Jitter Plot – Worksheet 1 Implementation

Lecture 121 Custom Mapping – Worksheet 2 Rundown

Lecture 122 Custom Mapping – Worksheet 2 Implementation

Lecture 123 Revisiting LOD Expressions – Worksheet 3 Rundown

Lecture 124 Revisiting LOD Expressions – Worksheet 3 Implementation

Lecture 125 Worksheet 1 – Final Touches

Lecture 126 Worksheets 2 & 3 – Final Touches

Lecture 127 Dashboard Creation

Lecture 128 Highlight Actions

Lecture 129 Tableau Conclusion

Section 9: Miscellaneous

Lecture 130 Intermission

Lecture 131 WMS – Web Map Service

Lecture 132 Mapbox

Analysts Interested in Learning Tableau to Create Amazing Dashboards and Visualizations,Data Visualization Creators,Data Analysts,Data Scientists,Data-Driven Decision Makers,Business Intelligence Analysts

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 12h 45m | 7.15 GB
Created by: Jose Portilla

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