The complete trading course with Supply demand and Key level

Level 1. Mastering Market structure – Price Action – Multiple timeframe with Key level/Order block with top FTMO trader
The complete trading course with Supply demand and Key level
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Jayce PHAM | Funded Trading Group | NCI Market structure trading


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The complete trading course with Supply demand and Key level

What you’ll learn

Three levels from Basic to Expert with detailed examples and live trading.
Basic level : What is the Forex ? Definition in Forex
Basic level : How to develop your trading career
Intermediate : What is Technical analyzation and Fundamental analyzation
Intermediate : Strongest candle sticks need to remember
Intermediate : Strongest price patterns need to remember
Expert : Supply and Demand – How to define Strong/Order Block and Obsolete supply and demand
Expert : Master Multiple timeframe with Supply and Demand
Expert : How to trade with Confluence strategy
Expert : How to trade with non-confluence strategy
Expert : How to practice successfully
Expert : Control Emotion in trading
You can have big pictures to create your own trading strategy and step by step to practice until you’re profitable trader.

The complete trading course with Supply demand and Key level


You need to be patient and focus to follow the course.
You need to practice this method at least 1 month to see the results.
You need to believe your method and patient to practice it.


Key level strategy is the combination traditional supply demand and market structure, market cycle theory The highest level in price action trading when we added it into Market structure to analyze to optimize the power instead of single candle or group candles like traditional. Key level contains power of traditional supply demand and market structure to double power. Therefore, here’s also the highest win rate zone in the technical analyzation. I will explain detail from smallest definitions about Forex, Candle patterns, Price patterns, Supply Demand, Market structure , Multiple timeframe master theory to help you understand about this strategy . This is strategy that will help you understand about the total picture of market based on market structure, market cycle theory to define the main trend. Since then, you can use the Key level like the cornerstone to entry with high Reward/Risk and highest win rate.We’ll take you step-by-step through engaging video examples and teach you everything you need to know to succeed as a profitable trader.By the end of this course, you will be fluently Supply Demand, Market structure, Multiple timeframe master rules and you’ll be so good at trading that you can get a freedom job or trading professionally.Btw, I also created a Discord channel for students to discuss together. In this channel, we will share the knowledge, tips to learn and analyzation every week on any assets. I also created a Competition that will help learn facing with yourself to improve your psychology, risk management on high pressure environment like real trading. The pressure comes from your competitors’ results, big money capital …All of above activities would help you to come profitable and consistency traders in near future. You can join discord channel to refer about it anytime.———————————————————————————–*   Technical analysis level 1 – Key level strategy – The most important Cornerstone **   Having subtitles for 14 languages***Using headphone will help to learn better / You can use headphone with volume at 30 – 50% on your laptop to learn better.**** All your questions were leaved in Q&A part will be answer detail within 4 – 12 hours (Depend on time zone) until you understood completely.———————————————————————————–Learning guidance : (You can judge your level to start learning)- Basic level – for newbies who don’t even know about Forex :     You should learn from Section 3.- Intermediate level – for people who knew about Forex & basic to analyze chart but they haven’t had profit ever.   You should learn from Section 6.- Advanced level – for people who knew how to analyze market & trader but results haven’t achieved consistency yet (sometime win – some time lose).  You should learn from Section 9.———————————————————————————–Course’s support & Special requirement :1. Always be patient to learn 2. Always be patient to practice. Trading : 50% Control yourself – 50% Strategy.3. Instructor’s support in Q&A : You can refer existing Q&A and leave your new Questions anytime. I will try to reply within 12hours.———————————————————————————–*    Main strategy from Section 8 – 10. **  Using headphone will help you learn more focused and better receptive*** Learning from examples to theory will help you easier to understand.In this course, you will learn from the basic level to expert level in trading. You’ll know why you’re still be lose trader after hard practicing many years.———————————————————————————–My series of lesson will focus on : 1. What is trading style that suitable for your personality – most of lesson or book don’t mentioned it. 2. Build profitable strategy based on supply demand – price pattern – candle pattern in trading. Simple to analyze & easy to be profitable.3. Build SOP document like the first step in the stairs to you to go forwards. 4. Improve your strategy every day with R-PDCA processes. 5. Understand about emotion, why you have that emotion , what you will act that time & improve it. 6. Chose the best way to practice demo account by judge RR, Drawdown, win rate … 7. Risk management will be applied while you use  supply demand – price pattern – candle pattern – Detail multiple timeframe strategy.8. Fully understand about direction of market, the big pictures to join or skip the market.  9. Every lesson was designed ” What it is – How to apply it – Examples” help leaners easier to understand. 10. Three weeks Live trading continuously will help you fully understand and apply this strategy to real market.  ——————————————————————————————Don’t just take my word for it, check out what existing students have to say about my courses:”Amazing. This course definitely underrated! I knew you when you appears on Top 10 traders interviewed of new prop firms funds. Really happy to see your course in Udemy. Appreciated “”Very clear content map for every level to learn – Really nice! Every one should read description before learning. ” Expert – level ” is really a gem for us. Thank you for your updating Quiz and Examination “”The strategy is super logic and make sense. This what I like. When I try to backtest and forword test in first 3 days of this strategy, I fail because I draw strong supply/demand , market structure incorrect. I come back to see videos and test again and again and ask some question to Jayce that I doubt. His answer for all students is very helpful to understand the concept. After that the result of this strategy is very good. One thing I wanna Jayce to improve for next course is to emphasize some points that are important in example live trade, because may be some beginners like me cant remember some theory in first 1-2 time. Thank a lot for make this course. I am very happy and fun. “”Humble trader with big gem sharing. I like to learn in Udemy from this course . Easy to reach out””Thank you for this course. I am stress in trading after false challenge round. This course really help me to build trading system again, especially SOP , keep everything simple to keep the mind be empty – that is mindset of almost famous traders like BNF & SIS. Love this course, especially Live trading section””I have been trading with the elliott wave principle for over four years but i’m not very comfortable with the risk:reward ratio but once i stumbled on this course, i knew this is what i’ve been looking for for years…..Jayce is a very great teacher i must commend and he teaches this concept so well that even beginners will understand once they are comitted to learning. Even though the audio wasn’t that great, I wouldn’t mind rating this course above 5 stars if i could. Thank you so much Jayce…I will keep buying all your courses on udemy! “If you’re SERIOUS TRADER who are ready to be DIFFIRENT this year. Let’s come with us. We will FIGHT TOGETHER for a SUCCESS YEAR !!!


Section 1: Introduction about course for Serious trader

Lecture 1 Quick Preview

Lecture 2 What you will learn

Lecture 3 What you can do after this course

Lecture 4 Introduction about instructor

Lecture 5 Discord channel from Aug-2022

Lecture 6 How to start your trading career and get freedom financial

Section 2: Examination before you learn – Downloadable Check sheet

Lecture 7 How to learn this course effectively with high motivation

Section 3: Basic level : Cornerstone about Forex

Lecture 8 Three types of currency pairs

Lecture 9 Pips & Lot & leverage & calculate risk as percent of account

Section 4: Basic level : The fact about Forex

Lecture 10 The fact about trading Forex and choosing Brokers

Section 5: Basic level : Trading styles in Finance and Develop trading career

Lecture 11 Three main trading style and how to develop trading career

Section 6: Intermediate level : Introduction Technical and Fundamental analyzation

Lecture 12 Technical analyzation and Fundamental analyzation

Lecture 13 Orders types & Introduce application to analyze the chart

Section 7: Intermediate level : Strongest candle sticks need to remember

Lecture 14 Learning the secret of one by one candles

Lecture 15 Learning the secret of candles parterns

Lecture 16 Two Examples about trading with candles patterns

Section 8: Intermediate level : Strongest price patterns need to remember

Lecture 17 Why you need to understand Price pattern?

Lecture 18 Double top and bottom pattern

Lecture 19 Break & re-test pattern

Lecture 20 Triangles – Reference Pattern

Lecture 21 Head and Shoulder & Cup and Hand- Reference partterns

Section 9: Expert level : Supply and Demand – Order Block

Lecture 22 The Definition and how it works?

Lecture 23 Two types of supply and demand

Lecture 24 How to draw SD – No base – General case

Lecture 25 How to draw SD – No base – 1st candle too big

Lecture 26 How to draw SD – No base – 2nd candle too big

Lecture 27 How to draw SD – No base – Long tail

Lecture 28 How to draw SD – Having base

Lecture 29 Compare Supply and Demand with Support and resistance

Lecture 30 Compare Supply and Demand with Trendline

Lecture 31 Define strongest Supply Demand zone – Order block

Lecture 32 Define obsolete SD zone

Section 10: Expert level : Master Multiple timeframe with Supply and Demand – Top Down

Lecture 33 Definition & Select timeframe

Lecture 34 Multiple time frame examples

Lecture 35 Understand the big pictures

Lecture 36 Entry with confluence strategy

Lecture 37 Live trade 1 – Confluence strategy

Lecture 38 Live trade 2 – Confluence strategy

Lecture 39 Entry with un-confluence strategy

Lecture 40 Live trade 1 – Un-confluence strategy

Lecture 41 Live trade 2 – Un-confluence strategy

Section 11: Expert level : How to practice successfully

Lecture 42 Understanding RPDCA to improve trading system

Lecture 43 Establish SOP for trading

Lecture 44 How to backtest & Trade demo efficiently

Lecture 45 How to establish trading plan for 1 week

Section 12: Expert level : Control Emotion in trading – Don’t Skip this lesson

Lecture 46 Understanding learning curve in trading

Lecture 47 Understanding and controlling emotion in trading

Section 13: PRACTISE PART of whole strategy : Expert level : Live trading 3 weeks

Lecture 48 Week 1 – Live Trade – XAUUSD

Lecture 49 Week 1 – Live Trade – USDJPY

Lecture 50 Week 2 – Live Trade NZDUSD

Lecture 51 Week 2 – Live Trade – AUDUSD

Lecture 52 Week 3 – Live Trade – XAUUSD

Lecture 53 Week 3 – Live Trade – AUDUSD

Section 14: Final examination

Section 15: Bonus Section : Trading learning route and special offers

Lecture 54 Trading learning route

Section 16: Thank you

Lecture 55 Thank-you

People who have no experience in trading both Forex, Stock and Cryptocurrency,People who have traded for a long time but they still don’t have profit,People who want to trade seriously,People who want to change from officer to freedom trader,People who want to trade like professional traders or trade for Forex funds.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 46m | 201.25 MB
Created by: Jayce PHAM | Funded Trading Group | NCI Market structure trading

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