The Crucial Importance of Cleansing

Experts Agree, Cleansing is the Most Effective Health & Performance Enhancement Strategy; Especially for Some People
The Crucial Importance of Cleansing
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The Crucial Importance of Cleansing

What you’ll learn

Why All People Need to Cleanse at least Yearly
Why Cleansing is Crucial for People of Weak Health – Studies Often Show a Reversal of Multiple Noncommunicable Disease Symptoms
How Lifestyle, Age, Stress Levels, & Exposure to Pollutants/Toxins Influence How Often You Need to Cleanse
How Cleanses Reduce Digestive & Overall Congestion, Toxicity, Microbiome Imbalances, Weak Cells & Molecules, as Overall Maintenance of the Body Improves*
Mind-Body Benefits of Cleansing – There are Spiritual Benefits as well
Multiple Cleansing Techniques: Ketogenic, Vegetarianism, Veganism, Juice Fasting, Heavy Metals & more – Will be Taught Progressively as the Courage Cleanse
(Inexpensive & Effective) Cleansing Supplements, Including those the Target Candida & Parasites
Guidance on How Best to Approach a Cleanse & Address Challenges
Why Enemas & Hydrotherapy can be Gamechangers for Many People’s Health & Performance
Techniques that Compliment a Cleanse
Benefits of Nature – Studies Conclude
How Cleanses Amplify the Benefits of Meditation & Spiritual Practices – Some Science is Discussed

The Crucial Importance of Cleansing


STEP 4 is Highly Recommended


Cleansing is the most effective Anti-Aging, Preventative Medicine, Overall (Digestion) Enhancing strategy there is.  Cleanses clean the inside of your body and intestinal tract of excess nutrients, toxins, germs, dysfunctional cells and molecules, as well stimulate rejuvenating genes.  Studies have found incredible results from many forms of Cleansing!  There are also complimentary techniques you can use to get even more benefit with less effort which I will teach you within this course.If you have a Noncommunicable Disease or are at risk of one, such as Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer or Heart Disease, the teachings in this course could be pivotal for living a comfortable life, especially as you get older.  If you are of normal health and performance, Cleansing is still a great idea because it will improve your foundation, making it easier to stay health and perform well during more challenging periods of life, such as when you are older.In the last Lecture, you will get a Summary and Summary Posters to help you remember and utilize what you have learned. There is also a Lecture that teaches you about several Helpful Products to make the benefits of the course easier to experience, as well as go beyond them.  Remember, by optimizing your mind-body as the foundation of your future, everything in life gets easier as more positive and diverse experiences are had! Whether you are trying to prevent or reverse disease, age more slowly, perform better at a sport, career, or life in general, the teachings in this and my other courses are fundamental to achieving these goals!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 An Overview of Cleansing

Lecture 3 The Courage Cleanse

Lecture 4 (Very) Complimentary Techniques

Lecture 5 Summary

Lecture 6 Helpful Products

Do You Want or Need to Improve Your Overall Mind-Body Health & Performance?,Do You Want to Live Closer to Peak Potential?

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