The Definitive Guide To Mindfulness Mindfulness Meditation

How To Use Mindfulness Meditation, Learn How To Bring Balance, Improve Sleep, Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Depression.
The Definitive Guide To Mindfulness Mindfulness Meditation
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Julian Jenkins


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The Definitive Guide To Mindfulness Mindfulness Meditation

What you’ll learn

Develop Practices That Can Help You Over Come Anxiety, Depression & Emotional Traumas
Learn How To Live In The Present Moment
Learn How To Awaken Your Spirituality Through Meditation
Take Away The Myths Of Meditation
Discover How To Apply Mindfulness Meditation That Will Bring Life Changing Results
Learn The Tools To Live A Happy Life With Clarity & Purpose
Learn How To Work Through Your Own Shadow Elements Of Emotions & Trauma
Learn How Mindfulness Changed My Life
Teach Others The Benefits Of Mindfulness
Full course support and community access on our Facebook Udemy Group
This course is certified and you will receive a personal certificate from my self upon completion and on request
Understand How We Repress Emotions & Traumas

The Definitive Guide To Mindfulness Mindfulness Meditation


An open mind and time


The Definitive Guide To Mindfulness & Mindfulness MeditationHow To Use Mindfulness Meditation, Learn How To Bring Balance, Improve Sleep, Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Depression.Learn the powerful foundations of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation to help with stress management and personal development. This simple course will take away all the myths of meditation and allow you to truly move forward even if you have the most active mind in the world.This course has been updated with a comprehensive 14 mindfulness challenge which will truly help you to live a mindful life.This 14 day mindfulness meditation is filmed at the start of the Covid pandemic and also shows a little video diary of my family and I coming down with Covid and how Mindfulness helped keep our energy high.It now has over 7hrs of content and is a great teaching resource as well.Meditation and Mindfulness isn’t complicated and this easy to learn course will give you all the foundations you need to live a happy life with clarity and purpose.Certified: This is a certified course and a personal certificate from myself will be issued at completion on request.Mindfulness is a powerful tool to help people develop themselves, understand and work with stress, anxiety and life’s super highway. We all need to spend some times on ourselves and Mindfulness is a great gift not just to use ourselves but also the course gives you the ability to teach others. This course will give you the foundation to build a stronger connection and relationship with yourself, allowing you to grow psychically and spirituality, but furthermore allowing you to teach others these very powerful tools to cope with everyday life, loss or anxiety or mental issues. As always my courses are un-edited and cut through the complications and the noise of complexity to deliver in a way that will resonate with you.I have two 5 Star reviews from Daiva & Sandra I am so pleased they have seen results and transformation and if you sign up today you can too.Daiva DugnaitaReally enjoyed this course thanks you Julian by helping others to connect back to ourselves and be able to understand Spiritual Mindfulness and how to work with it. Very grateful being able to do this course ??❤️Sandra CampbellJulian comes across as a sincere genuine person who is focussed on helping others to achieve inner peace. His voice is soothing to listen to and easy to stay connected with during his videos.#mindfulness #spirituality #mindful #meditation


Section 1: Spirituality & Mindfulness Mindful Meditation – Welcome

Lecture 1 Mindfulness Welcome Video

Lecture 2 About Me & My Journey

Lecture 3 Your Are Never Alone x

Section 2: Spiritual Mindfulness – Foundations & Structure

Lecture 4 Mindfulness Foundations & Structure

Section 3: Spiritual Mindfulness: The Muggle Mind

Lecture 5 Spiritual Mindfulness: The Muggle Mind

Section 4: Spiritual Mindfulness: Mindfulness Meditation

Lecture 6 Spiritual Mindfulness: Mindfulness Meditation Video

Section 5: Spiritual Mindfulness Meditation: The Body Scan

Lecture 7 Spiritual Mindfulness: The Body Scan Video

Section 6: Spiritual Mindfulness The Next Step

Lecture 8 Spiritual Mindfulness Video

Section 7: 14 Day Mindfulness Meditation Challenge x

Lecture 9 14 Day Mindfulness Challenge Introduction

Lecture 10 Mindfulness Day One

Lecture 11 Day Two

Lecture 12 Day Three

Lecture 13 Day Four

Lecture 14 Day Five

Lecture 15 Day 6

Lecture 16 Day 7

Lecture 17 Day 8

Lecture 18 Day 9

Lecture 19 Day 10

Lecture 20 Day 11

Lecture 21 Day 12

Lecture 22 Day 13

Lecture 23 Day 14

Lecture 24 Bonus Day How To Deal With Anxiety

Section 8: Spiritual Mindfulness: Round Up

Lecture 25 Spiritual Mindfulness: Round Up Video

Section 9: Bonus Lecture

Lecture 26 Bonus Lecture

This course will help all students form beginners to masters.,People curious about spiritualism,Students who want to develop moment to moment living through mindful meditation,A course for everyone to enjoy x

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Udemy | English | 7h 21m | 14.28 GB
Created by: Julian Jenkins

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