The DevOps Essentials The Handbook

All the basics you need to know – Get started with DevOps
The DevOps Essentials The Handbook
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The DevOps Essentials The Handbook

What you’ll learn

Gain a solid Understanding of DevOps Practices
Learn about Continuous Integration and Delivery and its role in DevOps
DevOps terminology
The History and various roles in DevOps
At the end of this course students will be able to act as facilitator to the DevOps Functions

The DevOps Essentials The Handbook


Basic Knowledge of functioning of IT
Access to internet in order to research further


DevOps is a buzz word these days. If you are working in cloud environment , then you really cannot get away from this “Buzz Word”.It is paramount that you have a clear understanding of the terminlogies used in the DevOps world. Various jargons used in the DevOps World may be daunting . You will hear about “Continuous Integration”, “Build Automation”, and “Orchestration” from the Developers . You may be part of the Scrum calls and you will hear engineers talking about issue reported in tools like  Jenkins, Ansible, terraform , IaC or Chef.This course is a basic introduction to the DevOps essentials everyone must know. By the end of this course, you will have a working knowledge of usage of DevOps in the IT World. We will cover the various practiecs and tools associated with DevOps. You would also know about the relationship between DevOps and Cloud (AWS and Azure).If you are new to DevOps and you are searching for a real time course that would give you a kick start into your DevOps Career or If you have been in IT world for quite some time and you want to learn all about DevOps , the your search has ended. This will also act as a quick refresher for any one who  already working in DevOps.I suggest that you take a look at the preview videos to understand if this course fits in your technical domain and interest areas. Thank you and I welcome you to this course. Happy Learning.Please note that the course is only a Handbook and not a course that will demonstrate the usage of tools involved in the DevOps processes. Yes, you will know what tools are used in each phase but the labs for each tool would be an overkill for the course. – Thanks for understanding


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to The DevOps Essentials – The Handbook

Lecture 2 DevOps Essentials – The Handbook – Trailer

Lecture 3 What is Devops – An Introduction

Lecture 4 Dev and Ops Teams – Their targets

Lecture 5 Lets go Back in time

Lecture 6 What Happened in Silos

Lecture 7 Automating the Build

Lecture 8 What is Continuous Integration ?

Lecture 9 Continuous Integration – Practices

Lecture 10 Continuous Deployment

Lecture 11 Continuous Delivery

Lecture 12 Infrastructure as a Code – IaC

Lecture 13 Configuration Management

Lecture 14 Monitoring for DevOps

Lecture 15 What are Microservices ?

Lecture 16 Tools required for Build Automation and Continuous Integration

Lecture 17 Tools Required for Configuration Management

Lecture 18 Tools required for Virtualization and Containerization

Lecture 19 Tools Required for Monitoring DevOps

Lecture 20 Tools Required for Orchestrating DevOps

Lecture 21 Relationship between Devops and the Cloud

AnyOne who is passionate about learning new trends in technology,Any body New to the world of Devops and Cloud

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Created by: Anand Rao Nednur

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