The Enneagram Your Personality Type Spiritual Development

An overview of the 9 types, the path to higher consciousness, and personal transformation
The Enneagram Your Personality Type Spiritual Development
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The Enneagram Your Personality Type Spiritual Development

What you’ll learn

Introduction to the Enneagram model of self-development and it’s origins
Description and illustration of the 9 Enneagram personality types
Answers to common questions about the Enneagram
Tips for the challenging task of determining your personality type
Insights for your spirituality and personal transformation through the Enneagram

The Enneagram Your Personality Type Spiritual Development


Curiosity about spirituality, psychology, and personality types
Curiosity about spiritual growth and healing


This is an essential introduction for people who want to learn about the powerful psycho-spiritual model of the Enneagram. I’ve taught this material for decades to hundreds of students, and now I’m offering it to you on Udemy!It’s a course designed for both beginners and those who are already familiar with the Enneagram. This program is one-of-a-kind: I’ll show you the secret layers of meaning behind the model, and how it can lead you to higher consciousness.You’ll gain insights about your deepest personality patterns, and about how to live with more peace, power, and purpose. This is an indispensable tool for changing the habits that no longer serve you, and launching into your spiritual growth!We’ll start with the “why,” the purpose of the Enneagram: a map to our true, enlightened selvesWe’ll walk through the ancient, spiritual roots that created this guide to sacred psychologyWe’ll explore how to type yourself, and other FAQs about the EnneagramWe’ll break down how the model works, including how to understand the 9 typesWe’ll locate your personality among the 9 types, and explore your unique struggles and giftsThe magic of this system is how it offers a clear path for our development, so we can access our potential as a human being.  We’ll focus the Enneagram as a catalyst for personal evolution, a consciousness-shifter that leads us into expanding spiritual awareness.I hope you join the millions of people who’ve found healing, wisdom, and self-compassion in the Enneagram. And I know you’ll find the same in this course – The Enneagram: Your Personality Type & Spiritual Development!


Section 1: Background, Foundations, & Model of the Enneagram

Lecture 1 Reflective Journey of the Enneagram

Lecture 2 Origins of the Enneagram

Lecture 3 Navigating our Awareness: The Awareness V Continuum

Lecture 4 Introducing the Enneagram Model & Common Questions

Lecture 5 Why It’s Hard to Type Ourselves & the Reality of Cultural Overlays

Lecture 6 The Enneagram Map to Wholeness

Section 2: The 9 Enneagram Types

Lecture 7 What is an Enneagram Type?

Lecture 8 Introducing the 9 Types

Lecture 9 Thank you!

For beginners AND those who want to go deeper into the Enneagram,People who want to understand their personality and core motivations,People seeking pathways for personal and spiritual growth

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Udemy | English | 0h 54m | 1.00 GB
Created by: Scott McRae

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