The Essentials of Business Analyst 6 PDUs

Learn the Basis of Business Analysis to Enhance Your Career
The Essentials of Business Analyst 6 PDUs
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The Essentials of Business Analyst 6 PDUs

What you’ll learn

Understand the role and importance of a business analyst in project management.
Grasp the core concepts, terminologies, and evolution of business analysis.
Analyze, prioritize, and validate stakeholder needs to ensure alignment with project goals.
Develop strategies for effective communication, collaboration, and relationship management.
Learn techniques like SWOT analysis, use case modeling, and business process modeling.
Understand how to assess organizational readiness and oversee the implementation of chosen solutions.
Familiarize yourself with the latest tools used in business analysis.
Understand the lifecycle of requirements management from inception to delivery.
lan and monitor BA activities, define the scope of analysis, and manage related risks.

The Essentials of Business Analyst 6 PDUs


Just a willingness to learn about Business Analysis


Elevate your business analysis acumen from the comfort of your home! Dive into an immersive e-learning experience designed meticulously based on the esteemed PMI Guide to Business Analysis. Perfectly blending theory with real-world application, our course ensures learners are equipped to face contemporary business challenges.Why Choose This E-Course?1. Flexibility & Convenience: Learn at your pace, anytime, anywhere. Our platform is optimized for all devices, making learning seamless and enjoyable.2. Engaging Content: Featuring interactive modules, quizzes, and rich multimedia content to cater to varied learning styles.3. Earn While You Learn: Attain six valuable PDUs from PMI, a feather in your cap for professionals maintaining their credentials.4. Expert-Designed Curriculum: Content crafted by industry specialists, ensuring a mix of practical skills and theoretical knowledge.5. Community & Support: Get exclusive access to online forums to discuss concepts, seek clarifications, and network with fellow learners.Who Is It For?It is ideal for those beginning their business analysis journey, experienced professionals seeking a refresher, or PMI credential holders aiming to earn PDUs. If you’re looking to gain actionable insights in business analysis without the constraints of location or time, this is your perfect match.E-Course Features:· Adaptive Learning Paths: The course gauges your progress and offers personalized recommendations.· Downloadable Resources: Gain access to a treasure trove of templates, checklists, and e-books.· Lifetime Access: Once enrolled, access the course content whenever you wish, even after completion.· Certification: A digital certificate of completion to validate and showcase your expertise.Your Next Step to Mastery!In a dynamic business world, the role of a business analyst is more crucial than ever. Adapt, evolve, and thrive with “The Essentials of Business Analysis” e-course.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 About Me

Lecture 2 What will you learn in this course

Lecture 3 Getting PMI PDU’s

Section 2: Introduction to Business Analysis

Lecture 4 Introduction to Business Analysis

Lecture 5 What is Business Analysis

Lecture 6 Business Analyst vs. Project Manager

Lecture 7 Requirements

Lecture 8 Product Lifecycle

Lecture 9 Business Value

Lecture 10 BA Process Groups

Lecture 11 BA knowledge Area

Section 3: Needs Assessment

Lecture 12 Intro to Needs Assessment

Lecture 13 Identify Problem or Opportunity

Lecture 14 Assess Current State

Lecture 15 Determine Future State

Lecture 16 Determine Viable Options and Provide Recommendation

Lecture 17 Facilitate Product Roadmap Development

Lecture 18 Assemble Business Case

Lecture 19 Support Charter Development

Section 4: Stakeholder Engagement

Lecture 20 Stakeholder Engagement Intro

Lecture 21 Identify Stakeholders

Lecture 22 Conduct Stakeholder Analysis

Lecture 23 Determine Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Approach

Lecture 24 Conduct Business Analysis Planning

Lecture 25 Prepare for Transition to Future State

Lecture 26 Manage Stakeholder Engagement and Assess Business Analysis Performance

Section 5: Elicitation

Lecture 27 Elicitation Introduction

Lecture 28 Determine Elicitation Approach

Lecture 29 Prepare, Conduct, and Confirm Elicitation

Section 6: Analysis

Lecture 30 Intro to Analysis

Lecture 31 Determine Analysis Approach

Lecture 32 Create and Analyze Models

Lecture 33 Define and Elaborate Requirements

Lecture 34 Define Acceptance Criteria

Lecture 35 Verify and Validate requirements

Lecture 36 Prioritize Requirements and Other Product Information

Lecture 37 Identify and Analyze Product Risks

Lecture 38 Assess Product Design Options

Section 7: Traceability and Monitoring

Lecture 39 Traceability and Monitoring Intro

Lecture 40 Determine Traceability and Monitoring Approach

Lecture 41 Establish Relationships and Dependencies

Lecture 42 Select and Approve Requirements

Lecture 43 Manage Changes to Requirements and Other Product Information

Section 8: Solution Evaluation

Lecture 44 Solution Evaluation Intro

Lecture 45 Evaluate Solution Performance

Lecture 46 Determine Solution Evaluation Approach

Lecture 47 Evaluate Acceptance Results and Address Defects

Lecture 48 Obtain Solution Acceptance for Release

Lecture 49 End of Process

Section 9: End

Lecture 50 How to report PMI PDU’s

Individuals aspiring to kickstart their careers in Business Analysis

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Created by: TIA Education, Andrew Ramdayal

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