The Essentials of Private Equity What You Need to Know

A time-efficient way to learn the must-knows of private equity!
The Essentials of Private Equity What You Need to Know
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The Essentials of Private Equity What You Need to Know

What you’ll learn

Discover the basic, essential concepts within private equity
Learn about the different types of private equity
Understand how the full investment process works from sourcing deals to realising gains
Learn how private equity funds operate and what matters most to them today
Understand the best way to break into private equity in traditional and non-traditional markets

The Essentials of Private Equity What You Need to Know


A basic understanding of finance


The Essentials of Private Equity course is designed to provide you with a time-efficient way to learn the most important concepts within private equity. We are not going to cover every single thing about private equity…but we will cover the essential, need-to-know concepts to make sure you can hit the ground running! The 100% free preview lectures and course outline will give you a feel for the style and level of content that will be covered. I have worked with some of the leading private equity funds across three continents, having also previously advised numerous private equity funds within investment banking at leading firms such as J.P. Morgan and Citigroup. You should feel confident that you are in good hands!Course Outline:Core Principles of Private Equity – discover the absolute essentials of what you need to know to speak confidently about private equitySourcing Deals – dive into how private equity funds source deals for both proprietary and process-driven deals Executing Investments – learn about the full investment process for new deals at private equity funds Portfolio Management – understand how private equity funds create value within their portfolioExiting Investments – use practical examples to understand how private equity funds sell investments and realise profits Private Equity Fund Considerations – understand the core concepts of how funds are operated and benchmarkedHow to Break into Private Equity – learn about the proven ways to maximise your chances of breaking into private equity If you have absolutely any questions once you get started, do not hesitate to use the embedded Q&A function and we will get back to you shortly to continue your learning journey.Whether you’re brand new to the private equity world or are wanting to just learn more, this is the course for you! We can’t wait to see you inside the course!


Section 1: Core Principles of Private Equity

Lecture 1 Introduction to the Course

Lecture 2 What is Private Equity?

Lecture 3 The Inner Workings of a Private Equity Fund

Lecture 4 Different Types of Private Equity & The Characteristics of an LBO

Section 2: The Investment Lifecycle – Sourcing Deals

Lecture 5 The Typical Private Equity Investment Process

Lecture 6 Sourcing Deals

Lecture 7 What Makes a Good LBO Target?

Section 3: The Investment Lifecycle – Entry Transaction

Lecture 8 Initial Due Diligence

Lecture 9 The Initial Offer

Lecture 10 Detailed Due Diligence

Lecture 11 The Final Stages

Section 4: The Investment Lifecycle – Portfolio Management & Value Creation

Lecture 12 How Private Equity Creates Value

Lecture 13 The Buy-and-Build Strategy

Lecture 14 Exit Planning

Section 5: The Investment Lifecycle – Exiting Investments

Lecture 15 Recap on Exit Options

Lecture 16 The Exit Proceeds Waterfall

Lecture 17 Calculating the Final Return

Section 6: Fund Considerations

Lecture 18 Raising a Fund

Lecture 19 Limited Partners (LPs)

Lecture 20 Fund Performance

Section 7: Landing a Job in Private Equity

Lecture 21 Entry Points

Lecture 22 Candidate Strategy

Lecture 23 Interview Preparation

Professionals who are interested in learning more about private equity,Business owners who are interested in working with private equity,Investment bankers or management consultants preparing to move into private equity,Students who are interested in a career within private equity

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Created by: Michael Ng

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