The Legal Implications of Social Media in the Workplace

Regulatory and Case Law Considerations for Employers’ Social Media Policy Development
The Legal Implications of Social Media in the Workplace
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The Legal Implications of Social Media in the Workplace

What you’ll learn

Understand potential legal liability and best practices relating to social media policy development.

The Legal Implications of Social Media in the Workplace


No specific documents or software is needed for this course.


Did you know that social media posts may be protected by Federal Law and that firing an employee over their facebook posts could result in SEROUS LEGAL CONSEQUENCES? This course is designed to help Small Business Owners, Human Resources and Marketing Executives understand some of the legal ramifications in dealing with workplace social media issues. Many businesses are adopting and enforcing policies that may create substantial liability. This course reviews a number of regulations, laws and cases that provide guidance for developing a sound social media policy.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The Obligatory Legal Disclaimer!

Section 2: Social Media Law and General Industry-Specific Regulations

Lecture 3 Existing and Emerging Regulations Impacting Social Media

Section 3: Administrative Agency Cases (EEOC and NLRB)

Lecture 4 The EEOC and Social Media

Lecture 5 The NLRB and Social Media Policies

Lecture 6 NLRB: The Triple Play Case

Lecture 7 NLRB Memos on Social Media

Section 4: Building Social Media Policies

Lecture 8 Social Media Policies

Lecture 9 What to avoid when crafting a Social Media Policy

Lecture 10 What to include when crafting a Social Media Policy

This course is meant for medium and small business executives, marketing and human resources executives seeking to understand the issues to be considered when developing social media policies for business.

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