The Mastery of Elocution

Elevating your Personal Brand through Excellent Speaking
The Mastery of Elocution
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The Mastery of Elocution

What you’ll learn

Understand the dynamics of Elocution.
Learn to pronounce English words correctly.
Become an articulate Speaker and an excellent Conversationist.
Learn to transcribe English words; fostering articulation.
Develop strong oratory skills.
Command audience attention through excellent speaking.
Enhance personal image and brand through effective communication.

The Mastery of Elocution


An Android/iOS device
A strong internet connection
Desire to learn
Consistent practice


Have you realized that what you say is just as important as how you say it?Being knowledgeable and competent in your chosen field is great, however, articulately communicating what you know gives you an advantage. Great communication skills, especially speaking, is a good to have in this time and age and this course is designed to empower you with the knowledge and ability to learn to speak better and articulate your words correctly.In becoming a phenomenal speaker, imitation is good, but definitely not the best method! The limitation in imitation is when the imitating stimulus is absent, the speaker gets stranded especially when encumbered by a new or an unfamiliar word and this could be sometimes embarrassing.The Mastery of Elocution introduces you to the different principles of Oral English. The course has been built to intelligibly engage you in learning the fine art of Elocution. There are five (5) sections in the course: Introduction to the Mastery of Elocution, Recognizing & Pronouncing Consonant Sounds – Voiced Sounds, Recognizing & Pronouncing Consonant Sounds – Voiceless Sounds, More Concepts on Elocution and Becoming an Excellent Speaker. It promises to be fun and exciting!Your journey to excellent speaking is about to be sealed!Let’s do this!


Section 1: Introduction to The Mastery of Elocution

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 10 More Commonly Mispronounced Words

Lecture 3 Classification of Consonant Sounds

Section 2: Recognizing & Pronouncing Consonant Sounds – Voiced Sounds

Lecture 4 Consonant /b/

Lecture 5 Consonant /d/

Lecture 6 Consonant /g/

Lecture 7 Consonant /v/

Lecture 8 Consonant /ð/

Lecture 9 Consonant /z/

Lecture 10 Consonant /ʒ/

Lecture 11 Consonant /dʒ/

Lecture 12 Consonant /m/

Lecture 13 Consonant /n/

Lecture 14 Consonant /ŋ/

Lecture 15 Consonant /w/

Lecture 16 Consonant /j/

Lecture 17 Consonant /l/

Lecture 18 Consonant /r/

Section 3: Recognizing & Pronouncing Consonant Sounds – Voiceless Sounds

Lecture 19 Consonant /p/

Lecture 20 Consonant /t/

Lecture 21 Consonant /k/

Lecture 22 Consonant /f/

Lecture 23 Consonant /θ/

Lecture 24 Consonant /tʃ/

Lecture 25 Consonant /s/

Lecture 26 Consonant /ʃ/

Lecture 27 Consonant /h/

Lecture 28 Comparison of Consonant Sounds

Section 4: More Concepts on Elocution

Lecture 29 Tricky Words

Lecture 30 Transcription

Lecture 31 Content & Grammatical Words

Section 5: Becoming an Excellent Speaker

Lecture 32 Stress & Stress Patterns

Lecture 33 Syllables

Lecture 34 Rules of Pronunciation: The Two-Syllable Rule

Lecture 35 More Rules of Pronunciation: Pluralization Rule

Lecture 36 Word-Ending Rule

Lecture 37 Intonation

Lecture 38 Reading Drill

Lecture 39 Conclusion

Agile minds with a strong desire to upgrade their personal brand through effective speaking.,Young folks who lack the skill and confidence to communicate articulately.,Non-native English speakers looking to enhance their spoken English.,Leaders, Preachers, Public Speakers and other Professionals who desire to upgrade their spoken English and personal image.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 47m | 1.53 GB
Created by: Ann Uramu

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