The Mechanics of Watercolor Painting LEARN THE BASICS

A comprehensive approach to the fundamentals of watercolor painting by NWS Signature Artist
The Mechanics of Watercolor Painting LEARN THE BASICS
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The Mechanics of Watercolor Painting LEARN THE BASICS

What you’ll learn

How to grip and manipulate your paint brush
How to mix varying dilutions of paint
Methods for diluting your paint
How brush pressure and brush angle influence brush strokes
Best practices for setting up a painting workspace
How brushes differ by painting medium and bristle fiber
Charting methods to help you get to know your paints
What tinting strength is and how it influences color mixing
How to mix both single and multiple color mixes
How to identify and match colors using a color wheel
Strategies for mixing successful neutral tones
Methods for communicating white in a painting
Techniques for apply watercolor paint to a painting surface
How to gauge absorption and timing when you paint

The Mechanics of Watercolor Painting LEARN THE BASICS


There are no prerequisites for this course
It is recommended but not required that students complete my Foundations for Mastering Watercolor Painting course


“I absolutely loved this course! She is a fantastic teacher, very easy to listen to and the information is taught in a methodical and easy to understand way. I feel very ready to move on to bigger things now.” – Cherilyn B. The Mechanics of Watercolor Painting is a step-by-step course designed to guide students through all the necessary skills needed to paint with watercolor paints. Using her approachable, easy-to-understand teaching method and lots of hands-on activities, artist Jill Poyerd walks viewers through a total of nearly four hours of lectures and over 30 student activities, covering topics like brush handling, color mixing, paint application, and much much more.We begin by learn all about your workspace. It’s important to have all of your tools readily available when you work. Then we discuss the many aspects of brushes, from how to physically handle a brush to how to properly dilute your paints. Next, the course focuses on how to mix your paints and how to get acquainted with your specific selection of colors. And finally, once we have a solid knowledge base, we learn about the three different application methods – controlled, semi-controlled, and uncontrolled paint application. We close the course with a watercolor painting demonstration so students can understand how it can all be put into practice.This course is one of the most comprehensive classes you will find online related to learning how to use watercolors. It’s primarily aimed at the beginning painter, but it can apply to anyone who feels they may be lacking something in their knowledge when they paint in this medium.


Section 1: How to Use the Course Tools

Lecture 1 How to Use the Course Tools (Optional)

Section 2: Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction

Section 3: Setting Up Your Workspace

Lecture 3 Managing Your Workspace

Section 4: Handling Your Brush

Lecture 4 Brushes by Medium

Lecture 5 Brush Shapes

Lecture 6 Diluting Your Paint

Lecture 7 Dilution Methods

Lecture 8 Sable vs Synthetic Bristles

Lecture 9 Loading Your Brush

Lecture 10 Handling Your Brush

Lecture 11 Brush Angle

Lecture 12 Brush Pressure

Section 5: Mixing Your Paints

Lecture 13 Mixing Puddles

Lecture 14 Get to Know Your Paints

Lecture 15 Color Swatches

Lecture 16 All Color Chart

Lecture 17 Color Family Chart

Lecture 18 Color Wheel

Lecture 19 Tinting Strength

Lecture 20 Color Mixing Basics

Lecture 21 Color Matching

Lecture 22 Mixing Neutrals

Lecture 23 Working with Whites

Section 6: Applying the Paint

Lecture 24 Introduction to Applications

Lecture 25 Controlled Application

Lecture 26 Controlled Activity I

Lecture 27 Controlled Timing

Lecture 28 Controlled Activity II

Lecture 29 Semi-Controlled Application

Lecture 30 Semi-Controlled Activities

Lecture 31 Semi-Controlled Water vs Paint

Lecture 32 Semi-Controlled Timing

Lecture 33 Semi-Controlled Timing Activity

Lecture 34 Uncontrolled Application

Lecture 35 Uncontrolled Multiple Colors

Lecture 36 Uncontrolled at a Slant

Lecture 37 Painting Demonstration

Lecture 38 The Next Step

Beginning watercolor students with any level of experience,Watercolor students of any level who would like to make sure they have a comprehensive understanding of the medium

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Created by: Jill Poyerd

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