The Metanoia

Activate your energy body to balance and beautify your life!
The Metanoia
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Zane Wheeler


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The Metanoia

What you’ll learn

Learn how spiritual authority has corrupted our connection to the Divine
Learn how to correctly utilize prayer in order to improve your life
Learn how to properly move energy through your body to balance vital systems
Learn how to amplify your authentic nature in order to help others

The Metanoia


An open mind is required
Meditation experience recommended


What does it mean to exercise true faith in this day and age? Is it a religious undertaking, spiritual, personal, or somewhere in-between all three? How has religious and spiritual authority stolen our inborn right to exercise this faith in the form of manifestational prayer? And most importantly, how do we reclaim our faith and prayer in order to raise our vibrations and become superhumans here on Earth? By implementing a powerful energetic technique designed to expand our consciousness, spoken of in the bible by Christ himself, you will come to understand your own power, learn to focus it, and use it to aid the evolution of humanity at large. Join Zane Wheeler on an unforgettable journey into the very nature of your soul. With 20+ years in the healing field, Zane shares time-tested methods of energy clearing and trauma healing that can be performed in the safety of your own home! Zane’s techniques of personal evolution are life-changing and are sure to set your heart ablaze so you can both find your true path through life AND enjoy the pleasure of influencing others to find their unique power as well. Waste not a second longer and commit to bettering yourself through the amazing modules of Shadow to Shine Online starting right here with The Metanoia!


Section 1: Welcome to S2SO Module 1 – The Metanoia

Lecture 1 Hello and Welcome from Zane!

Section 2: Lecture 1: Understanding the Matrix

Lecture 2 Understanding the Matrix

Section 3: The Faith Paradox

Lecture 3 Lecture 2 : The Faith Paradox

Section 4: Lecture 3: Creative Awakenings and The Metanoia

Lecture 4 Creative Awakenings and the Metanoia

Section 5: Congratulations! Module Complete.

Lecture 5 Well done!

Spiritual seekers looking to maximize their potential and step into their power!

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Udemy | English | 1h 0m | 779.78 MB
Created by: Zane Wheeler

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