The Mindful Ukulele Method

Reducing anxiety & stress, increase your levels of happiness whilst learning how to play the Ukulele.
The Mindful Ukulele Method
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The Mindful Ukulele Method

What you’ll learn

Learn how to play simple songs on the Ukulele while improving your mental health & wellbeing through the transformative power of music.
Identifying the relationship between music creation and mindfulness will help you to be more present in your life.
Recognise that simple mindfulness techniques incorporated into everyday life will have a positive impact in all areas of your life.
Reduce anxiety and cultivate a calmer mind through by repeating simple exercises while having fun playing the Ukulele.
Recognise that a simple mindfulness routine while learning how to play Ukulele will dramatically improve your overall wellbeing.

The Mindful Ukulele Method


You will need a ukulele (Any type) , Analog Tuner (or free phone app)
No previous experience with the ukulele is required
Be open minded to try a new approach and love music
10 minutes of your time daily


Welcome to my Mindful Ukulele Method video course!In this course you’ll learn: simple mindfulness techniques for everyday use to reduce your stress levels & anxiety and increase your happiness hormones using music and playing as a tool to cultivate mindfulness habits that will last a lifetime general musicianshipthe very basics of Ukulele playing, like how to hold the instrument, how to strumhow to play simple chords and songs, also Sing songs,and many more thingsThe effects of this method will radiate out into all areas of your life and my mission is to teach you how to play the Ukulele and play songs and at the same time make you more aware of yourself, reduce your stress levels and help you to experience more happiness in your life.This is my very own method of teaching that I developed and refined over the past 15 years, with hundreds of my students whose mental wellbeing dramatically changed for the better, and I’m really excited to finally put it together into a video course so that you can also benefit from it.You might have had a lifelong dream of being able to play Ukulele, sing some songs, be really in the moment but then life got in the way and days became weeks, weeks became years and suddenly you think Oh, I’m too old for this now and this makes you sad and angry that you didn’t start this earlier.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 What is the Mindful Ukulele Method?

Lecture 3 What is mindfulness?

Lecture 4 Music creation as amazing tool to develop mindfulness habits

Lecture 5 Benefits of mindfulness habits for all areas of your life

Lecture 6 Buying a Ukulele

Lecture 7 Who is this course for & getting the most out of it

Section 2: Ukulele Basics & Sound Decay Exercise

Lecture 8 Introduction

Lecture 9 Mindfulness: the sound decay exercise introduction

Lecture 10 Mindfulness Activity: the sound decay exercise

Lecture 11 Parts of the Ukulele

Lecture 12 How to hold your Ukulele

Lecture 13 How to tune your Ukulele

Lecture 14 Incorporating mindfulness in everyday life

Section 3: Basic Rhythm Theory, Strumming Hand Basics & Holding Breath Exercise

Lecture 15 Introduction

Lecture 16 Mindfulness: holding breath exercise introduction

Lecture 17 Mindfulness Activity: holding breath exercise

Lecture 18 Basic rhythm theory: Quarter note/Crotchet

Lecture 19 Basic rhythm theory: Eighth note/Quaver

Lecture 20 Basic rhythm theory: Whole note/Semibreve

Lecture 21 Basic rhythm theory: Half note/Minim

Lecture 22 Basic rhythm theory: 4/4 + 3/4 time signatures

Lecture 23 How to read strumming patterns

Lecture 24 Thumb or index finger strumming

Lecture 25 Strumming Pattern 1

Lecture 26 Strumming Pattern 2

Section 4: Fretting Hand Basics, Chords Part 1 & Counting Breaths Exercise

Lecture 27 Introduction

Lecture 28 Mindfulness: counting breaths exercise introduction

Lecture 29 Mindfulness Activity: counting breaths exercise

Lecture 30 How to read chord diagrams + 1st chord: A-Minor (Am)

Lecture 31 2nd chord: C-Major (C)

Lecture 32 Fretting hand position

Lecture 33 Finger exercise for the fretting hand: Tiny Spider

Section 5: Song Lesson Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles (1 chord song)

Lecture 34 Introduction

Lecture 35 Demo: Tomorrow Never Knows + leadsheet

Lecture 36 Song lesson: how to play Tomorrow Never Knows

Section 6: Song Lesson Get Up Stand Up by Bob Marley (1 chord song)

Lecture 37 Introduction

Lecture 38 Demo: Get Up Stand Up + leadsheet

Lecture 39 Song lesson: how to play Get Up Stand Up

Section 7: Tips on Practising Ukulele and Mindfulness & Quiet Mug Exercise

Lecture 40 Introduction

Lecture 41 Mindfulness: quiet mug exercise introduction

Lecture 42 Mindfulness Activity: quiet mug exercise

Lecture 43 Creating the right environment to succeed

Section 8: Strumming Part 2 & Sense Of Hearing

Lecture 44 Introduction

Lecture 45 Mindfulness: explore your surroundings by intent listening introduction

Lecture 46 Mindfulness Activity: explore your surroundings by intent listening

Lecture 47 Strumming Pattern 3

Lecture 48 Strumming Pattern 4

Lecture 49 Strumming Pattern 5

Lecture 50 Strumming Pattern 6

Lecture 51 Strumming Pattern 7

Section 9: Chords Part 2 & Sense Of Vision

Lecture 52 Introduction

Lecture 53 Mindfulness: sense of vision introduction

Lecture 54 Mindfulness Activity: explore the sense of vision by noticing everything around

Lecture 55 3rd chord: F-Major (F)

Lecture 56 4th chord: G-Major (G)

Lecture 57 5th chord: D-Dominant 7 (D7)

Lecture 58 Changing from one chord to another chord

Section 10: Song Lesson: Let It Be by The Beatles

Lecture 59 Introduction

Lecture 60 Demo: Let It Be + leadsheet

Lecture 61 Song lesson: how to play Let It Be

Section 11: Song Lesson: Bye Bye Love by The Everly Brothers

Lecture 62 Introduction

Lecture 63 Demo: Bye Bye Love + leadsheet

Lecture 64 Song lesson: how to play Bye Bye Love

Section 12: Song Lesson: I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Lecture 65 Introduction

Lecture 66 Demo: I’m Yours + leadsheet

Lecture 67 Song lesson: how to play I’m Yours

Section 13: Song Lesson: Riptide by Vance Joy

Lecture 68 Introduction

Lecture 69 Demo: Riptide + leadsheet

Lecture 70 Song lesson: how to play Riptide

Section 14: Chords Part 3 Sense Of Touch

Lecture 71 Introduction

Lecture 72 Mindfulness: sense of touch introduction

Lecture 73 Mindfulness Activity: explore the sense of touching with our Ukuleles

Lecture 74 6th chord: D minor (Dm)

Lecture 75 7th chord: E-minor (Em)

Lecture 76 8th Chord: G-dominant 7 (G7)

Lecture 77 9th chord: C-dominant 7 (C7)

Lecture 78 10th chord: F-dominant 7 (F7)

Lecture 79 11th chord: B-dominant 7 (B7)

Lecture 80 12th chord E-dominant 7 (E7)

Section 15: Finger Picking 3 & Body Scan

Lecture 81 Introduction

Lecture 82 Mindfulness: Body Scan introduction

Lecture 83 Mindfulness Activity: explore the feelings in your body by observing sensations

Lecture 84 Introduction to fingerpicking

Lecture 85 Fingerpicking pattern 1

Lecture 86 Fingerpicking pattern 2

Lecture 87 Fingerpicking pattern 3

Section 16: Song Lesson: Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley

Lecture 88 Introduction

Lecture 89 Demo: Can’t Help Falling In Love + leadsheet

Lecture 90 Song lesson: how to play Can’t Help Falling In Love

Section 17: Song Lesson: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Lecture 91 Introduction

Lecture 92 Demo: Hallelujah + leadsheet

Lecture 93 Song lesson: how to play Hallelujah

Section 18: Song Lesson: Count on Me by Bruno Mars

Lecture 94 Introduction

Lecture 95 Demo: Count on Me + leadsheet

Lecture 96 Song lesson: how to play Count on Me

Section 19: Song Lesson: Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty

Lecture 97 Introduction

Lecture 98 Demo: Free Fallin’ + leadsheet

Lecture 99 Song lesson: how to play Free Fallin’

Section 20: EXTRA: Chord Library (most used chords)

Lecture 100 Introduction

Lecture 101 C Minor (Cm)

Lecture 102 C Minor 7 (Cm7)

Lecture 103 C Major 7 (Cmaj7)

Lecture 104 C Diminished (Co)

Lecture 105 D Major (D)

Lecture 106 D Dominant 7 (D7)

Lecture 107 D minor 7 (Dm7)

Lecture 108 D Major 7 (Dmaj7)

Lecture 109 Eb Minor (Ebm)

Lecture 110 E Major (E)

Lecture 111 E Minor 7 (Em7)

Lecture 112 F Minor (Fm)

Lecture 113 F Minor 7 (Fm7)

Lecture 114 F Major 7 (Fmaj7)

Lecture 115 G Minor (Gm)

Lecture 116 G Minor 7 (Gm7)

Lecture 117 G Major 7 (Gmaj7)

Lecture 118 A Major (A)

Lecture 119 A Dominant 7 (D7)

Lecture 120 A Major 7 (Amaj7)

Lecture 121 Bb Major (Bb)

Lecture 122 B Major (B)

Section 21: EXTRA Song Lesson: Happy Birthday

Lecture 123 Song lesson: Play Happy Birthday

Section 22: Conclusion

Lecture 124 Conclusion

People looking to reduce anxiety and boost their mental wellbeing while learning how to play the Ukulele.,Stressed and overworked professionals who are looking to develop a better work life balance.,Aspiring Ukulele players seeking to reduce anxiety and increase happiness at the same time.,People asking themselves ‘Was this all I will do in my life?’ and not knowing where to start to cultivate a more mindful life.

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Udemy | English | 2h 28m | 3.25 GB
Created by: Vinnie Stergin

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