The Most InDepth Google Tag Manager GTM Course for 2023

With 21 Real Examples For eCommerce Including: FB, GA4, LiN Pixels, Button/Link Clicks, Custom Dimensions and much more
The Most InDepth Google Tag Manager GTM Course for 2023
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The Most InDepth Google Tag Manager GTM Course for 2023

What you’ll learn

Install a wide array of marketing tools without the need for a developer
Setup Google Tag Manager in different CMS and e-commerce platforms (WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, …)
Deploy Facebook, Google Ads Remarketing, LinkedIn and other third-party tracking pixels with Google Tag Manager
Track conversions, auto events, file downloads, link clicks, button clicks…
Import and export tags from one Google Tag Manager account to another
Troubleshoot the problems that might arise
How to simply exclude traffic from analytic reports for specific devices and people
Send values to Custom Dimensions and Events in Google Analytics 4
Reading and Writing First-party Cookies
Learn about Lookup Tables, Scroll Triggers, Time Triggers and more…

The Most InDepth Google Tag Manager GTM Course for 2023


Join with an open mind & ready to learn.
No prior experience with Google Tag Manager is required!
Basic understanding of HTML & Javascript but you’ll be able to follow even without it.
Good to already have a website set up.


In this course, we will cover everything from basic Google Tag Manager concepts, tools, and tags all the way to more advanced topics and interconnected tags.  We will start with the basic theory and transition to over 21 real-world examples so you can build your own tags as we go along.By the end of this course, you will have a deep understanding of Google Tag Manager (GTM) and be able to come up with your own tag ideas and implement them confidently.Become a tracking superstar capable of executing advanced marketing experiments and installing 3rd party tools without the need for an IT expert.With Google Tag Manager, you can quickly add new marketing tools to your website with little to no technical knowledge. This way you can speed up testing and the deployment of marketing experiments.In short Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free platform from Google (duh 🙂 ) that allows you to install different types of marketing tools/scripts like Google Analytics 4, Facebook Pixel, and Mailchimp forms,… to your website.You’ll learn how to do all this without any special technical knowledge.WHAT PEOPLE SAY “Had zero knowledge of tag management and it was really easy to follow. Each lesson was adding a new level of complexity that was just right above the previous one and in the end, I had a really good understanding of the platform.”  — Gabriel Denav (5 stars) “Well, I’m a digital marketing manager with over 15 years of exp. This course was great as it add value to my work and fill up some blank space. Thank you and I’m waiting for the next courses from you.” — Mariusz Maćkowiak (5 stars) “Excellent course – Ziga goes above and beyond with this GTM course. It’s terrific for beginners – but he also covers some surprisingly advanced topics as well. If you already has a basic understanding of GTM, this course will take your skills to another level. Bravo!” — David Eyler (5 stars)SOME OF THE TOPICS WE WILL COVERThe initial Google Tag Manager installation and browser setup In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the essential browser plugins that will help you debug and troubleshoot problems. I’ll show you how to create and set up GTM on the most popular eCommerce platforms (WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace) and on a custom website. We’ll go through some of the most common problems that might occur during your setup and how to solve them.Google Tag Manager overview and some good practices This section will be a bit more theoretical as we’ll explore and explain different parts of Google Tag Manager. We’ll take a look at what tags, variables, and triggers are used for. I will also give you some of the best practices I’ve picked up over the years.Set up essential tags and publish them In this section, we’ll set up all the basic tracking that you would need. Like Facebook, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), and LinkedIn … Then we’ll take a look at how to create a new version and publish the container on your website. We will also take a look at how to copy and paste your tags to different containers and accounts. Most importantly we’ll learn how to check if your tags work correctly with the help of Google Tag Assistant.How to improve & expand your tracking data In this section, we’ll build on what we learned in the previous section and learn some new concepts. We will take the tags previously created and improve them. We’ll send custom events to Facebook, learn to track scroll distance, time on site, and link clicks, and send all this data to Google Analytics. We’ll also play around with cookies and URL parameters.More advanced tracking concepts In the last section, we’ll take a look at custom dimensions and how to exclude your internal team’s traffic. We will also look at the visibility trigger and how it can replace or improve your scroll tracking. With the help of the data layer and custom events, we will track purchases and mark them as conversions in Google Ads Manager.WHO IS THIS FORIf you’ve just started your own eCommerce store and would like to learn how to set up a Google Tag Manager, then join this course. You’ll learn the most essential tracking concepts that each business nowadays needs.If you are a marketer who wants more control in setting up marketing tools and doing faster experiments without involving the IT department, then this course is for you as well.WHAT WILL YOU GETBy joining this course you’ll get lifetime access with a 30-day money-back guarantee. On top of that, you will also get personalized help from me.So, stop pondering and start learning now!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to The Course

Lecture 2 What is Google Tag Manager and Why do You Need it

Lecture 3 How to Get The Most Out of This Course

Section 2: Initial Google Tag Manager (GTM) Installation and Browser Setup

Lecture 4 Useful Chrome Plugins For Working With Google Tag Manager

Lecture 5 Create a Google Tag Manager Account

Lecture 6 The Overview of 5 Google Tag Manager Installation Methods

Lecture 7 Manual Installation of Google Tag Manager on Your Website

Lecture 8 Setup Google Tag Manager on WordPress

Lecture 9 Setup Google Tag Manager on Shopify

Lecture 10 Setup Google Tag Manager on Squarespace

Lecture 11 Inject Google Tag Manager Container to any Website

Lecture 12 Short Recap

Section 3: Overview of Google Tag Manager (GTM) Interface and Best Practices

Lecture 13 Interface Overview

Lecture 14 Best Practices & Considerations

Lecture 15 Naming Conventions

Lecture 16 Short Recap

Section 4: Setup Essential Tags and Publish Them

Lecture 17 Google Analytics 4 Setup & Publishing The First Version

Lecture 18 Google Ads Remarketing Setup

Lecture 19 Testing & Debugging Before Publishing a New Version

Lecture 20 Facebook Pixel Setup

Lecture 21 Copy Tag and Export Container

Lecture 22 Troubleshooting Problems You Might Encounter

Lecture 23 Short Recap

Section 5: Improving & Expanding Your Tracking Data

Lecture 24 Time Triggered Tags Part 1: Custom Facebook Events For Remarketing

Lecture 25 Time Triggered Tags Part 2: Time on Site With Google Events

Lecture 26 Scroll Distance Tracking Part 1: The Basic

Lecture 27 Scroll Distance Tracking Part 2: Time Triggered

Lecture 28 Click Tracking Part 1: Outbound Links

Lecture 29 Click Tracking Part 2: Buttons and Other Elements

Lecture 30 Reading and Writing First-party Cookies

Lecture 31 Short Recap

Section 6: Advanced Tracking Concepts

Lecture 32 Visibility Trigger

Lecture 33 Conversion Tracking Part 1: Simple Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Lecture 34 Conversion Tracking Part 2: Custom Variables & Data Layer

Lecture 35 Simplifying UTM Links With the Help of Lookup Tables

Lecture 36 Detecting Ad Blockers with Tag Manager

Section 7: Conclusion

Lecture 37 The Wrap-up

Lecture 38 Bonus Lecture

Anyone trying to simplify the setup and installment of Google Analytics 4 & Ads, Facebook Pixel, HotJar, and other 3rd party tools.,Marketing managers trying to iterate experiments quicker and without involving developers.,Online business owners and marketers trying to simplify their work by learning Google Tag Manager.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 4m | 1.68 GB
Created by: Ziga Berce

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