The New Science of Stress Management Theory Application

A Science-Based Approach to Manage & Reduce Stress – Psychology’s Current Best Practices – Manage Stress in Healthy Ways
The New Science of Stress Management Theory Application
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The New Science of Stress Management Theory Application

What you’ll learn

Learn the new science of stress management including the three most important research studies showing today’s best stress management techniques
Taught by a Tenured College Professor, best-selling Udemy author, & Microsoft Certified Educator with 40+ years of mindfulness and meditation experience.
Gain skills to manage stress more effectively: learn how to relieve stress, natural remedies for stress, stress relief tips, and stress reduction techniques
Acquire insight into the origins and effects of stress: causes of stress, signs of stress, effects of stress on the body, stress and anxiety, workplace stress
Learn about stress and depression, stress and health, stress and sleep, stress and relationships, stress and mindfulness, and stress and exercise
Stress and coping mechanisms, and stress and relaxation techniques, will also be covered in the course, along with important lifestyle choices to reduce stress
Hands-on exercises with solutions, Over 400,000 students taught, Lifetime course access.
100% satisfaction guaranteed, Learn at your own pace, This course is tested and proven.

The New Science of Stress Management Theory Application


No previous experience or knowledge is needed. You will learn everything you need to know.


Welcome to The New Science of Stress Management – Proven Methodologies.This course will give you the skills and knowledge to manage stress effectively. The course is based on the latest scientific research on stress management.What you learn in this course will benefit all areas of your life: professionally, socially, physically, and financially. Your work will be better. Your family will be better. Your social life will be better. Your physical health will be better. Your finances will be better. Everything gets better when you learn to more effectively work with stress, anxiety, and other such challenges.My name is Todd McLeod and I will be your instructor. I am tenured college faculty and a Microsoft Certified Educator. I have over 40+ years of experience working with mindfulness and meditation to help others have less stress, have more peace and equanimity, become more productive and effective, have better relationships, and live happier lives.This course is thorough & comprehensive. It is also practical & applicable. This course will give you skills you can apply to manage stress more effectively:Learn the new science of stress managementUnderstand the key takeaways for managing stress effectivelyPractice applying stress management techniques in your lifeRealize the important role mindset plays in relation to stressGain the ability to more effectively manage stressful narrativesAcquire the ability to meet stressful situations more skillfullyLearn the best techniques for handling intense stressGain wholistic perspectives for effectively managing stressSee how sleep and exercise help you manage stressUnderstand how belonging and lifestyle influence stressUse the 4, 7, 8 “box” breathing technique to reduce stressLearn how the ADA framework can help reduce stressAcquire body-centered practices to manage stressRealize how mindfulness can help you meet stressDeepen your knowledge with curated resourcesThis course provides a science-based approach to skillfully managing stress. In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of stress management and practical tools to more effectively manage and reduce stress in your life.Together, we will embark on a transformative journey to more effectively manage and reduce stress. We will explore the latest research on stress management, providing you with valuable insights and practical techniques to navigate stress. We will gain an understanding the impact stress has on our health and well-being. We will uncover the key takeaways from research revealing how changing our narratives can empower us to handle stress more effectively. We will also learn through real-life examples how to apply key takeaways and rewrite stressful narratives.As we progress, we will explore the connection between stress and its effects on our cardiovascular health, cognitive responses, and mortality. Moreover, we will explore the intriguing placebo effect and the immense power of the mind in managing stress.In order to skillfully manage stress, we will address the importance of sleep, exercise, nutrition, & belonging. These lifestyle factors play a significant role in reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being. Through hands-on exercises and practical tips, we will see how to incorporate these elements into our daily routines.We will also explore stress management by delving into the psychology of stress. We will explore the origins of stress, the fight-or-flight response, and the internal narratives that influence our perception of stress. Through psychological reframing and articulating experiences, we will gain valuable tools to reduce stress and foster resilience.Social support & mindfulness will also be pivotal in our journey towards stress management. We will examine the role of social connections and provide strategies to leverage them effectively. Additionally, we will learn about mindfulness and its impact on stress reduction, drawing inspiration from real-life case studies.Throughout the course, you will find exercises, case studies, and practical techniques to apply the theory. Together we will gain a comprehensive toolkit to face stress with confidence and resilience. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to manage stress more effectively.So click enroll and begin learning the new science of stress management.Click enroll and get started!


Section 1: Getting started

Lecture 1 The new science of stress management

Lecture 2 The key takeaway from the research on stress management

Lecture 3 Example – applying the key takeaway and changing my narrative

Lecture 4 Course details: how we learn & managing expectations

Lecture 5 New information = new opportunities

Section 2: The New Science of Stress Management

Lecture 6 Study #1: Does the Perception that Stress Affects Health Matter?

Lecture 7 A Deeper Dive into Changing Our Narratives

Lecture 8 Study #2: Mind over Matter: Cardiovascular and Cognitive Responses to Stress

Lecture 9 Study #3: Giving to Others and the Association Between Stress and Mortality

Lecture 10 The Placebo Effect & The Power of The Mind

Section 3: Progressing forward with skillfully managing stress

Lecture 11 The key takeaways on managing stress

Lecture 12 Steps to take when facing intense stress and challenges

Lecture 13 Hands on exercise: investigating stress

Lecture 14 Hands on exercise: stress & mindset

Section 4: Sleep, exercise, nutrition, belonging & lifestyle

Lecture 15 Your life’s purpose

Lecture 16 SLEEP, exercise, nutrition, & belonging = reduce stress

Lecture 17 Sleep, EXERCISE, nutrition, & belonging = reduce stress

Lecture 18 Sleep, exercise, NUTRITION, & belonging = reduce stress

Lecture 19 Sleep, exercise, nutrition, & BELONGING = reduce stress

Lecture 20 Sleep, exercise, nutrition, & belonging = LIFESTYLE = reduce stress

Lecture 21 Hands on exercise: build your best life

Section 5: Body centered practices to reduce stress

Lecture 22 Using the 4, 7, 8 breathing technique to reduce stress

Lecture 23 Using other body-centered practices to reduce stress

Lecture 24 Exercise: self-massage to chill music

Lecture 25 Exercise: stretching to chill music

Section 6: Gaining insight into the psychology of stress

Lecture 26 Introduction to the psychology of stress

Lecture 27 The origins of stress: the fight-or-flight response & internal narratives

Lecture 28 Working with narratives: psychological reframing to reduce stress

Lecture 29 Integrating the brain: articulating experiences to reduce stress

Lecture 30 Using social support to manage & reduce stress

Lecture 31 Exercise: investigating your stress

Section 7: Using mindfulness to manage stress

Lecture 32 Understanding mindfulness

Lecture 33 Case study: Starbucks and mindfulness

Lecture 34 Exercise: Using the ADA framework to reduce stress

Section 8: Individual and organizational optimization

Lecture 35 Resources – research, articles, documentation

Section 9: Farewell

Lecture 36 Next steps

Lecture 37 Bonus Lecture

This course is perfect for individuals who want to learn research backed solutions for managing stress effectively.

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Created by: Todd McLeod

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