The Passive Voice A1 B2 English Grammar with the dog

Innovative, informative and still super cute course of the Passive Voice with dog videos!
The Passive Voice A1 B2 English Grammar with the dog
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Katarzyna Kuszewska


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The Passive Voice A1 B2 English Grammar with the dog

What you’ll learn

Understanding what the Passive Voice is
Making the Passive Voice sentences
Changing Active Voice into Passive
No test/ pop quiz on the Passive Voice will surprise you negatively 🙂
Have something done
Impersonal constructions

The Passive Voice A1 B2 English Grammar with the dog


Revising the Tenses will definitely make learning the Passive Voice easier (that’s why a quick recap is included in the second unit of the course). For everybody else (not familiar with the Tenses, I strongly recommend completing my other course “The Tenses…” first 🙂


Hello Everybody!This course will show you that the English Passive Voice is learnable :). How – you’d ask?because it has common rulesbecause it is logicalbecause it is presented in this course 🙂 🙂 :)because it is so widely used that it is impossible to forget I know that my course is innovative because my animals, which perform in the videos, will help you to understand and remember the Passive Voice and its uses. I don’t promise you’ll learn everything by heart and memorise every information but I do promise that you’ll be sure of when and how to use it.I promise that my course is informative because you will be provided with all of the information needed to form correct sentences in English with confidence and pride :).I think that my course is super cute because it keeps a balance between the challenge of learning the Passive Voice and funny videos with my animals applicable to the topic.What’s more, I advise you to revise the English tenses before you go on to learn the Passive Voice – it will save your time and keep frustration away. I’ve got a course on the English Tenses on Udemy, which you can use to revise the tenses or use your notes!…and – you can try out the course. Udemy provides you with an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee.Let’s meet in the course, of course :)Katarzyna and Ponton the dog


Section 1: Wstęp


Section 2: THE PASSIVE VOICE – how to form and use?

Lecture 2 Quick recap – all English tenses

Lecture 3 Passive voice – Present Simple, Past Simple and Future Simple

Lecture 4 Practice 1: Simple Passive exercises

Lecture 5 Practice 2: more Simple Passive exercises

Lecture 6 Practice 3: and some more Simple Passive exercises

Lecture 7 TEST: the Simple Passive Voice + the Simple tenses COMBO

Lecture 8 Passive voice – Present/Past/Future Continuous

Lecture 9 Practice 1: Continuous Passive exercises

Lecture 10 Practice 2: more Continuous Passive exercises

Lecture 11 Practice 3: and some more Continuous Passive exercises

Lecture 12 TEST: the Continuous Passive Voice + the Continuous tenses COMBO

Lecture 13 Passive voice – Present/Past/Future Perfect

Lecture 14 Practice 1: Pefrect Passive exercises

Lecture 15 Practice 2: more Perfect Passive exercises

Lecture 16 Practice 3: and some more Perfect Passive exercises

Lecture 17 TEST: the Perfect Passive Voice + the Perfect tenses COMBO

Lecture 18 Passive voice – Present/Past/Future Perfect Continuous

Lecture 19 Practice 1: Pefrect Continuous Passive exercises

Lecture 20 Practice 2: more Perfect Continuous Passive exercises

Lecture 21 Practice 3: and some more Perfect Continuous Passive exercises

Section 3: SUMMARY: tests

Lecture 22 TEST: with clues

Lecture 23 TEST: with no clues

Lecture 24 MAX TEST: the Passive Voice + the Tenses

Ambitious beginners who like to learn to swim, not learn to walk on the sand first :),Intermediate students who want to broaden and/or revise their knowledge of the Passive Voice,Teachers who are looking for alternative methods of explaining the English grammar,Students taking English exams B!/B2/C1 levels,And finally the course is for everybody who feels the need to master the tenses. Is it because of an exam, a test or an inner incentive. Welcome everybody with a desire to learn!!!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 46m | 2.25 GB
Created by: Katarzyna Kuszewska

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