The Power of Food when you have PCOS

Giving you the tools to help manage PCOS with your diet!
The Power of Food when you have PCOS
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The Power of Food when you have PCOS

What you’ll learn

Understand what PCOS is and why it affects you!
Understand the link with PCOS and stress.
Understand what nutrients are and the role they play with managing PCOS
Understand what food groups are and the importance with knowing foods suitable for PCOS sufferers.
Understanding the importance of portion control when managing PCOS

The Power of Food when you have PCOS


There are no prerequisites to take this course.
To be open minded to trying new things
Willing to dedicate time to listen and/or watch the lectures. Each lecture ranges from 2 to 10 minutes.
Open to making dietary decisions based on personal circumstances
To be able to work without support. All information is given in the course


This course is for PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) sufferers who are looking to manage PCOS with diet.  This course will teach you about what PCOS is, which may change your views!  Understanding what PCOS is will help you to recognise the role diet plays in managing PCOS.You’ll also learn about stress and the huge role it plays in managing PCOS.  For many sufferers,  changing the diet can be incredibly stressful which can lead to a worsening of symptoms, this course gives you a stressless way of managing your diet! This course isn’t about following restrictive diets instead, you’ll learn about foods and nutrients that are suitable for managing PCOS and alternatives that can help!Learning about PCOS, nutrients and food groups will help you not feel hungry and miserable.   I’m sure you don’t want to follow a strict boring eating regime which removes foods that are part of your life!  Instead, you’ll learn about foods and still be able to eat foods you enjoy!   You’ll also learn a steady way of managing your diet so you can have lasting results instead of stressful calorie counting restrictive ways of eating.Completing this course will allow you to understand and choose the types of foods that are right for you to manage PCOS.  But more importantly, this course will help you to make choices that are right for you, recognising that we are all not the same and have unique and individual lifestyles. Completing this course will help you to make dietary choices based on your needs and wants and at a pace that suits you!And you’ll also have resources that will help you with making food choices that are right for you!Please note: Due to the nature of this course, this course does NOT include support!


Section 1: Introduction to The Power of Foods when you have PCOS course.

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction to Section 1

Lecture 3 Who is this for

Lecture 4 About Me

Lecture 5 Nutrition Titles

Section 3: Section 2: What is PCOS?

Lecture 6 Introduction to Section 2

Lecture 7 What is PCOS?

Lecture 8 Not in Balance

Lecture 9 Multiple systems

Lecture 10 Impact on other systems

Lecture 11 Multiple organs

Section 4: Section 3: Creating Balance

Lecture 12 Introduction to Section 3

Lecture 13 Balancing PCOS, not curing PCOS

Lecture 14 Treat the cause, not the symptoms!

Lecture 15 Treat the cause, as well as symptoms!

Section 5: Section 4: PCOS and Stress

Lecture 16 Introduction to Section 4

Lecture 17 PCOS and Stress

Lecture 18 Stress free!

Section 6: Section 5: Creating balance with nutrients

Lecture 19 Introduction to Section 5

Lecture 20 Types of nutrients

Lecture 21 Counting

Lecture 22 Recommended calorie intake

Lecture 23 Difference between women with and without PCOS

Lecture 24 Good nutrients, bad nutrients

Section 7: Section 6: Creating balance with food groups

Lecture 25 Introduction to Section 6

Lecture 26 5 food groups

Lecture 27 Food pyramid

Lecture 28 Healthy eating pyramid

Lecture 29 THE Nutrient

Lecture 30 Simple carbohydrates

Lecture 31 Complex carbohydrates

Lecture 32 Don’t forget the others (part 1)

Lecture 33 Don’t forget the others (part 2)

Lecture 34 PCOS Healthy Eating Pyramid

Lecture 35 PCOS Healthy Eating Portions

Section 8: Section 7: Good luck!

Lecture 36 Introduction to Section 7

Lecture 37 Remember!

Lecture 38 Good Luck!!!!

This course is for women diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) looking for natural ways of managing the disease. This course focuses on diet and foods that can help with managing PCOS

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Created by: Cheryl Best

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