The Power of Gesture Drawing how to gesture draw figures

Take your figure from okay to stunning with gesture drawing
The Power of Gesture Drawing how to gesture draw figures
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The Power of Gesture Drawing how to gesture draw figures

What you’ll learn

Draw great action poses using gesture drawings
Learning what gesture drawing is and is not
Use gesture drawing to draw figures quickly
Learn to draw 90, 60, and 30 second gesture drawings
Draw better figures

The Power of Gesture Drawing how to gesture draw figures


It would be helpful to know how to draw proportions of the figure


I’m Neil. A Top selling Art Instructor at Udemy – And best-selling author of How to Draw Awesome Figures. Welcome to my course the Power of Gesture Drawing: how to gesture draw figures. I teach the why’s, like why to use a C curve when drawing a gesture, or why to use an S curve, etc. I don’t just draw and talk. I actually teach you to become a better artist. I have over 10,000 students, which all love my teaching style. In this course, we will learn how to draw amazing figures that will make our comics, illustrations, video game art, etc look professional. We will learn gesture drawing in a way that makes since, in a way that will improve your figures’ poses. They will look alive and powerful. Because I want you to draw the best figures possible, we’re going to learn everything about gesture drawing and how it makes drawing figures easy. We will learn what a gesture is and what a gesture is not. We will learn how to apply the line, C-curve, and S-curve to our figures. We will learn how to draw gestures from imagination and from references. We will learn different techniques of gesture drawing, and finally, we will learn to draw 90, 60, and even 30 second gesture drawings. This course is for anyone that wants to draw the best looking figures quicker and easier than before. It’s for beginners and advanced students. Anyone can learn to draw better figures with this course. Thanks for taking interests in The Power of Gesture Drawing. I’m really excited to see how much you improve, so go ahead and click the enroll button, or test the course out first by using the free preview feature. Thanks. See you on the inside.


Section 1: Start Here

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: The basic of gesture drawing

Lecture 2 Overview of gesture drawing and drawing your first figure with gesture drawing

Lecture 3 Exercise: draw your first figure with gesture drawing

Lecture 4 The different ways to draw gesture drawings of the figure

Lecture 5 Exercise: Practice drawing gestures with different techniques

Lecture 6 What gesture drawing is not

Lecture 7 Exercise: Draw a pose the wrong way

Lecture 8 What gesture drawing is

Lecture 9 Exercise: Draw this pose with a C curve and an S curve

Lecture 10 Different ways to find the line in a pose and the importance of on line

Lecture 11 Exercise: Find gesture lines in poses

Section 3: Learning to gesture draw

Lecture 12 How to gesture draw from imagination

Lecture 13 Lecture Exercise: Draw some gestures from imagination

Lecture 14 How to use repetition of gesture lines in a gesture drawing

Lecture 15 Lecture Exercise: Change a pose by changing the gesture and more

Lecture 16 How to contrast gesture lines and draw a snowboarder

Lecture 17 Lecture Exercise: Draw sports actions with contrasting gestures

Lecture 18 Using Mirror gesture lines for complex poses

Lecture 19 Exercises: Draw gestures using mirror techniques

Lecture 20 How to gesture draw a male dancer

Lecture 21 Exercises: Draw couples

Lecture 22 Using double C curves: Gesture drawing a basket ball player

Lecture 23 Exercises: Draw poses using double C’s

Lecture 24 How to gesture draw interacting people

Lecture 25 Exercises: Draw interacting people

Lecture 26 Turning a gesture drawing into a clothed figure

Lecture 27 Exercises: Turn some gesture drawings into sketches

Section 4: Time to gesture draw in a time limit

Lecture 28 Gesture drawings in 90 seconds

Lecture 29 Gesture drawings in 60, 45, and 30 seconds

Lecture 30 Exercises: Draw 90, 60, and 30 second gestures

Lecture 31 Conclusion: Putting it all together

This course is for the beginner to the advanced artists.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 14m | 1.71 GB
Created by: Neil Fontaine

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