The Professional Bass Masterclass Bass 1 Bass 2 Bass 3

Learn professional bass techniques, bass tools, & bass methods to master bass guitar from beginner bass to advanced bass
The Professional Bass Masterclass Bass 1 Bass 2 Bass 3
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Rajiv Narang


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The Professional Bass Masterclass Bass 1 Bass 2 Bass 3

What you’ll learn

Learn professional technique from a professional bassist.
Have mastery over the entire fretboard
Develop incredible technique in both hands
Understand the role of the bass and write great bass lines
Be able to improvise
Play the bass proficiently in a wide variety of settings
Master time
Understand music theory including harmony, chord construction, the modes, key signatures, time signatures and more
Play over changes from charts
Have the foundation to be a fully formed musician
Step confidently onto the stage or into the studio

The Professional Bass Masterclass Bass 1 Bass 2 Bass 3


A bass (or bass-like instrument)
A love of music and a desire to get playing
Reading skills are not needed
Beginner to Advanced — All Levels Welcome!


The Top-Selling Bass Course!Join me and thousands of my wonderful students in your musical journey and learn to play and master the bass now!This course is edited down to precision to turn you into the bassist you want to be in the shortest time possible!!!Become a fully-formed bassist!This course includes:The Bass Player’s Workshop – music modules where you create bass linesRiff Trainer for Bass – where you develop improv skills and line creation optionsand Guided Bass Practice Sessions!It is so important to build a solid foundation as you learn to play and as you develop your skills.  Don’t leave this important first step in your learning to am amateur.  I want to show you the best technique.The course uses multiple approaches to understand the geometry of the instrument so you can find those that work best for your individual learning style.Here’s what students are saying:”This is an excellent course. I am new to bass and gained a lot of value from this material. The explanations were clear and well presented. Thanks Rajiv.””Great course, I’m halfway and so far it’s great, it’s easy to understand, and how good you can get really just depends on how much practice you put in, because the info is all there.””This guy’s amazing. He know his stuff and he’s so passionate about his craft. He’s a bass player’s bass player, if you know what I mean. His obvious command of the instrument lends itself towards his methodical and logical teaching approach. I love the fact that we can utilise this course on Udemy. Imagine what face to face lessons with this guy would cost? …he’s obviously a really nice guy and his style is infectious. I’ve come back to the bass after many years of playing guitar (yes that’s right, I crossed over to the dark side). I’ve missed the bass, and these lessons are just what the Bass doctor ordered to get me back to speed. Woo hoo!”Course DescriptionThe Professional Bass Masterclass is designed for students of all levels.  The course itself is divided into four levels starting with fundamentals, then moving into intermediate and then advanced techniques, knowledge and skill development.  Whether you’re a beginner, want to fill in gaps in your knowledge, or advance your skills to whole new levels, this course is designed for you.This course brings together into one carefully constructed program knowledge from 20 years experience covering elite music school training, session work, touring work, and advanced master classes as well as performance, production and composition frameworks.  This course is a vast amount of information gathered over decades in this course ready to unlock mastery for the motivated student.This course is a comprehensive system for learning to play the bass guitar that brings a broad range of musical information together to teach you the skills to be a musician.  If you’re looking for bass lessons…great bass lessons…this course has the bass lessons for you.This course is the most effective and efficient way to learn to play the bass.  It is also much more than that.  This course is designed to make students into great bassists, and also fully formed musicians; to truly understand music, to understand time and harmony and theory and song-craft, to be able to communicate with other musicians of any instrument, to see the big picture.At the end of this course you will be able to understand, play and write great bass lines.  You will understand all the functions of the bass and have all the tools to fulfill these functions with your own great bass lines — in your own voice.  You will be empowered with all the skills and knowledge necessary to hone your craft to become a fully-formed bassist!Build a solid foundation for mastery of the bass guitar with these lessons.Prepare yourself for the world of working musicians with great bass lessons and compelling musical instruction with the Professional Bass Masterclass.These bass lessons include:Modes for the Bass Guitar, Walking Bass, Triads, Bass Guitar Chords, Bass Guitar Scales, Music Theory, Functions of the Bass, Bass Guitar Techniques for the Left and Right Hand, Chord Construction, Bass Arpeggios, Mobile Scales, The Blues Scale, All Five Pentatonic Shapes for the Bass Guitar, String Selection for the Bass Guitar, Time, Time Signatures and Subdivisions, Linear Scales for the Bass Guitar, Keys and Key Signatures, Chord Inversions, Advanced Bass Technique, Advanced Chord Construction and Music Theory, and much, much more.Make sure you learn solid technique and build great skills — AVOID SLOPPY BASS TECHNIQUE and build great habits with this course!Try the Leading Bass Course. Enroll now and let’s get started!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Part 1

Lecture 2 The Functions of the Bass

Lecture 3 Practice Book and Resources

Lecture 4 Practice Methods: How to Accelerate Your Learning

Lecture 5 Tuning the Bass the Professional Way

Lecture 6 Important Notes on Tuning

Lecture 7 Professional Bass Technique – The Left Hand

Lecture 8 Professional Bass Technique – The Right Hand

Lecture 9 A Note on Practice Schedules

Lecture 10 Introduction to Intervals and the 12 Notes — Bonus Lesson Elements of Music

Lecture 11 Intervals 2 — Animated

Lecture 12 Fretboard Natural Notes: See the Whole Board

Lecture 13 The Natural Notes: Practice

Lecture 14 The Major Scale: Solid Fundamentals

Lecture 15 Major Scale — Bonus Lesson from The Elements of Music

Lecture 16 The Major Scale: Practice Plan

Lecture 17 The Minor Scale: Solid Fundamentals

Lecture 18 Interval Essentials

Lecture 19 Notes on Interval Essentials

Lecture 20 Music Theory I — Building Blocks of the Fully Formed Musician

Lecture 21 Triad Types

Lecture 22 The Major Scale – Linear

Lecture 23 The Minor Scale – Linear

Lecture 24 How to Make Yourself Indispensable as a Bassist

Lecture 25 Major and Minor Scales Expanded

Lecture 26 Time 101 – Note Values

Lecture 27 Time 102 – Subdivisions

Lecture 28 Reading Rhythm

Lecture 29 Time Signatures – Introduction

Lecture 30 The Bass Player’s Workshop I – The Major Scale

Lecture 31 Pentatonic Major – Two Octaves

Lecture 32 Ear Training Skills Builder – Intervals I

Lecture 33 Ear Training – Intervals II

Lecture 34 Styles – Reggae Revealed

Section 3: Practice Modules – Levels 1, 2, and 3

Lecture 35 Level 1 Session 1

Lecture 36 Level 1 Session 2

Lecture 37 Level 1 Session 3

Lecture 38 Level 2 Session 1

Lecture 39 Level 2 Session 2

Lecture 40 Level 2 Session 3

Lecture 41 Level 3 Session 1

Lecture 42 Level 3 Session 2

Section 4: Part 2

Lecture 43 Music Theory II

Lecture 44 The Minor Key and It’s Scale — Bonus Lesson from The Elements of Music

Lecture 45 The Benefits of Musical Practice

Lecture 46 Intervals Applied

Lecture 47 Artists Spotlight – James Jamerson and Jeff Berlin

Lecture 48 The Bass Player’s Workshop – Intervals Applied

Lecture 49 The Chromatic Scale – I

Lecture 50 The Major Scale Two Octaves

Lecture 51 The Minor Scale Two Octaves

Lecture 52 Key Signatures

Lecture 53 Major Pentatonic

Lecture 54 Minor Pentatonic

Lecture 55 The Bass Player’s Workshop – Major and Minor Pentatonics

Lecture 56 The Elements of Chord Construction

Lecture 57 Time Signatures II – Compound and Odd Meter

Lecture 58 Time 103 – Subdivisions Advanced

Lecture 59 Time Signatures Extra Practice

Lecture 60 Triads – Versions

Lecture 61 Triads – Applied

Lecture 62 The Chromatic Scale – II

Lecture 63 The Blues Scale Revealed

Lecture 64 Chord Construction – 7th Chords

Lecture 65 E Major – Two Octaves

Lecture 66 The Ultimate Guide to Chord Order

Lecture 67 The Number System: Essential Knowledge

Lecture 68 Triads and the Major Scale

Lecture 69 Music Theory III – Chord Functions

Lecture 70 Pentatonic Major and Minor Together

Lecture 71 The Ultimate Guide to the Dominant Chord

Lecture 72 A Major – Two Octaves

Lecture 73 Building an Artist Profile

Lecture 74 Styles – The Blues

Section 5: Practice Modules – Levels 4, 5, and 6

Lecture 75 Level 4 Session 1

Lecture 76 Level 4 Session 2

Lecture 77 Level 4 Session 3

Lecture 78 Level 5 Session 1

Lecture 79 Level 5 Session 2

Lecture 80 Level 5 Session 3

Lecture 81 Level 6 Session 1

Lecture 82 Level 6 Session 2

Lecture 83 Level 6 Session 3

Section 6: Part 3

Lecture 84 What You Need to Know About Bass Strings

Lecture 85 The Ultimate Guide to Bending and Vibrato

Lecture 86 Chords – Inversions and Voicings that Sing

Lecture 87 Seventh Chords and Arpeggios

Lecture 88 Pentatonics – The Five Shapes

Lecture 89 F Major – Two Octaves

Lecture 90 The People’s Key — Welcome to the Village

Lecture 91 Chord Shorthand

Lecture 92 B Flat Major – Two Octaves

Lecture 93 Ultimate Walking Bass — Practice Methods

Lecture 94 Ultimate Walking Bass I

Lecture 95 Ultimate Walking Bass II

Lecture 96 Ultimate Walking Bass II – Supplemental

Lecture 97 Ultimate Walking Bass III – The Lead Note

Lecture 98 Ultimate Walking Bass IV – The Minor Thirds Rule

Lecture 99 Ultimate Walking Bass V – Bringing the Elements Together

Lecture 100 Ultimate Notes on Walking Bass

Lecture 101 Ultimate Walking Bass VI – Walking in 3/4

Section 7: Riff Trainer for Bass

Lecture 102 Riff Trainer for Bass – Session 1

Lecture 103 Riff Trainer for Bass – Session 2

Lecture 104 Riff Trainer for Bass – Session 3

Lecture 105 Riff Trainer for Bass – Session 4

Lecture 106 Riff Trainer for Bass – Session 5

Lecture 107 Riff Trainer for Bass – Session 6

Lecture 108 Riff Trainer for Bass – Session 7

Lecture 109 Riff Trainer for Bass – Session 8

Lecture 110 Riff Trainer for Bass – Session 9

Lecture 111 Riff Trainer for Bass – Session 10

Lecture 112 Riff Trainer for Bass – Session 11

Lecture 113 Riff Trainer for Bass – Session 12

Section 8: Part 4

Lecture 114 Chord Construction Advanced – Non-diatonic Chords

Lecture 115 Chord Construction Advanced – Sixth, Suspended, Extended

Lecture 116 Artist Spotlight – Carol Kaye

Lecture 117 Modes I – Introduction and the Ionian Mode

Lecture 118 Modes 2 – The Dorian Mode

Lecture 119 Modes 3 – The Phrygian Mode

Lecture 120 Modes 4 – The Lydian Mode

Lecture 121 Modes 5 – The Mixolydian Mode

Lecture 122 Modes 6 – The Aeolian Mode

Lecture 123 Modes 7 – The Locrian Mode

Lecture 124 Unleashing the Power of All Modes Combined

Lecture 125 The Beauty of Bass Chords and Double Stops

Lecture 126 Incredible Three Finger Technique

Lecture 127 Expanding Your Bass Voice with Legato

Lecture 128 Three Finger Technique and Legato — The Master’s Combination

Lecture 129 Cadences Revealed

Lecture 130 Advanced Finger Exercise

Lecture 131 The Circle of Fifths – Bonus Material

Lecture 132 A Brilliant and Simple Tool: One Octave Modes

Lecture 133 The Whole Tone Scale

Lecture 134 Harmonic Minor Explained

Lecture 135 Mastering Melodic Minor

Section 9: Summary

Lecture 136 Thanks and Congratulations

Take this course if you want to:,Start playing today!,Learn the foundations of bass playing,Develop excellent habits and prevent bad habits from limiting you and your playing!,Deepen your understanding of the bass and have fun in the process,Learn the methods used by professional bassists,Learn the amazing versatility and power of this great instrument,Become a fully formed musician,Understand how to master the fretboard,Learn how to play in a wide variety of styles and settings,Learn to make an amazing contribution to any jam session,Learn the skills of the top touring and sessions players,Learn music theory,Do NOT take this course if you want to:,Learn specific songs or riffs,Aren’t willing to put in the time to build up from the basics

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 43m | 5.16 GB
Created by: Rajiv Narang

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