The Project Management Course Beginner to PROject Manager

The Complete Course For Becoming A Successful Project Manager
The Project Management Course Beginner to PROject Manager
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The Project Management Course Beginner to PROject Manager

What you’ll learn

Gain the project management knowledge and skills, necessary to manage an entire project
Perform a complete case study of a project from the beginning to the end, observing real-life project scenarios
Receive 15+ project management templates and valuable documents to help you structure and manage projects
Understand the project manager role and acquire the skills needed to become successful in the profession
Study Waterfall and Agile project management, performed with Scrum
Learn the fundamental theory and best practices of project management
MS Excel: learn how to use MS Excel to create the five most crucial project management documents

The Project Management Course Beginner to PROject Manager


No prior experience is required. We start from the basics
You’ll need access to Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) to download and practice with the supplemental course materials


Project management is an exciting profession. Moving from one project to another, a project manager continually faces new businesses, new processes and systems, new people, and new situations. Such a dynamic environment helps you learn more all the time, and advances your skills than traditional jobs.Developing the ability to structure chaos into a project with solid project management knowledge and skills, will make your endeavors more successful — whether it’s the performance of a large organization, your career progression, a new business start-up, or even your personal life projects!It’s no surprise that the demand for project managers is expected to be substantial in the years to come.Our program is carefully designed to help anyone build knowledge and skills, grow the needed confidence, and start managing projects!This online course uniquely combines the following critical lessons a PM should learn:Perform a complete project case study and learn what a project manager must do from the beginning to the endUnderstand the fundamental project management theory, apply best practices and avoid common mistakes in your next projectLearn how to use Gantt charts, Critical Path Method, Project Plan, Budget, and many other tools (Receive 15+ project management templates). A brief tutorial on how to use MS Project is also included.Gain the professional and personal skills needed to become an excellent project managerLearn how to create the five most crucial project management documents with MS Excel Learn Agile project managementMaster SCRUM and apply this project management methodologyLearn the main differences between Watefall and Agile, compare the pros and cons, and understand which philosophy to apply in your next projectGet promoted and apply what you learn here to the real business world, regardless of the industryWhy precisely this course?Reason #1: The instructorIvan, the course instructor, is a professional project manager (PMP, PRINCE2) who was honored as “Project Manager of the Year” by the Project Management Institute (PMI). In this course, he brings together his extensive experience leading multinational projects and programs across a variety of industries, and his passion for project management. This combination provides students with a profound understanding of the field through practical lessons and insightful reflections. In addition, Ivan serves as a project management consultant, tutor and mentor to junior PMs. He is also a guest lecturer on project management at several universities.Reason #2: 365 Careers365 Careers is one of the most popular course providers on Udemy, with high-quality practice material and continued support for our students. The average time we spend creating a course is between five and six months.The average amount of time we spend creating a course is between 5 and 6 months. We take pride in our high-quality production, practice materials, and continued support to our students.Reason #3: UdemyUdemy is the leading global marketplace for online courses—where you’ll find updated content, enjoy a seamless course-taking experience, and discover the best value-for-money deals on the internet.This course is for anyone! Our content is highly appreciated those new to project management, and those with practical experience in the field looking for a way to refresh and strengthen their knowledge and skills.As we named it – Beginner to PROject manager!Our Project Management course covers all the fundamental knowledge, concepts, tools, and techniques you need to understand, including how a project works and how to manage it best.  We start from the theoretical basics and progressively build upon that knowledge. Each step adds real-life practical examples, case studies, and exercises.Compared to similar material, what is unique about this course is that we’ll review and analyze a complete project from the beginning to the end. We’ll examine the tasks a PM should take at each stage of that process. In addition, you’ll receive more than 15 project management templates to help you lead projects in various industries. What sets this course apart from the rest of the Business courses out there?High-quality production, including Full HD video and animationsUniquely engaging and fun content — not a collection of boring lecturesProfessional PMP certified instructor with years of experience on the jobComplete training covering all major topics and skills necessary to become a successful project managerExtensive case studies that help you reinforce everything that you’ve learnedExcellent support for when you don’t understand a concept or want to drop us a line — you’ll receive an answer within 1 business dayDynamic learning curve, where the instructor keeps a steady tempo throughout the courseBonus prizes – upon completion of 50% and 100% of the course, you will receive two bonus giftsWhy do you need project management skills?Promotions – Project managers acquire valuable technical skills, which makes them the leading candidates for senior roles within corporationsSalary/Income – A project manager salary in the US starts from $60k and gradually rises as they move up the ladderSecure Future – There’s a high demand for skilled project managers, and you won’t need to be concerned about finding a jobGrowth – This isn’t a tedious job. Every day you’ll face various challenges that will enhance your existing skills and abilitiesThis course comes with Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose.Make one of the best decisions of your professional career. Click the ‘Buy now’ button.


Section 1: Welcome to the course! Introduction to projects and Project Management

Lecture 1 What does the course cover?

Lecture 2 What is a Project?

Lecture 3 Why do companies execute projects?

Lecture 4 Download all course materials

Lecture 5 What creates the demand for projects? Prioritization and selection of projects

Lecture 6 What is a Project Manager? What is their commitment in a project?

Lecture 7 What are the skills and the knowledge a Project Manager must have?

Lecture 8 Projects: a History lesson

Lecture 9 Project management terminology

Section 2: The project phases

Lecture 10 How does a project start and how does it evolve? What a project’s main stages?

Section 3: The initiation phase

Lecture 11 What is the Initiation phase about? Define the project goals

Lecture 12 What is involved in a business case?

Lecture 13 What does scope cover?

Lecture 14 Who performs the feasibility study and what does it involve?

Lecture 15 What goes into risk assessment? What are expectations?

Lecture 16 How to create a Project Charter?

Lecture 17 Case Study 1

Section 4: The planning phase

Lecture 18 What is Planning? Why is it important? What happens if it is not done correctly?

Lecture 19 Why is Planning so critical in Project management?

Lecture 20 What is the cost of Change in projects?

Lecture 21 What to do before you start?

Lecture 22 Project management insights

Lecture 23 Scope Planning

Lecture 24 Scope Planning (continued)

Section 5: The planning phase – timelines and schedules

Lecture 25 How to estimate when planning?

Lecture 26 The planning fallacy, optimism bias, illusion of control

Lecture 27 How much to buffer?

Lecture 28 Identifying dependencies

Lecture 29 Identifying the critical path

Lecture 30 Using the Gantt chart to plan the project work streams

Lecture 31 Building the project schedule (+ MS Project tutorial)

Lecture 32 How to build a milestone table and its uses

Section 6: The planning phase – cost

Lecture 33 The process of budgeting

Lecture 34 The process of budgeting (continued)

Lecture 35 Procurement contract types

Lecture 36 Procuring non-financial resources

Lecture 37 Planning HR

Lecture 38 RACI matrix – assigning roles

Lecture 39 Quality requirements

Section 7: The planning phase – Expectations, Assumptions and Risks

Lecture 40 Planning expectations management

Lecture 41 How to control assumptions

Lecture 42 Planning Risk management

Lecture 43 Building a Risk log

Section 8: The planning phase – Change process

Lecture 44 How to deal with and record change requests

Section 9: The execution phase – Meetings

Lecture 45 Introduction to Execution and KO Meetings

Lecture 46 What is involved in a kick-off meeting

Lecture 47 Tips to handle meetings

Section 10: The execution phase – Project Diary

Lecture 48 What is action-owner due date

Lecture 49 Filling in the project diary

Section 11: The execution phase – Managing the team and work

Lecture 50 How the Project Manager manages tasks

Lecture 51 How the Project Manager manages the team

Section 12: The monitoring and control phase

Lecture 52 What is monitoring and control

Lecture 53 Controlling in a PM environment

Lecture 54 How to check if a project is on schedule

Lecture 55 How to see if a project is on budget

Lecture 56 How to perform quality control

Lecture 57 Keeping the risk log updated

Lecture 58 Dealing with change proposals

Section 13: The execution phase – Issue management

Lecture 59 How to record and build project report updates

Lecture 60 How to deal with any issues that occur during execution

Lecture 61 Case Study 2

Section 14: The closure phase

Lecture 62 Why do we close a project

Lecture 63 What steps to take to close a project

Section 15: MS Excel for Project Management

Lecture 64 Introduction

Lecture 65 Tracker 1: High-level

Lecture 66 Tracker 2: Standard tasks

Lecture 67 Tracker 3: Few steps & statuses

Lecture 68 Project Management Logs

Lecture 69 Actions, Issues, Dependencies Log

Lecture 70 RAIDD Log

Lecture 71 RAIDD Log – Structures

Lecture 72 Risks Log

Lecture 73 Project Management Logs – Outro

Lecture 74 Project Schedule

Lecture 75 Gantt Chart (months)

Lecture 76 Gantt Chart (weeks)

Lecture 77 Budget – Simple Table

Lecture 78 Budget – Time & Materials 1

Lecture 79 Budget – Time & Materials 2

Lecture 80 Formatting Tips & Tricks

Lecture 81 MS Excel for Project Management: Conclusions

Section 16: Agile project management

Lecture 82 Waterfall

Lecture 83 A different kind of project

Lecture 84 Where Waterfall falls short

Lecture 85 Introducing Agile

Lecture 86 Agile project structure

Lecture 87 Product Development in Agile

Section 17: SCRUM

Lecture 88 Introduction to SCRUM

Lecture 89 SCRUM project structure

Lecture 90 User Stories

Lecture 91 EPICs

Lecture 92 Product Backlog, Releases, MVP

Lecture 93 Product Owner

Lecture 94 Development Team

Lecture 95 SCRUM Master

Section 18: Agile vs Waterfall

Lecture 96 Agile vs Waterfall – Comparison

Lecture 97 Agile vs Waterfall – Analysis

Lecture 98 Agile vs Waterfall – Conclusion

Section 19: You are now a PROject Manager!

Lecture 99 You are now a PROject Manager!

Lecture 100 Completion gifts

Anyone who wants to learn how to manage an entire project on their own,Young professionals and university graduates interested in a project management career,Anyone who wants to develop or enhance their project management knowledge and skills

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Created by: 365 Careers

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