The Rapid Relationship Repair Toolkit

Twenty Eight Days to Transform Your Relationship
The Rapid Relationship Repair Toolkit
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The Rapid Relationship Repair Toolkit

What you’ll learn

The “Four Special Secrets” that make awesome relationships.
The foundational tools for healing and gaining clarity.
Processes you can use right away to step into your power.
A step-by-step guide to releasing old patterns of thinking that keep your relationship in a rut in order to create relationships that work.
An understanding of the different energy power centers and how you can use them to harness your power to attract what you want.
Activities designed to help you visualize what you want and stay motivated to stay on your path.
A ‘power center checklist” designed to help you see how power operates in your relationship.
Exercises to help you bring back the fun and “butterflies” in your relationship.

The Rapid Relationship Repair Toolkit


All you need is an open mind to try a different way of healing your relationship and a willingness to do the work.
This course has several downloads that you can turn into a workbook.


You are a busy woman juggling so many things all at once. Yet, there is a relationship in your life that is just not working, no matter what you do. You feel like all you ever do is put in “effort. The thought of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere again floods you with dismay.Maybe you tried therapy. You may have read countless books and talked to your friends. You might have tried a spiritual solution. All have contributed to your life in some wayDespite all that work, you are still not where you want to be. You are still stuck in patterns of behavior that keep you from a relationship that feeds your soul. You need more. You need someone to coach you on what to do, right now, to improve your relationship and your life. You know what you want, you just need some guidance on how to get there.If you find yourself thinking “there has to be a better way,” this course is for you. It is a completely different approach to healing your relationship than you have tried before. This program provides the foundational tools for you to take back your personal power and get crystal clear about what you need to do to create a relationship that works. This course is designed to take only twenty minutes a day because I know you really do not have more time than that. If you give yourself that small amount of time to do the work by the end of twenty-eight days you will know the answer to these questions:-Should I stay or go?-Can I make this relationship “work” again?-What is best for me?-What do I really want?-What is my next right step?-Is there something better waiting for me?-How do we let go of what was to create something better?-How can I feel confident again?This course is structured into four themes – secrets to an awesome relationship – with each theme taking one week. It will provide the tools necessary, such as videos, workbooks, and homework, to put you on the path to feeling confident, loved, and appreciated. All it takes is a small willingness to do the work that might be different from anything you have tried.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Your Seven Power Centers

Section 2: Before You Get Started

Lecture 3 The Basics

Lecture 4 Things to Know

Section 3: Welcome to Week One

Lecture 5 Welcome to Week One

Lecture 6 Welcome To Day One

Lecture 7 Welcome to Day Two

Lecture 8 Welcome to Day Three

Lecture 9 Welcome to Day Four

Lecture 10 Welcome to Day Five

Lecture 11 Welcome to Day Six

Lecture 12 Welcome To Day Seven

Section 4: Welcome to Week Two

Lecture 13 Welcome to Week Two

Lecture 14 Welcome to Day Eight

Lecture 15 Welcome to Day Nine

Lecture 16 Welcome to Day Ten

Lecture 17 Welcome to Day Eleven

Lecture 18 Welcome to Day Twelve

Lecture 19 Welcome to Day Thirteen

Lecture 20 Welcome to Day Fourteen

Section 5: Welcome to Week Three

Lecture 21 Welcome to Week Three!

Lecture 22 Welcome to Day Fifteen

Lecture 23 Welcome to Day Sixteen

Lecture 24 Welcome to Day Seventeen

Lecture 25 Welcome to Day Eighteen

Lecture 26 Welcome to Day Nineteen

Lecture 27 Welcome to Day Twenty

Lecture 28 Welcome to Day Twenty-One

Section 6: Welcome to Week Four

Lecture 29 Welcome to Week Four

Lecture 30 Build a Room in Your Head

Lecture 31 Welcome to Day Twenty-Two

Lecture 32 Welcome to Day Twenty-Three

Lecture 33 Welcome to Day Twenty-Four

Lecture 34 Welcome to Day Twenty-Five

Lecture 35 Welcome to Day Twenty-Six

Lecture 36 Welcome to Day Twenty-Seven

Lecture 37 Welcome to Day Twenty-Eight

Lecture 0 Thank you!

Are you in a relationship that is just not working anymore? Are you not sure if you should stay or go but you are tired of sitting on the fence? Did you used to have “magic” in your relationship and now it just feels like a lot of work? Are you ready for a relationship that feeds your soul and allows you to stand in your truth? If you are ready to do the work and set aside what you think you “know” in order to try a different way, this course is for you! This course asks you to put in just twenty minutes a day for 28 days. If you are ready to create a relationship that is worth the work, this course is for you!,This course is for people who are looking for a more “holistic” approach to healing their relationships.

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Created by: Kim Mazzella

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