The React Testing Library Bootcamp The Developer Guide

Learn how to test your React application with React Test Library and Jest
The React Testing Library Bootcamp The Developer Guide
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Laith Harb


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The React Testing Library Bootcamp The Developer Guide

What you’ll learn

Learn the importance’s and power of testing your React application
Learn the best practices when writing tests with RTL and Jest
Test real life application with a test driven development approach
Deal with difficult problems like nested queries and mocking HTTP requests

The React Testing Library Bootcamp The Developer Guide


The basics of React


React testing library is the most popular tool to test your React application. It is extremely simple and intuitive to use but the outcomes are very powerful. It helps increase confidence in your React application and thus when it is shipped to production, your end-users will have a bug-free experience. This course will teach you everything you need to learn to start utilizing this popular library. So hope on in and enjoy the ride.What you will learn- The best practice of how to test with React Testing Library- The importance of testing- Testing component that make HTTP requests- Mocking requests with Mock Service Worker- Finding the right element in your component- Dealing with the context API in your testsEngaging contentYou don’t just code along in this course, but you also apply what you learn with engaging course assignments. After learning a concept, you will then be prompted to use what you learned in a coding challenge. These coding challenges will help you internalize React Testing Library in your mind. It is highly recommended to actually do the challenges rather than treating them as a code along.Instructor supportI will always do my best to answer any questions in the Q&A section of the course. You can also reach out to me on YouTube or Twitter.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What Is Testing and Why Do We Care

Lecture 2 Manual vs Automated Testing

Lecture 3 Test Driven Development

Section 2: The Fundamentals of RTL

Lecture 4 App Overview

Lecture 5 Inspecting a React Application

Lecture 6 Test the Behaviour, Not the Implementation

Lecture 7 The Structure of a Test Block

Lecture 8 Querying for Elements

Lecture 9 Assertions

Lecture 10 Creating the Input Element

Lecture 11 Completing the Test

Section 3: Handling Browser Interactions

Lecture 12 User Events

Lecture 13 Assignment: User Events

Lecture 14 Testing the Presences of an Element

Lecture 15 Adding the Error Handling Logic

Lecture 16 Challenge: Add Error Handling

Lecture 17 Challenge: Answers

Lecture 18 A Little Bit of Manual Testing

Lecture 19 Testing the Happy Path

Section 4: Organizing Test Files

Lecture 20 Utilizing Jest Hooks

Lecture 21 Creating Helper Functions to Reduce Duplicity

Lecture 22 Challenge: Write a Helper Function

Lecture 23 Challenge: Answer

Lecture 24 Removing Unnecessary Variables

Lecture 25 The Describe Block

Section 5: Testing Components with Props

Lecture 26 App Overview

Lecture 27 Breakdown of App

Lecture 28 Dealing with Props

Lecture 29 Challenge: Testing Image Src

Lecture 30 Challenge: Solution

Lecture 31 Adding the Elements to Make Our Tests Pass

Lecture 32 Testing the Heart Button

Lecture 33 Adding the Logic to Make Our Tests Pass

Lecture 34 Doing Some Manual Testing

Section 6: Testing Multiple Elements

Lecture 35 The Cards Component

Lecture 36 Querying for Multiple Elements

Lecture 37 Creating the Cards Component

Lecture 38 Manual Testing

Lecture 39 More Complex User Events

Lecture 40 Adding the Filter Component

Section 7: Handling and Mocking HTTP Requests

Lecture 41 The Pets Component

Lecture 42 Adding a Server

Lecture 43 Fetching Data From Our Server

Lecture 44 Writing a Flawed Test

Lecture 45 Issues with Making HTTP Request in Your Tests

Lecture 46 Mocking HTTP Requests with Mock Server Worker

Section 8: Integration Testing

Lecture 47 What is Integration Testing

Lecture 48 Writing Our First Integration Test

Lecture 49 Adding the Gender Filter Logic

Lecture 50 Nested Queries to Find Elements

Lecture 51 Adding Some Complicated Logic

Lecture 52 Fixing a Typo

Lecture 53 Testing That We Can Filter by Gender and Favourite

Lecture 54 Fixing the Styling

Section 9: Testing Components With Providers

Lecture 55 Refactoring Our App to Use Context

Lecture 56 Adding a Mock Provider to Our Tests

This course if for React developer that want to learn how to test their app

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 58m | 2.25 GB
Created by: Laith Harb

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