The StepbyStep Method for Successful Product Teams

Discover Lean Inception, the effective combination of Design Thinking and Lean StartUp
The StepbyStep Method for Successful Product Teams
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Paulo Caroli


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The StepbyStep Method for Successful Product Teams

What you’ll learn

What is an inception and how to succeed with Lean Inception
The effective combination of Lean StartUp & Design thinking
How to build the right product, following the Minimum Viable Product approach
How success-full agile teams start their work

The StepbyStep Method for Successful Product Teams


Interest in Design Thinking, Agile and Lean


Lead your team to the right way with Lean Inception!Learn how to execute a Lean Inception, the method capable of align people to build  the ideal product! Release a new product isn’t an easy task, since it takes a lot of risks. But what if you knew a technique that put you in the right path in a simple and effective way? It would be amazing, agree?That’s why this training is so important. The Lean Inception developed by Paulo Caroli already helped a lot of people and companies to give life to their projects. It’s the complete step-by-step guide to you and your team achieve best product development possible right now.   Lean inception is the effective combination of Design Thinking and Lean StartUp to decide the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It is a collaborative workshop that will help a group of people — typically an agile team, a squad, or a product team — understand, align and plan the building of the lean product. The construction of a successful product starts with a Lean Inception.It may seem difficult to perform a remote Lean Inception, but it is totally possible and is just as important as the face-to-face. Follow the tips on this training to prepare yourself in the best possible way!The Lean Inception consists in a series of activities, usually scheduled in a week! Check in this training an example of an agenda, follow the explanation on each activity and benefit of this successful workshop.The Lean Inception brings simple and powerful method that will change the way business are made now!The Lean Inception Digital training is based on the Best-Seller book Lean Inception. It has 14 modules presented by Paulo Caroli, the Lean Inception author. You will learn much more about Lean Inception, when to do it, when not to do it, Minimum Viable Product (MVP), details on each activity with tips on facilitation techniques. Watch it many times as you wish.


Section 1: Lean Inception: Introduction and Context

Lecture 1 What is Lean Inception?

Lecture 2 Context of a Lean Inception

Lecture 3 When should i do?

Section 2: The fundaments of the method

Lecture 4 Flexible Planning & Product Thinking

Lecture 5 Lean Startup & User Centric Design

Lecture 6 Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Section 3: Hands on!

Lecture 7 Activities of a Lean Inception

Lecture 8 MVP Canvas

Lecture 9 MVP & Estimation

Lecture 10 How to facilitate each activity

Section 4: How to get the most value out of a Lean Inception

Lecture 11 7 Tips to prepare for a remote Lean Inception

Lecture 12 Facilitation techniques

Lecture 13 4 Proven steps to realign about the right product

Lecture 14 Scrum, Kanban & MVP

Product Owners,Project Managers,Scrum Master,Developer,Designer,UX,Entrepreneurs

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Udemy | English | 3h 24m | 3.95 GB
Created by: Paulo Caroli

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