The Things Academy Hands on with LoRaWAN

Take the next step in your LoRaWAN career. Connect your first LoRaWAN device, and start creating IoT solutions.
The Things Academy Hands on with LoRaWAN
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The Things Academy Hands on with LoRaWAN

What you’ll learn

Running a LoRaWAN Gateway on a Raspberry Pi
Connecting LoRaWAN devices
Managing LoRaWAN IoT data in a dashboard
Solving a real world problem using IoT

The Things Academy Hands on with LoRaWAN


No programming experience required. Basic IT knowledge, experience with Arduino and Raspberry Pi is helpful.
Required hardware: See course description


Start your professional LoRaWAN® career now with The Things Academy (Hardware required)Get ready for 5 days of intense learning, hands-on workshops, and building real use cases using LoRaWAN technology. During the 1-week pressure cooker, you will gain theoretical knowledge of the LoRa® technology and LoRaWAN standard, and you will learn how to put the theory in practice through joining hands-on workshops.Instructors include IoT experts who have seen IoT projects containing hundreds of thousands of sensors succeed and fail. All instructors are committed to provide you with the insights we’ve learned over the course of the past year, preventing you from making the same mistakes.For whom: The Things Summer Academy is a week-long summer school, designed for ambitious people who are planning to kickstart their career in IoT. No knowledge of LoRaWAN is required, basic understanding of (web) development and/or basic electronics is preferable.What we ask from participants: We ask participants to be dedicated for the full week. To listen to the theory presented by the experts, and to join in with the hands-on workshops. Access to a hardware kit is required (see bottom, and see the final lecture for a PDF with links)What you will learn?Theory about the fundamentals of LoRa and LoRaWANUnderstanding the principles of wireless communicationHow to securely connect a LoRaWAN device to any LoRaWAN Network ServerSending uplinks and downlinksBasics about LoRaWAN securityHow to set up a gateway using LoRa Basics StationThe inner-workings of The Things Stack (the technology used by The Things Network)Integrating sensor data with third part platforms through MQTT and HTTP WebhooksStoring, visualizing and processing sensor data in IoT platformsWhy join this course?High-quality content, created by a team of LoRaWAN expertsHands-on workshops with live Q&APersonal mentor to support your throughout the weekBecome part of a peer-group for discussing, interacting and reviewing one another’s workAccess to discounted hardware and softwareOfficial Certificate upon completion (add-on for €99)Invitation to The Things Alumni NetworkOn-demand content after the summer courseThe Things Summer Course Instructors:Johan Stokking, Tech Lead at The Things NetworkOlivier Seller, co-inventor of LoRa technology & Technical Fellow at SemtechSebastian Romero, Design Lead at ArduinoNick McCloud, IoT entrepreneur & The Things Network Forum moderatorJP Meijers, IoT developer & creator of TTN MapperXose Pérez, IoT developer & initiator The Things Network BarcelonaMarc Pous, Developer Advocate at BalenaBen Olayinka, technical writer at The Things NetworkLaurens Slats, developer evangelist at The Things NetworkRequired HardwareFor participating in the Academy, specific hardware is needed. Below is an overview of the hardware required for the course. See the final lecture for a PDF with links.Development board Arduino MKR WAN 1300Arduino MKR Env shieldGateway KitThere are 2 options to choose from. You can order the individual components (option 1) or purchase the kit as a whole (option 2).Option 1: RAK2287 (SPI Version Only!)RAK2287 Pi HATRaspberry Pi 4Option 2: WisGate Developer D4HJoin our Slack ChannelWe would love to get to know you before we kickstart the course. Join the conversation with fellow students on The Things Network Slack. See the final lecture for a PDF with instructions.


Section 1: Welcome, LoRaWAN Fundamentals, Gateway Workshop w/ RAK and Balena

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 LoRaWAN Fundamentals

Lecture 3 Gateway Workshop with RAK and Balena

Section 2: LoRaWAN Devices

Lecture 4 LoRaWAN Devices Introduction with

Lecture 5 LoRaWAN Devices and Low Power with Qoitech

Lecture 6 LoRaWAN Devices 101 Workshop with Arduino

Lecture 7 Range Testing with TTN Mapper

Section 3: Integrations

Lecture 8 Integrations Introduction with IRNAS

Lecture 9 IoT Platforms with Datacake

Section 4: Bringing It All Together, Interview with Olivier Seller, Hackathon

Lecture 10 Bringing It All Together with Meshed IOT

Lecture 11 Interview with Olivier Seller, Inventor of LoRaWAN

Lecture 12 LoRaWAN Pubquiz

Lecture 13 Hackathon Opening

Lecture 14 Celebration

Section 5: Bonus Lecture

Lecture 15 Bonus Lecture

Beginner engineers interested in LPWAN and LoRaWAN low power IoT solutions

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 58m | 7.44 GB
Created by: The Things Network

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