The Ultimate Customer Experience Course 3 In 1

Deliver A ‘Branded’ Customer Experience, Build Loyalty & Maximize Profits (Taught By 2 Award Winning Experts)
The Ultimate Customer Experience Course 3 In 1
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The Ultimate Customer Experience Course 3 In 1

What you’ll learn

Articulate and implement customer experiences that win hearts and foster loyalty.
Transition your organization to a customer-centric model, placing experience at the core of your business strategy.
Elevate customer satisfaction rates by delivering superior and memorable experiences.
Differentiate your brand from competitors, making it a preferred choice among customers.
Cultivate customer loyalty, resulting in repeat business and brand advocacy.
Boost profitability by leveraging a well-executed customer experience strategy.
Foster a robust organizational culture that supports and propels your customer experience initiatives.
Understand and apply the principles of leading ‘On Purpose’ brands to your own organization.
Recruit and train individuals who resonate with your brand purpose and contribute positively to your brand’s unique DNA.
Successfully align your brand’s promise with its delivery, thereby enhancing your reputation in the marketplace.

The Ultimate Customer Experience Course 3 In 1


Interest or role in customer experience: The course is designed for individuals who are involved in, or interested in, customer experience management. This includes roles in marketing, brand management, customer service, and leadership positions.


REVAMP YOUR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE STRATEGY: CATAPULT YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH WITH PURPOSE!Dive into the world of Customer Experience Strategy with this all-encompassing online course series. This masterclass comprises three uniquely tailored, standalone courses:Customer Experience Strategy: Leading with Brand PurposeCustomer Experience Strategy: Cultivating Customer Loyalty and Brand PromiseCustomer Experience Strategy: Aligning Employee Engagement with Brand PurposeIndustry experts Shaun Smith and Andy Milligan, renowned for their best-selling book, “On Purpose: Delivering A Branded Customer Service People Love,” offer an immersive journey into the strategies employed by their company, Smith+Co, to transform businesses into customer-centric powerhouses. This series takes you through real-world case studies and teaches you how to implement these game-changing principles in your own business using provided tools and guides.As a participant, you will gain the skills to devise a compelling brand purpose that harmonizes your organization and steers your customer experience initiatives. You will master the art of designing a distinctive experience that sets your brand apart and learn to map the employee journey, fostering a culture that bolsters your customer experience strategy. Additionally, you will acquire the knowledge needed to recruit and train individuals that reflect your brand’s unique DNA.SO, WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE ‘ON PURPOSE’? The eight practices encapsulating this philosophy define the actions and behaviors of brands that are revolutionizing their markets by creating intentional and meaningful customer experiences. Brands such as Burberry, Zappos, and Lego are leading examples. In this dynamic world, it’s crucial for organizations to be agile and offer customer experiences that differentiate them in the marketplace, adapting to evolving customer needs to sustain growth.WHAT WILL YOU GAIN FROM THIS COURSE? Exceptional brands excel in three key areas: They Stand Up for customer-centric values, Stand Out from their competitors, and Stand Firm by building robust cultures. This course will empower you to articulate a brand purpose that paves the way for your customer experience strategy and unifies your organization.INTRODUCING YOUR INSTRUCTORS:Shaun Smith, a pioneer in the shift from customer service to a broader customer experience focus, is the founder of Smith+Co. His UK-based consultancy, renowned for aiding organizations in creating compelling customer experiences for brand differentiation and customer loyalty, was honored as the UK’s Management Consultants of the Year 2020. A recipient of the PSAE (Professional Speaking Award of Excellence), Shaun is a respected author and global speaker who has influenced executive teams across various sectors.Andy Milligan, an international advisor to business leaders on how purpose can forge superior businesses and how to align brand strategy with customer and employee experience, is a co-founder of the award-winning strategic consultancy, The Caffeine Partnership. A best-selling author and keynote speaker, Andy is a regular contributor to renowned media outlets and has a diverse client portfolio, spanning from consumer goods to not-for-profits.


Section 1: Course Series Foundation – Customer Experience Management

Lecture 1 Introduction: Why On Purpose?

Lecture 2 Why Purposeful Customer Experience Matters?

Lecture 3 What Are The 3 Types Of Purpose?

Lecture 4 What Do ‘On Purpose’ Brands Do?

Section 2: Course 1 – Brand Purpose & Leadership

Lecture 5 Welcome & Course Overview

Section 3: How To Create A Great Purpose

Lecture 6 Step 1: What Does A Great Purpose Look Like?

Lecture 7 Step 2: Where Do You Get Your Insight?

Lecture 8 Step 3: How Leadership Owns It

Lecture 9 Step 4: Tips On How To Write A Purpose

Section 4: How To Be A Purposeful Leader

Lecture 10 How To Be A Purposeful Leader

Lecture 11 Behaviour 1

Lecture 12 Behaviour 2

Lecture 13 Behaviour 3

Section 5: Course 1 Conclusion – Brand Purpose & Leadership

Lecture 14 Course Conclusion

Section 6: Course 2 – Brand Promise & Customer Loyalty

Lecture 15 Welcome & Course Overview

Section 7: Using Infectious Communication

Lecture 16 Don’t Fake It

Lecture 17 Don’t Fudge It

Lecture 18 Don’t Force It

Section 8: Distinctive Customer Experience

Lecture 19 Delivering a Distinctive Customer Experience

Lecture 20 Using Customer Journey Maps

Lecture 21 Defining Your Brand Promise

Section 9: Continuous Innovation

Lecture 22 Continuous Innovation

Lecture 23 Setting Yourself Up For Success Long Term

Section 10: Course 2 Conclusion – Brand Promise & Customer Loyalty

Lecture 24 Course Conclusion

Section 11: Course 3 – Brand Purpose & Employee Alignment

Lecture 25 Welcome & Course Overview

Lecture 26 Creating A Cult-like Culture

Section 12: Distinctive Employee Experience

Lecture 27 Delivering A Distinctive Employee Experience

Lecture 28 How To Attract The Right People

Lecture 29 How To Hire The Right People

Lecture 30 How To Retain And Remove The Right And Wrong People

Lecture 31 How To Empower People To Focus On Customers

Lecture 32 How To Use Branded Experience Training To Communicate The Purpose

Section 13: Experience Measurement

Lecture 33 The Importance Of Experience Measurement

Lecture 34 What Is The Customer Experience Scorecard?

Lecture 35 How Do You Build One?

Section 14: Course 3 Conclusion – Brand Purpose & Employee Alignment

Lecture 36 Course Conclusion

Section 15: Course Series Conclusion – Grow Your Business With A Purpose

Lecture 37 The Seven Deadly Sins

Lecture 38 Course Series Conclusion

Marketing Managers: Professionals in charge of shaping and promoting their brand’s image can greatly benefit from understanding how to create a customer-centric experience.,Brand Managers: Those who are responsible for managing and maintaining a brand’s reputation can use the principles taught in this course to align their strategies with customer expectations and create loyalty.,Customer Service Managers: Those leading customer service teams can apply these techniques to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, crucial for business growth.,Business Leaders and Executives: Executives and decision-makers can use the knowledge from this course to create a culture focused on delivering superior customer experiences.,Entrepreneurs: Business owners and startup founders can learn valuable strategies to differentiate their brands and foster customer loyalty.,Product Managers: Those in charge of product development can learn how to create products with an experience-centric approach, resulting in products that customers love.,Human Resources Professionals: Individuals responsible for hiring and training can use this course to better understand the type of individuals who will help promote a strong, customer-centric culture.,Professionals in Transition: Those looking to switch industries or roles can use this course to broaden their skillset and understanding of the importance of customer experience in business success.,Business Consultants and Coaches: Those advising businesses can add these valuable strategies to their toolkit, enhancing the advice and guidance they provide to their clients.,Students in Business or Marketing: This course provides practical, real-world insights that complement theoretical education, providing students with a competitive edge in the job market.

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