The Ultimate Discord Guide From Beginner to Expert

A comprehensive discord guide that aims to help you establish, build, grow and monetize your discord server!
The Ultimate Discord Guide From Beginner to Expert
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Saif Al-Sadouni


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The Ultimate Discord Guide From Beginner to Expert

What you’ll learn

What Discord is and how the application can be used to promote a company/individual’s brand or community.
How to create a Discord account and navigate through the different discord/user/server interfaces and settings.
How to setup server channel and role permissions.
How to use chat syntax and markdown on Discord.
How to create a Discord server outline.
How to make your Discord server look more appealing to another person’s eyes.
How you can create server graphics using Canva.
What Discord bots are and which bots I personally recommend you use on your server.
Setting up member levels and photo feeds using MEE6.
How to moderate your server using Dyno.
Setting up autoroles using YAGPBD.
How to welcome new members onto your server using Koya.
How to setup server giveaways using giveaway bots.
How to create a functional and effective support section for your brand/community.
How to grow your Discord server.
What Discord Listing Websites/Servers are and their importance when it comes to growing a community/brand on Discord.
The importance of paid advertising (in and outside of Discord) as a means to grow your Discord server.
The significance of server partnerships as a means to organically grow your server over time.
How your server can take part in affiliate and server invite reward programs to achieve long-term growth over time.
How you can monetize your Discord server and start making income for yourself.

The Ultimate Discord Guide From Beginner to Expert


Willingness to learn something new.


Hello everyone and welcome to my Udemy course!The Ultimate Discord Guide: From Beginner to Expert is an extremely comprehensive Discord course that was developed by myself and aims to teach you how you too, can grow a very successful Discord server. Why should you trust me you ask? I have personally used Discord since its inception and have managed to establish, build, grow and develop 3 extremely Discord servers that currently have 51,000, 8,300 and 3,000 members. I have helped friends and other Discord server owners run and establish servers that currently have 100,000+ members or so. In short, I know what I’m talking about and have always loved the idea of being able to share my wealth of knowledge to even more people and companies out there!You see, I believe Discord is a very powerful tool and when used right, can not only help build up your brand/community, but can also help you generate a bit of money for yourself or your company. YouTubers, Twitch streamers, million dollar companies and other business entities are slowly starting to use Discord as a means of growing their customer base. The best part about all of this is they’re no better than you and I as I truly believe, anybody can grow an exceptionally successful Discord server if they’re determined enough and are driven enough to do so. Sounds convincing enough? Well, lets get into what this course is going to provide then, shall we?The main aim of this course is to help give you the confidence needed to not only start your very own Discord server, but to also help establish, build and organically grow your very own server, so that you too, can either choose to monetize it or simply choose to expand your community and/or brand to more people on the interwebs! Thus, in this course, you’ll be exposed to some of the following important topics: What is Discord, why is it important and how is it similar to Facebook and Instagram in a senseHow to create a Discord accountHow to navigate around the Discord Interface and User & Server setting sectionsHow to setup text channels, voice channels and channel permissionsHow to setup roles and their permissionsHow to make your server more appealing to one’s eyesHow to use chat syntax and markdown to make your text look more engagingHow to create a Discord server outline and the important things to plan for when looking to establish a new serverHow to use Canva to create server graphicsWhat are Discord bots, why are they important and which bots do I recommend you to use and for what purposesHow to create an efficient support section on your serverHow to grow your Discord server and how you can use different techniques (including paid and unpaid methods) to grow your server organically in the long-runHow to run adverts on your serverHow to monetize your serverHow I personally managed to grow my server to 51,000 members and what I have learnt through my own set of experiences this farWhat are you waiting for? Lets turn you into a Discord guru, it’s time to change your life. Peace and love,Saif


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What is Discord?

Lecture 2 Creating a Discord account

Section 2: Discord Interface, User Settings, Server Settings and Chat Syntax

Lecture 3 Discord Interface

Lecture 4 User Settings

Lecture 5 Server Settings

Lecture 6 Chat Syntax and Markdown

Section 3: Fundamentals of Discord server creation

Lecture 7 Creating a Discord server outline

Lecture 8 How to Stylize your Discord server

Lecture 9 Creating server graphics using Canva

Section 4: Discord Bots

Lecture 10 Introduction to Discord Bots

Lecture 11 Setting up member levels and photo feeds using MEE6

Lecture 12 How to moderate your server using Dyno

Lecture 13 Setting up autoroles using YAGPBD

Lecture 14 Welcoming new members using Koya

Lecture 15 Setting up server giveaways

Lecture 16 Creating a functional support section

Section 5: Growing your Discord server

Lecture 17 Introduction to Discord server growth

Lecture 18 Discord Listing Websites

Lecture 19 Discord Listing Servers

Lecture 20 Paid Advertisements

Lecture 21 Server Partnerships

Lecture 22 Long-Term Affiliate Programs

Lecture 23 Server Invite Rewards

Lecture 24 Social Media Advertising

Lecture 25 Monetizing your Discord server

Section 6: Extra resources and support

Lecture 26 [LIST] – Discord Listing Websites

Lecture 27 [LIST] – Discord Listing Servers

Lecture 28 Congratulations, you did it!

Lecture 29 Thank you, from me to you.

Ordinary people curious about what Discord is and how it works,Regular Discord users who want to learn more about how Discord works, the services it has to offer and how they can build a successful Discord server from the first time around,Expert Discord server owners curious about how they can better build their communities through Discord,Business owners who can use Discord as a tool to build up their physical & online services,Content creators who plan to build up a community on Discord

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Udemy | English | 4h 56m | 2.40 GB
Created by: Saif Al-Sadouni

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