The Ultimate Food and Restaurant Business Course

For Existing Food & Restaurant Businesses & Start Ups. This course will significantly improve you chance of success.
The Ultimate Food and Restaurant Business Course
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The Ultimate Food and Restaurant Business Course

What you’ll learn

1. The critical importance of cash flow, calculating break even and the 30/30/30 model.
2. Why you need a clear concept and USP.
3. Why accurate costs & GP’s for all your dishes are essential.
4. How POS, reservations systems and other software can make you more money & provide invaluable data.
5. Optimal menu design, menu engineering and GP’s both in theory and practice.
6. What to consider in choosing a location, what’s in a lease, and preparing a landlord pack.
7. The customer and service journey and why it is important to map these.
8. The importance of branding & marketing together with social media & websites.
9. Why the mantra “Tax Is Not Yours” is essential.
10. Start-up costs and overheads including a comprehensive list.
11. Sources of funding and their pro’s and con’s.
12. How to put together a business plan, financials and plan an elevator pitch for investors.

The Ultimate Food and Restaurant Business Course


Whilst you will find the Course more familiar if you’ve already got hospitality experience whether in the kitchen or front of house the Course is also great for those starting up.


The Ultimate Food & Restaurant Business Course is aimed at those new to the hospitality business as well as those already operating restaurants, café & food stalls as well as sector investors. The course covers all the key building blocks for launching and running a successful restaurant business. The course will help you identify gaps in your knowledge and significantly improve your chance of success. Critically for you the course has been built by people who know the restaurant business backwards and have been there, done it and got the t shirt!The 12 video modules cover areas such as your Big Idea & Story, Marketing, Finance, Site Selection, Recruitment & Retention and IT. The course is accompanied by 69 pages of further advice in the form of downloadable resources which together build into a valuable workbook for you to keep and reference.Well known successful UK hospitality professionals including Will Beckett of Hawksmoor, Sophie Bathgate of Sophie’s Steakhouse, John Wood from Kitchen Cut & Megan Burroughs from Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings have kindly donated their wisdom and advice in short inspirational informative videos. Each section closes with the latest advice from Sam Harrison who opened his third restaurant Sam’s Riverside in Hammersmith, London in November 2019. Over £30,000 has been invested in the Course so far and when students complete at least 20% of the Course we provide access to even more video advice, some covering Sam’s experience with COVID and lockdown.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome & Course Objectives

Lecture 2 Course Menu

Lecture 3 The Challenge

Lecture 4 Have you got what it takes?

Lecture 5 A Short Restaurant Tour

Section 2: Protein On The Plate

Lecture 6 Your Big Idea

Lecture 7 Your Concept

Lecture 8 Your Story

Lecture 9 Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Section 3: Numbers Will Make Or Break Your Business

Lecture 10 Introduction To Finance

Lecture 11 Profit & Loss, Cash Flow & Taxes

Lecture 12 Revenue, Cost Of Goods, Labour & Overheads

Lecture 13 The Difference Between A P&L and Cash Flow

Lecture 14 Calculating Break Even

Section 4: Locations, Leases, Landlords

Lecture 15 Finding The Right Site

Lecture 16 How To Get A Landlord To Take You Seriously

Lecture 17 The Lease

Section 5: Satisfying Customer Needs Profitably

Lecture 18 Marketing, Branding & Naming Your Restaurant

Lecture 19 Target Markets & How We Find New Restaurants

Lecture 20 The Customer Journey

Section 6: Making Your Menu Make You Money

Lecture 21 Food Costing

Lecture 22 Cash Margin vs % Margin

Lecture 23 Food & Drinks Matrix

Lecture 24 Menu Design

Lecture 25 Stock Management, The Stocktake & Gross Profit (GP)

Lecture 26 Your Drinks Offer & Wine List

Section 7: Operations & I.T.

Lecture 27 Suppliers

Lecture 28 The Technology Revolution

Lecture 29 EPOS

Lecture 30 Other Software

Lecture 31 Table Booking Systems

Section 8: People

Lecture 32 Recruitment & Retention

Lecture 33 Culture

Lecture 34 The Service Journey

Section 9: Start Up Costs

Lecture 35 Costs Checklist

Lecture 36 Shell vs Existing Site

Section 10: Communicating With Customers

Lecture 37 Word Of Mouth

Lecture 38 Websites

Lecture 39 Social Media

Lecture 40 Other Forms Of Marketing

Section 11: The Business Plan & Sources Of Funding

Lecture 41 The Business Plan & Elevator Pitch

Lecture 42 SWOT Analysis

Lecture 43 Sources Of Funding

Section 12: Advice & Summary

Lecture 44 Professional Help & Education

Lecture 45 Video Advice

Lecture 46 How Can We Help You Moving Forward?

Section 13: Bonus Material

Lecture 47 Long Restaurant Tour

Lecture 48 Kitchen Tour

Chefs, Front of House Team, Restaurant Investors, Hospitality start ups, hospitality curious!

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Udemy | English | 4h 1m | 4.99 GB
Created by: Nigel Simon

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