The Ultimate Guide To ChatGPT Midjourney

Prompt Engineering, ChatGPT Plugins, Code Interpreter, and More! Built with GPT4 and Midjourney 5.2
The Ultimate Guide To ChatGPT Midjourney
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The Ultimate Guide To ChatGPT Midjourney

What you’ll learn

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: Learn HOW to work with ChatGPT to get the results you want
Generate photorealistic images, logos, thumbnails, social media assets, and more using Midjourney
Prose: Better utilize GPT to aid you in tasks such as corresponding over email, improving your resume & cover letters, and even battling customer service
GPT for non-Coders: Learn to use ChatGPT to help assist non-engineers with both reading and writing code.
Master advanced Midjourney prompting techniques including Remixing, Custom Zoom, Weighted Multi-Prompts, Permutation Prompts, and more
Learn all of Midjourney’s advanced parameters including stylize, chaos, aspect ratio, tile, –no, and more
Professional Asset Generation: Generate high-quality, use-case-specific, and even copyright-free images for professional use
Expand the capabilities of ChatGPT using plugins: find flights, summarize youtube videos, and more!

The Ultimate Guide To ChatGPT Midjourney


No prior experience required!
No coding knowledge required (except for the optional section on ChatGPT for Developers)


There are many scammy courses promising to teach you how to make money, start side hustles, and solve all your life’s problems with ChatGPT. This is not one of those courses. This is a No-BS practical course, focused on teaching you how to use ChatGPT and Midjourney to improve your life and productivity, as quickly as possible.  I’m a teacher, not a salesman or marketer, and this course is as real-world as it gets.Step into the future of AI with my brand new guide to Generative AI tools to enhance your daily workflows. Harness the almost magical capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Midjourney’s super-powered image generation. This cutting-edge course is packed with practical tips and real-world applications, and is perfectly tailored to suit everyone, from beginners to AI enthusiasts to seasoned developers. In this course, you will:Develop a practical understanding of ChatGPT (both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4), including its setup, interface, settings, and editing prompts.Learn a standard ChatGPT prompting “blueprint” that works in all situations and master prompt engineering, with detailed modules on n-shot prompting, output templates, incremental prompting, and self-critical prompting, and much moreExplore the exciting power of ChatGPT’s Plugins and its (temporarily disabled!) Web Browsing feature.Harness the power of ChatGPT’s brand new Code Interpreter feature to perform data analysis and visualization without needing to write any of your own code!Learn how to use ChatGPT to enhance your developer workflows and code quality (this is the only section in the course that requires some coding experience)Delve into cutting edge image generation with Midjourney.  Learn all of midjourney’s commands and parameters including chaos, stylize, tile, and –noMaster the art of writing Midjourney prompts that actually work and generate the results you want.Use Midjourney to create photorealistic images, compelling marketing graphics, a Udemy course image (like the one for this course!), YouTube thumbnails, and even your own brand’s logo.Learn advanced Midjourney features including custom zoom, remix mode, weighted multi-prompts, permutation prompts, image prompts, and moreWhether you’re a complete beginner to Artificial Intelligence or an experienced Data Scientist, this course provides you with foundational knowledge necessary to get the most out of ChatGPT and Midjourney. Enroll today and start exploring the unlimited potential of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Midjourney!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Welcome and Curriculum Overview

Lecture 2 Reference Sheet and Slides PDF

Lecture 3 What is ChatGPT?

Lecture 4 How Does ChatGPT “Remember” ?

Lecture 5 GPT-3.5 Turbo Vs. GPT-4: Do You Need ChatGPT Plus?

Lecture 6 What Are Tokens?

Section 2: ChatGPT Basics

Lecture 7 Account Creation

Lecture 8 Interface Basics

Lecture 9 ChatGPT Settings

Lecture 10 Editing Prompts

Lecture 11 Does ChatGPT “Remember” Things?

Lecture 12 Continuing Output

Lecture 13 A Note About My Interface

Lecture 14 The Training Cutoff

Lecture 15 ChatGPT Hallucinations

Lecture 16 What Will ChatGPT REFUSE To Answer?

Lecture 17 Hitting The Token Limit

Section 3: The Elements of A Good Prompt

Lecture 18 Introducing Prompt Engineering

Lecture 19 Prompt Element 1: Providing Initial Context

Lecture 20 The “Act As” Syntax

Lecture 21 Prompt Element 2: The Task

Lecture 22 Prompt Element 3: Input Data

Lecture 23 Prompt Element 4: Output and Formatting

Lecture 24 Putting It All Together: Article Summarizer

Lecture 25 Summarizing Youtube Videos & Podcasts

Section 4: Actually Useful Prompt Engineering Techniques

Lecture 26 Zero-Shot, One-Shot, and Few-Shot Prompting

Lecture 27 Providing Output Templates

Lecture 28 “Ask Me Questions” Prompting

Lecture 29 Tables as Inputs and Outputs

Lecture 30 Working with Markdown

Lecture 31 JSON, CSV, and other Formats

Lecture 32 Incremental Prompting

Lecture 33 Self-Critical Prompting

Section 5: Sometimes Useful Prompt Engineering Techniques

Lecture 34 Chain of Thought Prompting

Lecture 35 Providing Cues to ChatGPT

Lecture 36 Creating Mindmaps

Lecture 37 Asking For Multiple Perspectives & Target Audiences

Lecture 38 Using ChatGPT To Write Its Own Prompts

Lecture 39 Online Prompting Resources

Section 6: Web Browsing With ChatGPT

Lecture 40 ChatGPT Web Browsing Is Temporarily Disabled 🙁

Lecture 41 Introducing ChatGPT Web Browsing

Lecture 42 Simple Web Browsing Examples

Lecture 43 A More Complex Web Browsing Prompt

Lecture 44 Potential Problems With Web Browsing Prompts

Lecture 45 Web Browsing Time Limit

Section 7: Working with ChatGPT Plugins

Lecture 46 Introducing ChatGPT Plugins

Lecture 47 AskMyPDF Plugin

Lecture 48 Summarizing Youtube Videos With Plugins

Lecture 49 Playing With The OpenTable Plugin

Lecture 50 Plugins That Require 2-Factor Authentication

Section 8: The New MAGICAL Code Interpreter

Lecture 51 The 2 Ways To Use ChatGPT For Code

Lecture 52 Introducing The Code Interpreter

Lecture 53 Using The Code Interpreter For Data Analysis

Lecture 54 Using The Code Interpreter For Data Visualization

Lecture 55 What The Interpreter CANNOT Do

Lecture 56 Working With Images & The Code Interpreter

Lecture 57 Manipulating PDFs and Text With The Code Interpreter

Lecture 58 Video Files And The Code Interpreter

Section 9: ChatGPT For Developers

Lecture 59 Using ChatGPT As A Developer

Lecture 60 Tips For Code-Related Prompts

Lecture 61 Using ChatGPT To Write Functions

Lecture 62 ChatGPT For Command Line One-Liners

Lecture 63 Useful Shell Scripts With ChatGPT

Lecture 64 A Cautionary Tale From My Own Experience!

Lecture 65 Converting Libraries and Languages With ChatGPT

Lecture 66 Fixing Bugs in ChatGPT-Generated Code

Lecture 67 Building a URL Shortener App With ChatGPT

Section 10: Midjourney Basics

Lecture 68 Introducing Midjourney

Lecture 69 Midjourney Alternative #1 – DALL-E

Lecture 70 Midjourney Alternative #1 – Stable Diffusion

Lecture 71 Signing Up For Midjourney

Lecture 72 Generating Our First Images

Lecture 73 DMing The Midjourney Bot

Lecture 74 Stealth Mode

Lecture 75 Midjourney Community Guidelines

Section 11: Midjourney Parameters

Lecture 76 Understanding Midjourney Versions and –v

Lecture 77 Comparing Midjourney Version and Janky Hands

Lecture 78 Upscaling Images

Lecture 79 Generating Variations of Images

Lecture 80 Using Midjourney’s Zoom Feature

Lecture 81 Custom Aspect Ratios With Midjourney

Lecture 82 The –style raw Parameter

Lecture 83 Controlling Chaos with –c

Lecture 84 The powerful –stylize Parameter

Lecture 85 Negative Prompting With –no

Lecture 86 Generating Repeating Images with the –tile Parameter

Section 12: Midjourney Prompting

Lecture 87 Detailed Is Better

Lecture 88 Ignore The Rules Of Grammar (Mostly)

Lecture 89 Put The Essentials First

Lecture 90 The BRAND NEW Shorten Command

Lecture 91 Say What You Want ( Not What You Don’t Want)

Lecture 92 Use Collective Nouns

Lecture 93 Working With Different Mediums

Lecture 94 Play Around With Design Styles

Lecture 95 Controlling Lighting

Lecture 96 “In The Style Of…” Artistic Prompting

Lecture 97 Working With Color

Lecture 98 Manipulating the Moods of Subjects and Scenes

Lecture 99 Times and Eras

Section 13: More Midjourney Prompting

Lecture 100 Controlling Image Background

Lecture 101 Perspectives and Composition

Lecture 102 Recomposing With Zoom and Cropping

Lecture 103 Removing Background From Images

Lecture 104 Generating Photorealistic Images

Lecture 105 Using Camera Films

Lecture 106 Generating Tech Illustrations

Lecture 107 Midjourney and Text: A NIGHTMARE!

Section 14: Advanced Midjourney Concepts

Lecture 108 Custom Zoom – Altering The Prompt & Zooming

Lecture 109 Image Prompt Basics

Lecture 110 The Image Weight Parameter

Lecture 111 Prompts With Multiple Images

Lecture 112 Using the Blend Command

Lecture 113 Merging Midjourney-Created Images

Lecture 114 The Power of Remix Mode!

Lecture 115 The NEW Panning Features

Lecture 116 Panning + Remix Mode = WOW!

Lecture 117 Multi-Prompt Basics

Lecture 118 Controlling Multi-Prompt Weights

Lecture 119 Using Negative Prompt-Weights

Lecture 120 Permutation Prompts

Lecture 121 Niji Basics

Lecture 122 Niji Style Options

Lecture 123 The Experimental –Weird Parameter

Section 15: Midjourney In Use

Lecture 124 Some of My Favorite Fun Prompt Styles

Lecture 125 Generating Logos and Icons

Lecture 126 Using Midjourney to Make Social Media Brand Content

Lecture 127 Creating a Udemy Course Image with Midjourney Take 1

Lecture 128 Creating a Udemy Course Image with Midjourney Take 2

From students to teachers, hobbyists to professionals—anyone looking to improve their daily workflows

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Udemy | English | 11h 28m | 9.34 GB
Created by: Colt Steele

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