The Ultimate Guide to Every Adobe Illustrator Tool

More than 80 Adobe Illustrator tools explained step-by-step. Pen tool, Live Paint tool, Gradients finally explained!
The Ultimate Guide to Every Adobe Illustrator Tool
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The Ultimate Guide to Every Adobe Illustrator Tool

What you’ll learn

Effectively and easily use all of the Illustrator’s tools
How to use the selection and the drawing tools
How to use the pen tool and the pencil tool
How to use the typography tools
How to use the paintbrush and blob brush tools
How to use the gradient and live paint tools
How to use the transformation tools
How to use the blend and symbolism tools
How to use the slicing and cutting tools
How to use the graph tools

The Ultimate Guide to Every Adobe Illustrator Tool


To take this course you will need Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer.
To fully benefit from the course you would need to have the CC version. However if you have any older version, 99% of the course content applies to versions of Illustrator as old as CS5


March 2023 UpdateI’ve just added new videos to the course: you can now learn how to use the selection tools based on the latest, 2023 version of Illustrator. This is, by the way, just the first batch of new, upcoming videos that will give you an updated knowledge on all Illustrator tools. However, soon in the course you will find videos on how to use all the panels and effects, such as the Layers panel, the 3D effects etc. So stay tuned!***Have you ever started Illustrator and thought to yourself: Ok, so what do I do now?And aren’t you tired of learning its tools over and over again hoping to finally get results at least close to the ones you can see on Behance or Dribble?The truth is that Illustrator can be a frustrating program to learn with all its tools and options. Especially for beginners, who crave to kick off their design career.I cannot count the hours back in the day when I was just starring at blank canvas and clicking on the tools trying to turn the image I had inside my head into a piece of graphic design reality.But I felt that the harder I tried the more frustrated I got.And then, one time, I thought to myself: There must be an easier way to learn all this!Luckily – there was and it will be revealed to you in this course.And the best part?You don’t need any Illustrator experience to benefit from this course.Because inside you will find almost 100 Illustrator gems that willSave tons of your time by delivering concise yet detailed insight, making the Illustrator tools work for you, not against you. No fluff guaranteed.Help you become a pro designer so you can get more, better paying clients.Allow you to become a total superstar at one of the most in demand pieces of software in the ad and design industry today.Take you step by step through all the options of each and every tool, so you don’t feel that something important was left out.If you want to work smarter, not harder, you will be happy to hear that you don’t need to spend years to learn Illustrator.All the lectures in this course are well organized, simple enough to understand and detailed enough to really learn something.Although this course doesn’t promise to make you an Illustrator superstar overnight, it will put you on a fast track to becoming one (finally!).It covers not only all Illustrator tools, but also tons of best practices used by the industry veterans.Imagine yourself going for a design job interview and they ask you to show them what you got. They tell you: Here’s Illustrator. Create a logo.And you just smile at them, grab the mouse and create a piece of Illustrator magic.You can even hear their jaws dropping on the floor, because this is the first time someone they interviewed didn’t rush for the pen tool and started clicking like crazy.And this is what this course is all aboutI’ve put a lot of effort into creating this course, so you can feel the colossal change before and after taking it.In this 5-hour long Illustrator treasure chest you will find:More than 80 tools and literally hundreds of options to customize those toolsIn-depth study of the most wanted Illustrator tools like the pen tool, the paintbrush tool or the gradient meshComprehensive guide to tens of hidden gems, that will truly make you stand out from the crowdLoads of practical examples so you can understand not only how it works, but also why it worksThis course really lays out the differences in Illustrator tools along with all of the potential options within each one of them.Finally you can master one of the most important design programs in the world and save thousands on expensive courses and books that talk to you about the tools, but leave you alone with more questions than answers.And in case you don’t like the course, you can always get your money back.You are fully protected by a 100% money back guarantee.And no one will ask for a reason.Now is the time to finally discover everything that Illustrator offers… and hides.Enroll in the course and I will see you inside!


Section 1: Intruduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: How To Use The Selection Tools

Lecture 2 How To Use the Selection Tool

Lecture 3 How To Use The Direct Selection Tool

Lecture 4 How To Use the Group Selection Tool

Lecture 5 How To Use The Magic Wand Tool

Lecture 6 How To Use the Lasso Tool

Section 3: How To Use the Pen Tool and the Gang in Illustrator

Lecture 7 How To Use The Pen Tool

Lecture 8 How To Use the Add/Remove Anchor Point Tool

Lecture 9 How To Use the Convert Anchor Point Tool

Lecture 10 How To use the Curvature Tool

Section 4: How To Use the Typography Tools in Illustrator

Lecture 11 How To Use the Type Tool in Illustrator

Lecture 12 How To Use the Area Type Tool

Lecture 13 How To Use the Type on a Path Tool

Lecture 14 How To Use the Vertical Area Type Tool

Lecture 15 How To use the Vertical Type on a Path Tool

Lecture 16 Type on a Path Trick

Lecture 17 How To Use the Touch Type Tool

Section 5: How To Use the The Drawing Tools in Illustrator Pt 1

Lecture 18 The Line Segment Tool

Lecture 19 The Arc Tool

Lecture 20 The Spiral Tool

Lecture 21 The Rectangular Grid Tool

Lecture 22 The Polar Grid Tool

Section 6: How To Use the The Drawing Tools in Illustrator Pt 2

Lecture 23 The Rectangle Tool

Lecture 24 The Rounded Rectangle Tool

Lecture 25 The Ellipse Tool

Lecture 26 The Polygon Tool

Lecture 27 The Star Tool

Lecture 28 The Flare Tool

Section 7: The Paintbrush Tools

Lecture 29 How To Apply a Brush Stroke

Lecture 30 How To Paint with the Paintbrush

Lecture 31 Types of Brushes

Lecture 32 Global Paintbrush Tool Options

Lecture 33 How To Create A Calligraphic Brush

Lecture 34 How To Create A Scatter Brush

Lecture 35 How To Create an Art Brush

Lecture 36 How To Create A Pattern Brush

Lecture 37 How To Create A Bristle Brush

Lecture 38 How To Use The Blob Brush

Section 8: The Pencil Tools

Lecture 39 How To Use the Pencil Tool – the basics

Lecture 40 Creating More Paths with the Pencil Tool

Lecture 41 The Pencil Tool Settings

Lecture 42 The Pencil Tools Sidekicks- The Smooth Path Eraser and Join Tools

Section 9: The Eraser Tools

Lecture 43 How To Use The Eraser Tool

Lecture 44 The Eraser Tool Options

Lecture 45 How To Use The Scissors and the Knife Tools

Section 10: The Rotate and Reflect Tools

Lecture 46 How To Use the Rotate Tool

Lecture 47 How To Rotate the Objects

Lecture 48 How To Use the Reflect Tool

Lecture 49 How to Find the Center Spot of your Artwork

Lecture 50 How To Use the Scale Tool

Lecture 51 How To Use the Shear Tool

Lecture 52 How To Use the Reshape Tool

Lecture 53 How To Use the Free Transform Tool

Section 11: The Liquify Tools

Lecture 54 How To Use The Width Tool

Lecture 55 How To Save Width Profiles

Lecture 56 How To Use the Liquify Tools

Lecture 57 How To Use the Liquify Tools Continued

Section 12: The Shape Builder and Live Paint Tools

Lecture 58 How The Shape Builder Tool Works

Lecture 59 How To Merge And Erase Paths

Lecture 60 Shape Builder Tool Options

Lecture 61 How To Use the Paint Bucket Tool

Lecture 62 How To Modify Live Paint Groups

Lecture 63 The Live Paint Tool Options

Section 13: The Perspective Grid Tool

Lecture 64 How To Use The Perspective Grid

Lecture 65 How To Draw Objects In Perspective

Lecture 66 How To Add Objects To A Perspective Grid

Lecture 67 How To Create Perspective Text

Lecture 68 How To Create Your Own Custom Grid

Section 14: The Gradient and the Gadient Mesh Tool

Lecture 69 How To Use the Gradient Tools

Lecture 70 Gradients, swatches and multiple objects

Lecture 71 Apply a gradient across multiple objects

Lecture 72 How to use the Gradient panel

Lecture 73 How To Work with Gradient Meshes

Lecture 74 Achieving photorealistic effects with gradient meshes

Section 15: How To Use the Blend tool

Lecture 75 How To Use the Blend Tool

Lecture 76 How to edit the blends

Lecture 77 How To Create the Long Shadow Effect Using the Blend Tool

Section 16: How To Use the Technical Tools

Lecture 78 The Eyedropper Tool

Lecture 79 How To Use the Zoom, Hand and Measure Tool

Lecture 80 How To Use the Artboard Tool

Lecture 81 Artboard Tool Options

Lecture 82 Print Tiling Tool

Section 17: How To Use the Symbols and the Symbolism Tools

Lecture 83 How To Use Symbols In Illustrator

Lecture 84 How To use The Symbolism Tools

Lecture 85 How To Use The Symbolsim Tool – Continued

Section 18: How To Use the Graph Tools

Lecture 86 How to use Graphs in Illustrator

Lecture 87 Types of graphs in Illustrator

Lecture 88 How to stylize graphs in Illustrator

Lecture 89 How To Stylize Your Graph

Section 19: How To Use Slicing and the Slice Tools

Lecture 90 How To Create Slices and Use The Slice Tool in Illustrator

Lecture 91 How To Use Slices for Web Development

Lecture 92 Slice options

Section 20: How To Use the Color Tools and Drawing Modes

Lecture 93 How To Use the Color Tools and Drawing Modes in Illustrator

Lecture 94 How To Use the Drawing and Screen Modes

Section 21: Summary

Lecture 95 Thanks for watching!

Lecture 96 BONUS Lecture

Section 22: Students ask

Lecture 97 How to adjust a path with text on it

Section 23: Every Illustrator Tool Explained Update – The Selection Tools

Lecture 98 Introduction to the course update

Lecture 99 The Selection Tool

Lecture 100 The Direct Selection Tool

Lecture 101 The Group Selection Tool

Lecture 102 The Magic Wand Tool

Lecture 103 The Lasso Tool

If you are loking for a thorough source of information on all of Illustrator’s tools, this course is for you,If you are an Illustrator newbie in this course you will find all the necessary information to start using the software’s tools like a pro

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Udemy | English | 6h 23m | 2.26 GB
Created by: Dawid Tuminski

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