The Ultimate Guide to Professional Event Planning Management

Learn techniques to become an amazing event planner. You’ll get all the skills you need for event management & planning
The Ultimate Guide to Professional Event Planning Management
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The Ultimate Guide to Professional Event Planning Management

What you’ll learn

Event Management
wedding planning
How to become an amazing EVENT PLANNER
How to plan the perfect wedding
How to create a solid corporate event
How to put together a detailed budget
Conferences planning and management
How to run an event flawlessly using my “FUNCTION FORM”
How to get the most out of your suppliers
How to impress your clients and keep them happy
How to be super organized using my tips and tricks
What to look for an ask during a “site inspection”
How to look professional – even at your first event!
Event Planning
How to become a wedding planner
Event design and branding

The Ultimate Guide to Professional Event Planning Management


High motivation to learn a new career


Looking to translate your organizational skills into a new career as an Event Planner or Wedding Planner? Are you an Event Planner who wants to learn the tips and techniques that will make you top in your field?Then I welcome you to The Ultimate Guide to Professional Event Planning & ManagementIn this course, we’ll guide you through everything you need to successfully organize events for a living.After completing this course, you’ll know how to:* Deal professionally with clients (even your first one!)* Get the most out of suppliers (and build lasting relationships)* Create a detailed budget (using my budget template)* Scout locations for the best venues (with my site inspection checklist)* Manage events and weddings so they run like clockwork (using my function form)* Adopt the work habits of an efficient, successful event plannerWho can benefit from this course? The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Professional Event Planner is great for beginners or experienced event planners looking to take event planning to the next level.So how do I know so much about event planning? I’ve been living and breathing Event Planning and production for over 10 years – from small family gatherings to corporate events with over 2000 people.In this course, I’ve collected everything I’ve learned over the years so I can give you the tools you need to become an AMAZING EVENT PLANNER.So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 2: General

Lecture 2 Skills & Habits – 1

Lecture 3 Skills & Habits – 2

Lecture 4 Write EVERYTHING down!

Lecture 5 Do Your Research!

Lecture 6 You Will Make Mistakes

Section 3: Client

Lecture 7 How to Conduct Yourself with Your Client

Lecture 8 Habits with Your Client

Lecture 9 The Client Brief

Section 4: Suppliers

Lecture 10 Introduction to Suppliers

Lecture 11 Habits with Your Suppliers

Lecture 12 Site Inspection 1

Lecture 13 Site Inspection 2

Section 5: Budget

Lecture 14 Budget Assignment

Lecture 15 Fees & Budget Explanation

Lecture 16 Budget – Part 1

Lecture 17 Budget – Part 2

Lecture 18 Budget – Part 3

Section 6: Branding & Design

Lecture 19 Branding VS Design

Lecture 20 Event Concept

Lecture 21 Concept Ideas

Lecture 22 Decoration

Lecture 23 Branding Ideas

Lecture 24 B&D with your client

Section 7: CANVA – Design like a pro in minutes

Lecture 25 Getting to know Canva (part 1)

Lecture 26 Getting to know Canva (part 2)

Lecture 27 You can do this too – Examples

Section 8: Registration

Lecture 28 WIX Registration Form – Like a Pro

Lecture 29 Google Forms – Quick & Simple

Section 9: The Event

Lecture 30 Reviewing the Event from A to Z

Lecture 31 Working with Staff

Lecture 32 Technical Details

Lecture 33 Function Form

Lecture 34 How to Conduct Yourself During an Event

Section 10: Weddings

Lecture 35 Wedding – Intro

Lecture 36 Tips & Ideas – Custom Made wedding

Section 11: Events During Covid – 19

Lecture 37 Bonus – Events during Corona

Section 12: YOU ARE READY

Lecture 38 Spread Your Wings!

Beginners who want to become event planners for private or corporate clients,Event planners who want to improve their skills

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Created by: Karin Patya

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