The Ultimate Guide to Thinking Skills

Get a 4-in-1 course bundle on mastering your thinking skills, with Creativity, Problem Solving and more.
The Ultimate Guide to Thinking Skills
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Timothy Kenny


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The Ultimate Guide to Thinking Skills

What you’ll learn

How to be a more creative thinker
How to see things from multiple perspectives
15 Mini Languages
Mental Math skills you will actually use
Problem Solving
Situational Awareness

The Ultimate Guide to Thinking Skills


Familiarity with End Game or my other courses may help but is not required


This ultimate guide contains 4 courses that were originally sold separately. Each course had over 10,000 students enrolled.Now, you get access to all 4 courses for the price of 1.The first course covers 12 essential thinking skills.You’ll get a quick overview of how each thinking skill works.Many of these involve me explaining a commonly heard ‘buzzword’ thinking skill and explaining what it actually means, and how it works.The second course is on creative genius.The course will teach you how to improve your creativity.It is based on a unique remixing theory of creativity, and is based on models of the most creative people of all time.The third course is on mini-Languages.You’ll learn about 15 different mini languages (that aren’t foreign languages). Each one of these will help you expand your thinking in new ways. Each language gives you a different perspective on reality (or an aspect of reality).The fourth course teaches you mental math.Not useless tricks, but just the most important mental math skills to do the kind of quick calculations in your head.The ones that are still useful even when you have a calculator on your phone.How to calculate a tip after a meal, or ballpark figures on a business deal during an intense negotiation.By the time you are done with all 4 courses, you will have revolutionized your thinking skills.Also, as a side note, the content in this course does NOT overlap at all with my learning related courses. What’s the difference?Thinking skills are about using what you know to think better, more effectively and more creatively.Learning is about improving and expanding what you know, so that it can feed into your thinking skills.So the two work together.See you inside the course,Timothy


Section 1: Thinking Skills Vol 1 – Introduction (The 12 Fundamental Thinking Skills)

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Thinking Skills Vol 1 – Thinking Skills

Lecture 2 Bonses

Lecture 3 Feedback

Lecture 4 Meta Cognition

Lecture 5 Problem Solving

Lecture 6 Creativity

Lecture 7 Learning

Lecture 8 Critical Thinking

Lecture 9 Decision Making

Lecture 10 Motivation Part 1

Lecture 11 Motivation Part 2

Lecture 12 Focus and Flow

Lecture 13 Systems Thinking

Lecture 14 Knowledge Management Part 1

Lecture 15 Knowledge Management Part 2

Lecture 16 Collaborative Thinking

Lecture 17 Cognitive Modeling

Lecture 18 Situational Awareness

Section 3: Thinking Skills Vol 2 – Introduction (Creative Genius)

Lecture 19 Introduction

Lecture 20 My Story

Lecture 21 The Course Project

Lecture 22 How to Use This Course

Section 4: Thinking Skills Vol 2 – Multiple Perspectives

Lecture 23 Introduction

Lecture 24 Multiple Perspectives

Lecture 25 9 Intelligences

Lecture 26 Multiple Identities

Lecture 27 Thinking Hats Summary

Lecture 28 Perceptual Posiitons

Lecture 29 Your Genius Network

Section 5: Thinking Skills Vol 2 – Language of Metaphors

Lecture 30 Introduction

Lecture 31 Language of Metaphors

Lecture 32 Language of Metaphors Addendum

Lecture 33 Synesthesia

Lecture 34 Combine with Perspectives

Lecture 35 How to Learn

Lecture 36 Becoming Quotable

Lecture 37 Thinking Visually

Lecture 38 Personification

Section 6: Thinking Skills Vol 2 – Taxonomies and Frameworks

Lecture 39 Introduction

Lecture 40 Taxonomies

Lecture 41 Metaphors and Perspectives

Lecture 42 Memorize Frameworks

Lecture 43 Organize Notes Functionally

Section 7: Thinking Skills Vol 2 – Modeling People and Systems

Lecture 44 Introduction

Lecture 45 Modeling a System

Lecture 46 Modeling a Person

Lecture 47 Modeling a Person Addendum

Section 8: Thinking Skills Vol 2 – Maximizing Flow

Lecture 48 Introduction

Lecture 49 Maximizing the Flow

Lecture 50 The Power of Intuition

Lecture 51 Diet Exercise Drugs

Lecture 52 Delegation

Lecture 53 Live Performance

Lecture 54 Get Addicted to Learning

Lecture 55 Upgrade Your Identity

Section 9: Thinking Skills Vol 2 – The Art of Genius

Lecture 56 Introduction

Lecture 57 The Unknown Unknown

Lecture 58 Interleaving Your Learning

Lecture 59 Creation and Quotas

Lecture 60 Controlled Chaos

Lecture 61 Avoid Model Poisioning

Section 10: Thinking Skills Vol 3 – Introduction (15 Mini Languages)

Lecture 62 Introduction

Section 11: Thinking Skills Vol 3 – The Languages

Lecture 63 Body Language

Lecture 64 Meta Language Part 1

Lecture 65 Meta Language Part 2

Lecture 66 Meta Language Part 3

Lecture 67 Programming Languages

Lecture 68 Tonality and Other Voice Features

Lecture 69 Tonality and Other Voice Features Part 2

Lecture 70 The 5 Love Languages

Lecture 71 Sensory Language

Lecture 72 Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Lecture 73 Codes and Dialects Part 1

Lecture 74 Codes and Dialects Part 2

Lecture 75 Dance Notation

Lecture 76 Musical Notation

Lecture 77 The Language of Flowers

Lecture 78 Fashion

Lecture 79 Technical Words

Lecture 80 Animal Communication

Lecture 81 Math and Logic

Section 12: Thinking Skills Vol 3 – Bonuses

Lecture 82 Emojis Emoticons and GIFs

Lecture 83 Mnemonics

Section 13: Thinking Skills Vol 4 – Mental Math (Introduction)

Lecture 84 Introduction

Lecture 85 Deconstructing the Skill of Mental Math

Section 14: Thinking Skills Vol 4 – Addition and Subtraction

Lecture 86 Addition Part 1

Lecture 87 Addition Part 2

Lecture 88 Subtraction

Section 15: Thinking Skills Vol 4 – Multiplication and Division

Lecture 89 The Five Multiplication Methods

Lecture 90 Multiplication Method 1

Lecture 91 Multiplication Method 2

Lecture 92 Multiplication Method 3

Lecture 93 Multiplication Method 4

Lecture 94 Multiplication Method 5

Lecture 95 Division

Section 16: Thinking Skills Vol 4 – Case Studies

Lecture 96 Calculating Ball Park Figures

Lecture 97 Calculating Tips

Section 17: Thinking Skills Vol 4 – Bonus

Lecture 98 Calculating Salaries and Hourly Wages

Entrepreneurs who want to improve their business ideas and thinking,Students who want to improve their grades and creativity,Professionals who want to be more effective in their jobs

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Udemy | English | 15h 42m | 16.10 GB
Created by: Timothy Kenny

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