The Ultimate Redux Course 2023 LATEST Reduxtoolkit

Master Redux from scratch with Redux core, Redux-toolkit, react-redux library. Latest Redux course 2023
The Ultimate Redux Course 2023 LATEST Reduxtoolkit
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The Ultimate Redux Course 2023 LATEST Reduxtoolkit

What you’ll learn

Modern way to write Redux code using Redux-toolkit
Calling API using best methods
Mistakes to avoid while writing redux code
Write clean code like a pro
Debug application using Redux devTools
Best folder structure for maintaining Redux code
Use popular middlewares & create your own
Connect React & Redux using react-redux

The Ultimate Redux Course 2023 LATEST Reduxtoolkit


Just Basic Knowledge of JavaScript
1-2 months experience of Development [Optional]


Redux is the most popular state management library for JavaScript applications. In this course, you will learn redux from scratch. If you are React or Angular or Vue developer, you can still follow this course because, in this course, I explain redux as separate code so all developers can take advantage of this course.Benefits of this course:Add redux to your skillset means getting a better job or asking for raiseManage web application state without feeling stressUnderstand all redux concepts in a fun wayIf you don’t like this course you will get your all money back. So the risk is 0 and the learning opportunity is a lot.My name is Meet Patel and I am working as a software engineer. And I also teach programming in easy-to-explain language from my Youtube Channel “Code Bless You”You’ll learn everything about Redux including the whats, whys, hows, and industry best practices.So after completing this course you’ll learn:What is Redux & when can we use itHow to write Redux code in a simple wayRedux-thunkMaster Redux toolkitConfigure storestore designsActions & ReducerscreateAction, createReducer & createSliceBest way to debug redux applicationsModern folder structure for reduxProfound explanation about every conceptUnderstand redux middlewaresAPI calling using functionscreateAsyncThunk methodAPI call using own middlewareConnect React with redux using react-reduxAnd much moreIf you take any of my courses or tutorial, you know I don’t waste your time with repeated explanations. I will guarantee you, You will master redux after completing this course.


Section 1: Section 01 – Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction of this course

Lecture 2 What is Redux?

Lecture 3 When we need Redux? – Important

Lecture 4 Setting up development Environment [One time Process]

Lecture 5 Error Solving For Setup

Lecture 6 How to ask Questions?

Lecture 7 Summary

Section 2: Section 02 – JavaScript – Functional Programming

Lecture 8 Introduction of this Section

Lecture 9 What is Functional Programming?

Lecture 10 Basics of Functions

Lecture 11 Higher-order Functions

Lecture 12 Function Composition in JavaScript

Lecture 13 Making code Simple with Compose and Pipe

Lecture 14 Currying in Functional Programming

Lecture 15 Pure Functions – Important

Lecture 16 What is Immutability?

Lecture 17 Immutability in Objects

Lecture 18 Update Objects using Immer

Lecture 19 Immutability in Arrays

Lecture 20 Exercise for Immutability

Lecture 21 Solution

Lecture 22 Summary

Section 3: Section 03 – Basics of Redux (Fundamentals)

Lecture 23 Introduction of this section

Lecture 24 How Redux works – Important

Lecture 25 Introduction of your first Redux application

Lecture 26 Designing the Store Structure

Lecture 27 Listing all actions

Lecture 28 Let’s create Reducer function

Lecture 29 Creating the Redux Store

Lecture 30 Dispatching the Actions from Store

Lecture 31 Making ActionTypes

Lecture 32 Understand the subscribing and unsubscribing methods

Lecture 33 Exercise for this section

Lecture 34 Solution of this Exercise

Lecture 35 Best Folder Structure for Redux

Lecture 36 Combining Actions, Reducers and Action-types in One File

Lecture 37 Introduction of Redux-thunk

Lecture 38 Calling an API using Redux-thunk

Lecture 39 Summary

Section 4: Section 04 – Let’s Learn Debugging for Redux

Lecture 40 Introduction of this section

Lecture 41 Configure redux-devTools

Lecture 42 How to use redux-devTools

Lecture 43 How to trace code

Lecture 44 Import and Export logs

Lecture 45 Summary

Section 5: Section 05 – Mastering Redux-Toolkit

Lecture 46 Introduction of this section

Lecture 47 What is Redux-Toolkit?

Lecture 48 Configure Store with toolkit

Lecture 49 Defining Actions – createAction

Lecture 50 Defining Reducers – createReducer

Lecture 51 Creating slices with Redux-toolkit – createSlice

Lecture 52 Exercise – for mastering Toolkit

Lecture 53 Solution

Lecture 54 Combine Reducers using Redux-toolkit

Lecture 55 Summary

Section 6: Section 06 – Middleware in Redux

Lecture 56 Introduction of this section

Lecture 57 What is middleware?

Lecture 58 How to create own middleware?

Lecture 59 Redux-logger Middleware

Lecture 60 Exercise for Middleware

Lecture 61 Solution for this exercise

Lecture 62 Summary

Section 7: Section 07 – Calling API with Redux

Lecture 63 Introduction of this section

Lecture 64 Set up the backend for API

Lecture 65 Making API request using simple function

Lecture 66 CreateAsyncThunk Method

Lecture 67 Defining BaseURL for axios

Lecture 68 Logic of Custom API Middleware Method

Lecture 69 Creating Custom Middleware for API call

Lecture 70 Dealing with loading property

Lecture 71 Creating General API action

Lecture 72 Creating ActionCreators

Lecture 73 Exercise for this section

Lecture 74 Solution for this exercise

Lecture 75 API for Updating Completed property

Lecture 76 API for deleting task

Lecture 77 Summary

Section 8: Section 08 – Integrating Redux with React Application

Lecture 78 Introduction of this section

Lecture 79 Creating React application

Lecture 80 Adding redux in react application

Lecture 81 Configure Store in React

Lecture 82 Subscribe & Dispatching an action

Lecture 83 Connecting Redux using react-redux

Lecture 84 React-redux Hooks – useDispatch and useSelector

Lecture 85 React-redux with Class components

Lecture 86 Exercise for this section

Lecture 87 Solution for this section

Lecture 88 Congratulations

Lecture 89 Summary

Lecture 90 Bonus For YOU

Redux Beginners who want to master Latest Redux,React, Angular or Vue developers who wants to learn State management

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 50m | 1.54 GB
Created by: Code Bless You

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