The Wearable Technology and Human Body Communication

Human Body Communication, Security, Health monitoring
The Wearable Technology and Human Body Communication
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The Wearable Technology and Human Body Communication

What you’ll learn

Define the major fundamentals of wearable technology.
Understand the key concepts required for wearables technology and its applications.
Identify the main applications of wearables in different areas.
Highlight the future work for wearable technology in both research and industry.

The Wearable Technology and Human Body Communication


No previous experience needed. You just need to watch lectures’ videos in order with concentration.


The widespread use of wearable devices as part of the IoT paradigm contributes to sensitive data being transferred and stored amongst personal devices (tablets, personal computers, smartphones, etc.). Wearable technologies are gaining high interest specially in authentication and medical purposes being engaged in almost all cyber-physical applications.This course discusses and explains important concepts related to Wearable Technology and its implementation in both research and industry applications. After going through this course, you should be able to learn:- The important concepts related to Wearable Technology and human body communication.- Realize the significance of intra body communication for secure wearable technology.- The importance of inter body communication for distant information transfer between wearables.- The applications of the wearable technology in the health and communication field.- Code implementation of one of the wearables’ applications.- An overview about the future of wearables. The highest incentive to take this course is to catch up with the increasing interest in wearable technology. You should be able to design, implement, or even understand different wearables’ applications as a kind of smart devices that can monitor user’s health, wellness, and safety.  Simply, you can use the major concepts learned to create your own team to design an enhanced version of the current smart wearables.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Outline

Lecture 2 Introduction to wearable technology

Lecture 3 Key challenges and risks affecting the wearable technology

Section 2: Important concepts

Lecture 4 Intra Body Communication (IBC)

Lecture 5 Galvanic Coupling (GC)

Lecture 6 Capacitive Coupling (CC)

Lecture 7 Comparison between GC and CC

Lecture 8 Capacitive Sensing

Lecture 9 Inter Body Communication

Lecture 10 Safety requirements for IBC

Lecture 11 Modeling of IBC

Lecture 12 IBC transceivers and devices – 1

Lecture 13 IBC transceivers and devices – 2

Section 3: Applications of wearable technology

Lecture 14 Healthcare applications

Lecture 15 Wearables for security/safety

Lecture 16 User Authentication Example

Lecture 17 Communication and wellness

Section 4: Code implementation

Lecture 18 ECG denoising for Authentication

Section 5: Future trends for wearable technology

Lecture 19 Healthcare

Lecture 20 Continuous Authentication Systems

Lecture 21 Metaverse and energy harvesting

Lecture 22 Course Summary

Anyone who is curious about wearables’ technology and its research areas and applications.,Software engineers who want to develop applications for wearables.

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