The Wellness Project

Where physical and mental well-being meets.
The Wellness Project
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The Wellness Project

What you’ll learn

Find the right health and fitness formula for you.
Have guidance and practical tools to set up a health and fitness routine that suits your schedule and needs.
Understand your body morphotype and adapt to what is suitable for it.
Have a sustainable method to take care of your health (not a 3 weeks solution).
Build a roadmap adapted to your needs.

The Wellness Project


You need to be open-minded and ready to take care of your health and lifestyle.
You have to be patient and dedicated through time.
You have to have an engaged behaviour.
You have to be consistent.( Not perfect!Consistent)


The course is designed as a roadmap to help you develop the best lifestyle possible in the long-term. You have to think, reflect,analyse on your own behaviours and take specific actions module after module to better your physical and mental health. We are going to start with a mindset training, we’ll then pay attention to your habits and how you can better what you are doing to have a better fitness routine and eating habits. It is not a weight loss program but a lifestyle program. I don’t believe in diets as they are linked to starvation, restriction and frustration. With this course, I want you to be happy and engaged in learning how to eat properly, how to develop a sustainable routine that you can do for life, not only for a few weeks. Obviously, this course is not suitable for those who do not like to think much about their own behaviours and challenge themselves. It is a course that will suit you if you are willing to put the work now and get the reward later. How long will it takes? That is the beauty of online courses, you get to go at your own pace.There is a lot of information in the course so I really suggest you to make sure you give yourself some time to process what you learn.You’ll have moments of frustration and you’ll feel uncomfortable as well but don’t you think that you grow from discomfort? I do. So if you want to feel lively, energised and fully in charge of your physical and mental wellbeing Join Me today!DISCLAIMERThe information in this E-course is for educational purposes only and is not intended to provide a medical diagnosis or substitute for medical advice.Before you begin this course, you should get medical clearance from your physician or physical therapist if you have any medical conditions, diseases, injuries, mental health issues or disabilities. By purchasing this E-course and embarking on the modules, you are assuming the risk that some practices may not be appropriate for you and may increase your pain or cause you to have new pain or new symptoms.MEANING WELLBEING makes no guarantees that you will obtain a particular outcome as every individual may get a different one.



Lecture 1 Introduction to the Wellness Project.

Lecture 2 Module 1- Lesson 1.Set up your mind.

Lecture 3 Module 1-Lesson 2.Belief system.

Lecture 4 Module 1-Lesson 3.Core values.


Lecture 5 A word from Marie.

Lecture 6 Module 2- Lesson 1.Longevity.

Lecture 7 Module 2- Lesson 2. Get physically active.

Lecture 8 Module 2-Lesson 3. Your sleeping patterns.

Section 3: Module 3-NOURISH YOUR BODY.

Lecture 9 A word from Marie.

Lecture 10 Module 3.Lesson 1. Understand food and nourish your body.

Lecture 11 Module 3.Lesson 2. Be in control of your food.

Lecture 12 Module 3.Lesson 3. Know your body type.

Section 4: Module 4.NURTURE YOUR SELF.

Lecture 13 A word from Marie.

Lecture 14 Module 4- Lesson 1. Nurturing techniques.

Lecture 15 Module 4. Lesson 2. Nurture your body

Lecture 16 Module 4.Lesson 3. Nurture your mind.

Lecture 17 Module 4. Lesson 4.Nurture your environment.


Lecture 18 A word from Marie.

Lecture 19 Day 1-Self-Awareness.

Lecture 20 Day2 Self-Acceptance.

Lecture 21 Day 3- Self-Discovery.

Lecture 22 Day 4- Self-Love.

Lecture 23 Day 5-Self-care.

Lecture 24 Day 6-Self-Realisation.

Lecture 25 Day 7-Self-Ceremony.

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