The Wholesome Well Woman

Improve your mental health, enhance your figure, feel at home in your body + live in harmony with your menstrual cycle
The Wholesome Well Woman
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Mindfully Megan


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The Wholesome Well Woman

What you’ll learn

Add intention to every part of your life
Improve your emotional and mental health
Step into your most authentic and radiant self
Enhance your self-talk and self-concept
Create routines and habits that stick and work for you
Beautify your figure, feel at home in your body, get a booty!
Heal your gut and eliminate bloating
Live in harmony with your menstrual cycle

The Wholesome Well Woman


There are no requirements to take this course.
However, having a strong intention will help propel you through this course.


As I’m sure you know, we have entered a “hyper health era” with overwhelming wellness trends and new health hacks around every corner. With that said, I am NOT here to give you a quick fix “bandaid” solution. I’m here to give you solid tools and creative practices that will get you to your own baseline. I’m here to show you how to create your own wellness foundation to maintain long-lasting sustainable results. Of course, our routines and diets will all vary, but what really matters is the intention and the consistency around it. We’re allowed to be imperfect, to have rest days, and to give ourselves grace. A wellness-centered lifestyle isn’t achieved overnight, it’s attained through an accumulation of persistent actions and mindful practices.To have long-lasting wellness results – we need to first get in touch with ourselves – our essence, our origin, our source. If we want to embody a wellness lifestyle, if we want to heal from the inside out, we need to understand that wellness at its core, is sincerely an intrinsic love and a deep care for ourselves.Please know this program is truly an investment in YOU, in the beautiful life you want to create for yourself. In taking this course you’ll enhance your self-concept, you’ll create routines and habits that will amplify your life, you’ll feel at home in your body, and SO MUCH MORE!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Who is this course for?

Lecture 3 How will this course help me?

Lecture 4 Background on Mindfully Megan

Section 2: Mindset & Emotions

Lecture 5 Introduction Video

Lecture 6 Mindset

Lecture 7 The Importance of Intention

Lecture 8 Mindfulness

Lecture 9 Gratitude

Lecture 10 Grounding Techniques

Lecture 11 Meditation

Lecture 12 Sound Frequency Healing

Lecture 13 Breath-work

Lecture 14 Wondersoul Priming

Lecture 15 Women’s Health Wondersoul Priming Routine

Lecture 16 Earthing + Outdoors

Lecture 17 Limiting Noise

Lecture 18 How to Hack Your Happiness Chemicals

Lecture 19 Routine

Lecture 20 Habit Stacking

Lecture 21 Self-Care

Lecture 22 Empowerment

Lecture 23 Relationships + Community

Lecture 24 Boundaries

Section 3: Movement, Sunlight + Sleep

Lecture 25 Introduction Video

Lecture 26 Introduction

Lecture 27 Active Lifestyle Start

Lecture 28 The Importance of Sleep + Sunlight

Lecture 29 Overview Graphic

Section 4: Nutrition & Diet

Lecture 30 Introduction Video

Lecture 31 Gut Healing Protocol

Lecture 32 Whole Food + Nutrition Continued

Lecture 33 Mindful Eating

Lecture 34 My Favorite Recipes

Lecture 35 Overview Graphic

Section 5: Cycle Syncing + Hormone Health

Lecture 36 Introduction Video

Lecture 37 Cycle Syncing 101

Lecture 38 Menstrual Phase

Lecture 39 Follicular phase

Lecture 40 Ovulatory Phase

Lecture 41 Luteal Phase

Lecture 42 Overview Graphic

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 43 Conclusion

Individuals who want to live a wellness centered & intentional lifestyle,Individuals who want to upgrade their mindset and evolve to their most radiant self,Individuals who want heal anxiety and get out of that “stuck-ness feeling”,Individuals who want to manage stress and lower cortisol levels,Individuals who need structure in making a routine that sticks,Individuals who need accountability in taking self-care measures,Individuals who want to level up their self-confidence and want to empower themselves!,Individuals who want to improve your overall physique and figure, ps get a booty for days!!,Individuals who have any gut or bloating issues that disrupt their day to day,Individuals who want to detox from birth control and balance their cycle, get their period back!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 41m | 762.17 MB
Created by: Mindfully Megan

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